Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seaworld Indonesia Part 4

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After considering what to post during this break/holiday, I decided to post this first since This will be the final part of Seaworld Indonesia. It would be too draggy if I drag a bit longer.

So, basically, this post contains lotsa pictures and remembrance to me. Let the picture and caption do the post for this final part.

And so, we went into the aquarium to see the wonder of the sea..


We camwhore a bit. My lovely daddy and mummy. They are so cute!! Look at my mother's expression in the picture. Teehee.. Oh ya.. The guy behind with the peace sign? That's my brother..


My mermaid darling with the fishes in the sea.. I mean aquarium..


The merman with the wide-open-hand..


The reunion of the merman and his darling..


The merman's brother..


The trapped fishes in the aquarium.. They live well I guess..


The merman's parent and auntie (the one in purple).. with..




Now.. Start imagine yourself..


In such a death or life situation.. If you don't swim fast..


You'll ended up LIKE THIS!! Only Skeleton left..

Gosh.. It really scared me when I see those piranhas.. I wonder what will happen if accidentally drop.. I guess that's like the end of life..

Anyway, let's explore what it's like behind the scene on top of the aquarium..


You can find lovely merman's parent on top of the aquarium..

Teehee.. No la.. You can see the big tank..


Fish tank which they also call it as BIG BIG AQUARIUM.. or better known as Seaworld..


Whee.. you can even find the merman and his darling..


The tube is actually the pathway where we camwhore along the the aquarium route..

Of course, I was lucky to go during the feeding time.. We can feed those fishes.. Not the piranhas.. Duh..

010820081809  010820081811


And we definitely not feeding those fishes with the red stick la.. We used some smelly feedings..


Fishes and Squids.. Did I mention we feed small sharks too?! The experience was really fantastic when you see how the sharks or other sea creature eat..

Whoa.. I guess the loading must be slow for loading all these pictures heh?! Anyway, I tend to make another Seaworld Indonesia - Merchandise edition too..

Stay tune..


jėss.T said...

piranhas come near me, I POM THEM

jėss.T said...

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Harry said...

LOLz.. nice pom pom!! hahaz..