Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ice Skating @ Sunway Pyramid

20th September 2008, Saturday : I went to Sunway Pyramid for Ice-Skating and catch some movie with my girlfriend. We purposely go to Sunway Pyramid just for the ice-skating session again after addicted to the Ice-Skating @ Jakarta.

After looking at people who can skate professionally and can even dance on the ice, I really felt so envy with them. You don't need talent to learn how to do the skating, all you have to do is to balance yourself out. Of course, not everyone can dance.. For that you may need a bit of talent.


I really wish I could move freely on the ice just like those people who  performed very well on the ice. To them, the ice is just like normal floor and skating is just as easy as walking on the ground.

I used to know how to skate on rollerblade many years ago and I guess I could learn skating easily. Indeed, it wasn't really that hard to balance myself up on and to skate slowly on the ice.


I have not much fear compare to the last time I skate at Jakarta. The fun part is you are able to do the skating with your love one.


No matter what, do not take picture like what we did in the ice skating rink. We knew the rules about no photo-taking is allowed in the rink. Disregard the rules, I quickly ask my girlfriend to pose a while and snap it with my phone for a quick shot. As usual, the coach inside the rink came to us immediately and asked us not to take the picture. Both of us laugh after that and continue do our skating.

We skated from 2.15pm to 5.30pm. We took a break subsequently to tighten up our skating shoes to avoid our leg from spraining and also take a physical rest, of course. At 4pm, everyone has to get out of the rink for the ice surfacing work. The big machine will cut the ice and flatten it at the same time. (Don't ask me how it work, I never interview them about it) They'll eventually do the surfacing every 2 hours to let the skaters to skate at ease.


Look at our face.. Exhausted face.. ><"


Now, wonder why I got half wet in the picture I got from the last post?!


When the clock strikes at 5pm, I was like saying to my girlfriend that half more hour we go since we were so worn out for skating so long. Not much people left skating in the rink anymore. I guess most of the people skate till hungry at that time liao. 'nuff said for the situation.

Since we have only half hour to skate, I tried to skate faster. I ended up FALLING DOWN twice. Same side. I fell sideway to the right and whole body slide on the floor.


That explained why me half wet. After falling twice, it was almost 5.30pm.. Took a break then chaoz.. The leg freaking smelly after that.. Gotta wash the leg after using the skating shoes, otherwise, the smell will stick on your shoes after that.


Anonymous said...

can i ask u>How much rate for chlid between 12 years old?

Harry said...

I'm sorry but i couldn't remember much about the price.. :)