Saturday, May 31, 2008

All about the "kids"

Wahey.. Something new again.. Lately, I'd been hanging around with the four "kids" again.. (See my previous post if you don't understand who the h*ck am I saying..)

Well, actually I was kinda lazy to write about them 'cause there's too much to talk about them.. Unfortunately, I once said that "I'm gonna blog about you guys in my blog again!" and those words urged me to write about them.. They, too, urged me to write as I said those words in front of them and they keep checking my blog for updates..

So Michael, Yii Sian, Eng Kee and Ryan, don't be surprised to see your face appears in my blog again..

So, what's the interesting part of them?!

Let me guide you through these gorgeous pictures.. (Laughing evilly)

First of all.. Let me introduce you again..

Virus and Rain

Viruz019 (Michael) and Rain (Eng Kee)

This picture was taken during a trip to KLCC for the WCIT '08 Exhibition. Both of them had a nice sleep and look how cute they are when they slept so soundly especially "Rain" leaning on "Viruz019"..

Wondering why one is known as Viruz019 and another as Rain?! Well, I'll have to tell a bit about them.. The reason Mikey (Michael) regards as Viruz019 isn't because of "Celcom" (019 network) virus but it's mainly because he tried to emphasis on the "019" which is his birthday on 01st September is too into "computer" stuffs.. And about that Rain?! He is just too obsessive with Rain (The famous Korean singer) known as Rain since High School and according to them, almost the whole school knew him as Rain after a year of his "Rain" performance..

So.. ya.. that's about that Viruz and Rain..

Next.. Let me introduce you another two..

14052008390 14052008380

Sian (Yii Sian) and Gay Ryan

The pictures tell everything.. Sian - Narcissist King (Thought I would be narcissi enough.. but this fellow is even took his own picture using my handphone worse.. and Ryan.. He is just like what you see in the picture.. A retard mimic that can always make you laugh..

Anyway, it sounded my blog is getting kinda cruel this time.. Ofcourse, they are all nice kids.. Check out the latest picture taking together with them..

24052008592 24052008587 24052008589 24052008598 24052008606

Oh ya.. and the guy in white with stripy red.. He's Boon San (excluded from the kids' list)

Information given in this blog might not be 100% accurate.. Trust at your own risk..

Well.. Till then.. Looking forward to go out with them again.. They added few more colours in my life and ofcourse added few more pages in this blog..


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Singapore Trip - Day 3

Day 3.. Another day in Singapore..

The day started with waking up late for an appointment.. and well, for this, I would like to sincerely apologize to Calvin who I'd made an appointment at 9.30am and in the end I met him at 10.30am..

Well, I guess the midnight movie previous day was a bit too "early" and make me "a bit" exhausted..

Anyway, Calvin is someone I met online.. Yes.. You can say he is an online friend to me.. But he always call me "bro" or "adik".. By the way, after meeting him.. He brought me to Suntec City and treat me and my girlfriend "brunch" (breakfast + lunch) at Muthu Curry Restaurant.. He was worried that I couldn't eat spicy food.. But the truth is I am SPICY FOOD freak..

After eating, we went to Marina Square to meet Nophie (Check her out from Day 1 if you missed it).. Soon after that, Calvin brought us to somewhere nearby and showed me the "Floating" Stadium..

My apologize for no pictures about all this food and places.. Was too excited about the whole thing..

After that, Calvin brought us straight away to the Science Centre.. That place is totally cool..

SG Trip - Day 3 - 1

Ain't this cool?! How I wish I can join them playing all those things!! It's AWESOME!! There's still a lot of things that I saw inside the Science Centre.. Really A LOT!!

I forgot to take all those pictures as I was too into all those experimenting stuffs.. Perhaps, next time I go Singapore, I should take more pictures about it already..

SG Trip - Day 3 - 2

Yuni and Nophie

The main purpose of going there was to visit the Omni-Theatre (A FREAKING BIG THEATRE).. Wonder how it is? It has a sphered shaped screen and you are like watching the movie inside a ball and see the moving screening on half of the ball..

The first re-action of mine was "I NEED BIGGER EYES".. The screen is so big that you can't even see the whole screen by just fixing your head at one pose..

Nophie was funny.. She felt like she's going to fall off from the cliff when the movie showed the high cliff part.. It's very true that the whole thing looks real and lively to you because you can't see anything else besides the screen..

Well.. Again.. Sorry for no picture taken again.. Just too exciting for everything there..

 SG Trip - Day 3 - 3

And this is Calvin who brought me enjoying all this stuff on that day..

Later at night.. We went to Seoul Garden and took the buffet there.. Oh MY GOD!! The buffet stuffed my tummy like a ball.. I felt it difficult to move after eating so much.. Sushi.. Korean BBQ.. Spaghetti.. Chicken Chop.. Prawns.. Gosh!! Too much to eat at once..

Luckilly Seoul Garden closed earlier.. else my tummy will burst.. haha..

After eating so much, we decided to take a stroll at Clarke Quay.. Clarke Quay is a fantastic place to walk.. The place seemed a bit like "Jalan P. Ramlee" in Kuala Lumpur but the design of the buildings there are far far better than the one in KL..

If you are wondering why I am comparing it with Jalan P. Ramlee in KL.. This is why.. The place is packed with people at night.. Stormed by music at night.. and beautiful lights at night.. Yes.. It can be said as a "clubbing" area.. However, we saw the price listing for the club.. Even Ministry of Sound (M.O.S - one of the club) is also cheaper than many other clubs in Malaysia for the entrance fee..

Well.. That's that about Clarke Quay.. Ofcourse.. To know more.. you should check it out yourself there..

SG Trip - Day 3 - 4

This is the "Seoul Garden Warrior" and "Clarke Quay Navigator" group..

From left: Na Na (my auntie), Nophie, Yuni, Me, Ricky (friend of Yuni)

The one taking picture was Calvin..

 SG Trip - Day 3 - 5

Thanks to Calvin for this splendid picture.. A picture of my girlfriend with the fountain..

SG Trip - Day 3 - 6

Finally, we got a stranger to take picture for us.. (with Calvin inside the picture this time)

 SG Trip - Day 3 - 7

Nope.. This is not Bollywood.. This is a picture of me and my girlfriend at Clarke Quay too.. and Calvin took the picture for us again :)


The whole trip since Day 1 was very very tiring yet FUN!! I believe going out for holiday are meant to be tired but worthy!!

I am looking forward to go to Singapore again soon.. Hope by that time.. I can save more money and go to buy things there during BIG BIG Sales!!

Signing off.. from Singapore Trip..


Singapore Trip - Day 2

Day 2.. Went to Sentosa Island..

I enjoyed so much there.. It's been a LONGGGGG LONGGGGGG time since I last went there.. I think it's around 7-8years already since I last went there.. A lot of changes had been made there and now the beach are freaking FUN!!

Walk through the picture with me together..

SG Trip - Day 2 -1

Welcome to Sentosa..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -2

My girlfriend and I taking a memorable picture as a signature that we reached sentosa..

SG Trip - Day 2 -3

Ofcourse.. If we didn't miss our opportunity to go to the Underwater World (SG$19.90 - inclusive of Pink Dolphin performance)

 SG Trip - Day 2 -4 SG Trip - Day 2 -5

I like all those aquatic creatures.. They are somehow colourful to me.. The one on the right hand side is known as the angel in the water.. it's luminuos, small and transparent..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -6

Fish.. Fish..

SG Trip - Day 2 -7

Small crabbie.. My mother sure likes it..

SG Trip - Day 2 -8 

Spider crabbie?! Scary.. It's freaking big..

SG Trip - Day 2 -9

I'm sure my mother will be very very happy to see this if she joined us to this Singapore trip..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -10

Fish.. Fishes.. More Fishes...

 SG Trip - Day 2 -11

Yeapz.. This is the tunnel of Underwater World.. You'll feel like u are swimming together with those sea creatures..

SG Trip - Day 2 -12 

Ofcourse.. Swimming will be very dangerous here.. there are 3D white shark here too..

SG Trip - Day 2 -13

Look at the shark behind me.. Though you can only see the tail.. but it's scary.. Luckilly I am just in the tunnel..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -14

Jelly? Yeapz.. Jelly fish.. the colour light makes them very colourful too..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -15

Jelly.. Jellyfish!!! Pretty ain't them?! But DANGEROUS!!

 SG Trip - Day 2 -16

Welcome to Siloso Beach.. This is me and my sweet auntie.. Aww.. I miss her so so much..

SG Trip - Day 2 -17

And yes.. this is my cousin.. He is pretty much taller than me.. I asked him to stand somewhere deeper so it won't make me look short..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -18

My girlfriend.. and few sexy people lying down behind.. It's a cafe at the beach.. cool place..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -19

A picture taken by me.. Nice isn't it?! It's just a coincidence to have such pretty view there..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -20

Sand Love made by me.. And thanx to the wave for completing the art..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -21

After going to sentosa.. I didn't go back.. I went to Chinatown straight away and bought my friends some souvenir.. Hope they like it..

There's too much to talk about it.. Want to know more?! Ask me personally.. but not through typing.. it's tiring to tell the long story there..

And yeapz.. that's how I spent my 2nd day there..


Singapore Trip - Day 1

Waah.. I went to Singapore with my friends from 16th May to 19th May 2008 for 3 nights..

A lot of things happened there though it was just for a short period..

There's too much to blog about in just one post.. That's why I have to separate into few blogs..

For the first day in Singapore, we didn't really do much as we reached there early in the morning at 6pm and we couldn't do anything much as all the shopping centre were still closed..

Therefore, we took our breakfast and Mc Donald and went to Hotel and slept until 3pm..

Soon after that, I met up with my auntie and had "lunch" with her.. She brought us all around the Orchard Road and did some shopping all day long..

Sorry for no picture about all this as I didn't take any picture for all this happenings.. Perhaps, I was too happy to be there and saw my auntie..

We also met up with my girlfriend's friends - Julia and Nophie.. Both of them are friendly and we could actually talk the moment we met each other..

SG Trip - Day 1 - 1

Nophie and Yuni (my girlfriend)

Well, I guess Julia didn't like much to take picture.. That's why i didn't have any picture of hers..

SG Trip - Day 1 - 2

Anyway, you might have seen a lot of pictures were taken at Starbucks.. Lately, I'd became Starbucks freak.. The Ice-Blended Green Tea Frapuccino is my favourite and I always ordered that..

Well, that's how my first day in Singapore..

Oh YA!! My girlfriend and I also went to watch midnight movie 2days in a row.. Movie ticket there cost the same as in Malaysia if you did not convert it to RM of course.. The movie ticket ranging from SG$6 (Students' Fare) to SG$12 (Latest Box Office Movie).. I guess watching movie in Malaysia will be much more cheaper then..

Bah.. That's how first day it is.. more text than pictures.. :)


Ryan's Birthday

After all the stress, I'd been doing things quite a lot.. I celebrated my friend's birthday and even went to Singapore to enjoy myself..

To find out about my Singapore's Trip, check out another post..

It was Ryan's birthday last Wednesday on the 14th May 2008..

Ryan's Birthday 1 Ryan's Birthday 2 Ryan's Birthday 3 Ryan's Birthday 4

Yeap.. That's how retarded he is.. (Laughing evilly)..

He is a funny guy and he talks a lot.. Well.. Overall, he just talk too much haha.. Anyway, he is a good kid (that's what I called him.. KID)..

Consider himself lucky.. I brought him and his friend went to Sunway Pyramid.. (Most of them never been there before..) I hope they enjoyed that night..

And to Ryan, I am sorry I didnt buy any present for you.. But I hope you enjoyed your meal and enjoyed yourself that day..

Not to forget about Ryan's friends too..

Ryan's Birthday 5 Yeapz.. This few monkeys..

Ryan's Birthday 6

From the left : Yii Sian, Ryan, Eng Kee, Michael

Ryan's Birthday 7

According to them, I'm no.1 winner in iTalentStar eventhough they lost.. That explained why they showed "1" in the picture..

How sweet..

I see them all like my younger brother and of course.. As an elder brother, it's my responsibility to take care of them and entertain them.. They are my junior and they are pathetically funny..

Well, you guys should get close and know them more.. They always makes me smile :)

 Ryan's Birthday 8

Ofcourse.. The whole thing wasn't planned by me alone.. My girlfriend also helped me a lot in this task to throw Ryan a birthday celebration..


Knocked out in iTalentStar

Hey guys.. Thanx for giving me all those comforting words to me.. I really appreciate it..

No worries.. Losing in this competition does not really matter much to me.. Ofcourse it does beat me down a while but I managed to settle back my feeling again..

Congratulation to Nino Ventura and Kash Nagaraj for winning the competition and crowned as the first iTalentStar and Friendster ambassador..

iTalentStar Winner

I had learned a lot of things throughout this competition.. Things that I'd never done before, I'd finally try it out by myself.. I never do video shooting nor editing videos.. But it turned out that those videos are quite fine for just an amateur like me.. (Complimenting myself to comfort myself.. haha..)

Well.. If you haven't see any of my video before.. You should check it out.. The most effort that I'd put in will be the final video..


Video Links:

Glamour in Me - My very first video..

My Passion - Well planned video..

My Fitness Side - I lost this challenge.. Not a good video I guess

My Buddy - Revealing my supporters

Call For Votes - Short clip

Semi-Final: Places in Malaysia - I explored many places in KL

Semi-Final: People/Culture in Malaysia - Done a bit of research for this..

Final: Miraculous Love (Part 1) - First time acting..

Final: Miraculous Love (Part 2) - Sweet Sweet Love

Director's Cut - Talks about the final video


Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my fans and supporters.. Ofcourse, not forgetting my close friends and my family who had been supporting me since the beginning of the competition.. The duration of this competition is quite long but I enjoyed it all along..

Cheers ^^v


Monday, May 12, 2008

iTalentStar - LIVE Finale Event


So nervous!! Result for iTalentStar will be out by tomorrow..

Some more it'll be LIVE..

This is somehow scary yet exciting..

Oh my god~!! I donno can win this competition or not.. But I had tried my best and give me 101% of effort in it already..

Whatever outcome it is.. I'm more than happy enough already.. Because I gained a lot of things from this competition already.. I get to know people around my surroundings.. Those who supported me and those who did not..

Though I'd been thru many restless nights , I am still happy because few of my friends helped me get thru those hard days..


Well.. As for YOU, DON'T FORGET to watch the LIVE finale event tomorrow (13th May, 2008) from 6pm-8pm at

Be sure to be at the site before 6pm to make sure u won't MISS anything..

Note that some delay will happen due to internet connection as this is a LIVE event streaming in the website..

See you guys in there.. ;)

Wish me luck..



Life in different perspective (Mandarin)

从前有一个和尚跟一个屠夫是好朋友。和尚天天早上要起来念经,而屠夫天天要起来杀猪。 为了不耽误他们早上的工作,是他们约定早上互相叫对方起床。多年以后,和尚与屠夫相继去世了。屠夫去上天堂了,而和尚却下地狱了。






我不知道这是不是一个对你性格的测试, 因为每一个回答都有他自己的原因。





是否是因为我们从未想过要放弃我们手中已经拥有的优势(车钥匙)? 有时,如果我们能放弃一些我们的固执,狭隘,和一些优势的话,我们可能会得到更多。









P/S: It's a nice story I got from a forwarded mail.. There are some doubting words for me as my mandarin isn't good.. But I still manage to get what the three story about..

Enjoy reading..


Monday, May 5, 2008

iTalentStar - My Final Challenge Blog

Taking this final challenge isn't easy as we are our own director and actor ourselves.. It's something worthwhile to take a try, I would say..

Well, I faced few difficulties while doing this video and editing it.. I was sick and also currently still sick while doing this video.. Flu, cough, sorethroat.. It all comes in a package.. By the way, regardless my own conditions, my friends, who are also my cast and videographer, are sick too.. I guess the climate isn't good lately..

Besides that, my computer also encountered some problems while reading the video from the camcoder.. I was freak out and couldn"t sleep for the whole night just to fix the problem.. That explained why I couldn"t upload my video on time too..

Finally with all the help from all my friends and family, I was able to submit this video and I am satisfied with the product too.. Hardwork does pay.. :)

The video titled Miraculous Love is all about love's miracle.. If you wanna know more about the video, check out all my videos at my official profile..


(Special thanks to Gary, Swee Ying, and Yuni for accompanying me to face all the difficulties and solve it together.. I appreciate it very much.. )