Thursday, August 28, 2008

Surprises in Jakarta Restaurant

There are a lot of wonders all around the world that we had not navigate yet.. Once we started to navigate them, we tempt to get more and more surprises..

So what's so surprising when I go the restaurant at Jakarta during my this iTalentStar free acommodation trip, and eat, and the after effect?

See this!


Pempek (Fish Cake) for Rp. 10,000 each

It's not so surprising if you convert the currency to Ringgit Malaysia which is around RM6-7.. But imagine, I just reached the place and this was the first place that I ate with my girlfriend and my auntie while waiting for my parent them to reach later..

Rp.20,000 itself is scary enough.. and we ordered drinks together.. and sum up Rp. 51,500.. Whoa.. Giler.. One meal could cost you your fortune if it's that expensive here in Malaysia..

Leaving the price aside.. This is the real thing that caught my attention and my jaw drop when I saw this..


The drink list in one of the restaurant there.. GILER.. you know how big and how heavy it was?! Well, my girlfriend argued with me that it's about 60cm and I said it's almost 80cm-1metre.. Just make it it's around 60-80cm..

The length itself is enough stunning.. the weight?! Imagine it's all plastic made.. You can even kill someone by spanking them using this menu list..

WHOA! That's not all..


Rp506,000 for one family meal at Restaurant Garuda which is famous for their spicy food and "nasi padang" there..

SIAO ah!! Who would want to eat that expensive meal here in Malaysia ah?! Giler..

Look at the Tax.. It's Rp 46,000.. Whoa.. The government there sure reach.. One meal can earn them so much just by taxing..

But the food there still quite nice la.. Thanx to my girlfriend for bringing my family there to eat.. If you convert it to RM by dividing it by 3.. It's RM160 to RM170.. It's still expensive, but they are one of the famous restaurant there..  So.. Can't help..

Hope you are not as suprised as me when you go Indonesia to just have a light meal..


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fell into the Internet Hell Pit

Argh.. Life without Internet really makes me suffers..

I got so much things to do in the Internet such as Blogging, Hosting "LIVE" On-Air at iStream Radio, chit-chatting, download anime, socializing and so on..

After moving to the new place to stay, I have to suffer from not having the Internet.. Imagine how desperate I am to go online when I have to drive all the way to Old Town Kopitiam to get a connection there..

I went to TMpoint today and check for my subscribing status.. They told me that they'll give us a call within 2-3working days.. We'll see what happen after that.. I never believe the "within 2-3 working days" stuffs.. It always takes a lot of delays.. Malaysians (including me) are not that efficient after all.. When you asked people to go for a gathering, be sure to ask them come 30minutes before the real time.. I guess when you said 7pm gathering, they'll come at 7.30pm..

So when you say 7.00pm, be sure don't forget to say Malaysian's time..

Well, sorry for unable to update my blog that frequent now.. I'll try to write as many posts as possible using Windows Live Writer and only update it when I got Internet Connection..

Again.. Life without Internet is just like FALLING into the Hell Pit..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jing-le Bell is coming to LimKokWing

Whoa.. Guess who I met at LimKokWing last Wednesday?!


Aw.. I know my face look a bit weird.. perhaps.. this is due to the way I stand.. I have to lower down my body a bit to take this picture.. Sorry ya, Jing.. No other meaning..

Yeapz, I met Jing! Sin Hui Jing to be exact..

If you had been wondering how I know this fpretty lady, we met each other since DigiCelebriteen and iTalentStar.. Ofcourse, from Digi Celebriteen, she knew me as a Yellow Coverage Fellow (Ya.. That Digi Man or that Yellow Man which you always call) and only knew the real me at iTalentStar..

Well, we were both Malaysia Country Champion in iTalentStar and we'd been discussing stuffs together to help each other.. she's really good in pictures and stuffs..

For those who drools in the first picture on me Hui Jing.. Here's some eye candies for you from her blog..


For more pictures.. go to her blog la..

Contrary to her, let's see what had this Harry achieved..


I am just a drunk ass.. *hiccup*

P/S: Now still at Genting.. will post more about my adventures..


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mamma Mia, Here I Go Again

Judging from the title of this post.. Yes.. It's something related to Mamma Mia.. After having such a busy time moving the house, I guess, I should take a rest and relax.. and I saw this at Nuffnang's blog..

Nuffnang Premiere Screening - Mamma Mia! The Moviemamma-mia

MAMMA MIA! presented by Nuffnang for all their loyal Nuffnangers.. what's more interesting is they do the screening in two locations simultaneously..

Date : 22nd of September 2008 (Monday)
Time : 9pm
Venue : GSC One Utama (New Wing)
Hall : 9
Pax : 250

Date : 22nd of September 2008 (Monday)
Time : 9pm
Venue : GSC Gurney Plaza Penang
Hall : 8
Pax : 180

I guess this should be pretty interesting as this is the first time seeing Nuffnang doing screenings at two locations simultaneously.. one at KL/PJ and another at Penang..

What not to miss in this movie is.. You'll be expecting lots of music and dancing involved.. Ofcourse, from the poster itself, it seemed pretty much to be a lovely movie filled with romantic scenes and family themes..

That's not the real thing that you should not miss.. What you should not miss is this..

pierce brosnan

This hairy guy which is non-other than Pierce Brosnan which is widely known as James Bond few years back.. Despite how hairy he is, he is a sexy, hot and masculine guy for a middle age guy.. and Of course, this is not the scene you'll see in the Mamma Mia!.. He will act differently compared to what he acted in James Bond (womanizer) which will give you different perspective about him..

meryl streep

You should not miss this white hair lady too.. This is Meryl Streep in The Devils Wears Prada.. She had lots of experiences on the stage and in the movie too.. I'll be expecting a lot from her as she'll be the main actress in this movie..

There are more to be expected in this movie of course.. Some popular songs such as "I Have a Dream", "Dancing Queen" and "Mamma Mia" will be played in this movie.. IF you are one of the music lover, you should not miss this movie as this movie featured the old-time favorite songs by ABBA!!

Argh.. I can't wait to watch the choreography and all the act they pulled and the storyline and more..



Moved House Successfully

Whoa... It's been few deadly tiring days or "WEEKS" I should say, that I'd been burden by this moving house thingy and they never stop haunting me as mentioned from the previous post..

Finally, I am now staying at my new house at this "not so" big and "not so" small condominium and closer to university.. I will go through more reasons later.. Meanwhile, I'll show you what I've got from moving house..



It's not a normal thing for us to move things.. So, it's, of course, to be predicted that Well, I am NOT as "HAIRY" as what smelly rotten tomato which thought tomato can talk Chris Thoo mentioned in one of his post.. (DON'T even try to ARGUE with me that the few strands of hair there are considered "HAIRY".. It's just a proof that my awesome mobile phone, N82 can take such detail picture..)


I know.. I know.. It's freaking packed and stuffy right?! Well, that's my place while I packed my things and prepared myself to move my freaking lots of things to my new place..

Well, can't help much.. We will never notice that we have this much stuffs until we started to do CLEANING SPREE and started to discover our long lost valuable hair from all over our body items scattered all over the hidden place..


Empty and spacious?! Hell yeah!! My new place looked empty and spacious, and most importantly it looked big enough to put all my things in it..


and I have a very nice and healthy view from my room's window.. I hope this will be a great place to live..

Halfway of this post and I still haven't tell my reason of moving to my new place.. Here it goes..

 REASONS of getting out from DESARIA to CYBERIA:

  • Bigger place for me to store my freaking many things
  • Better housemate (have bad experiences staying with unknown Malay housemate which mess up the house and brought friends along to overnight which was not allowed at the hostel..
  • Better management (I hope..)
  • Better INTERNET CONNECTION (I hope Streamyx is at least better than stupid super slow
  • Nearer to my university (which means save more PETROL.. $$..)
  • Closer to my girlfriend (Physically and heart to heart) as she is going to move to the same place same block in the end of this month
  • Better in-house environment
  • A feel like home-sweet-home
  • Not tied by the lousy rules of the management
  • More swimming pools (Imagine one swimming pool at each group of Block namely A, B and C)
  • Cheaper and nicer food served at the Mamak
  • Cheaper taxi and bus fare from here to anywhere else
  • Easy access transport as bus and taxi can be found all around the exit
  • and more.. Lazy to write so much la.. I bet you are tired reading all the reasons also..

We went to IKEA, bought few furnitures and had our lessons.. DON'T BUY FROM IKEA UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO ASSEMBLE ALL THE FURNITURE BY YOURSELF.. Of course, you can choose to ask the people from IKEA to assemble for you.. All you have to do is to pay EXTRA $$ only ma.. Then again.. what's the point of buying from IKEA when you want cheap stuffs there..


Whee.. Snapped this picture while assembling my wardrobe..


My housemate at my new place.. Boon San and Shirley..


and my LOVELY and simply ADORING girlfriend.. Should really thanks her for giving us a hand while we were busy moving our house and stuffs..

After assembling and place the furniture in the rooms..


Room seemed to be a bit congested already by just the furniture.. Haven't include all my things in it..


This is how it looks like when everything is inside.. Of course, I haven't pack finish yet la.. I know it's in a big mess.. Kinda tired putting everything in place.. Been not resting well for whole week liao..


Matress is our best pal when it comes to resting..WHOA!! SO NICE!!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ice Skating @ Jakarta

As of the previous post, I promised to show something about my Ice Skating journey at Sky Rink @ Taman Anggrek Mall, Jakarta..

It's a terrible experience but a fun one!! And enjoyed the lovely time skating on the ice with my girlfriend.. sounded romantic heh?!


See the SUCKY fugly Gloves on my hands?! Well, actually, when I went playing there, I didn't wear any glove at all.. After I had a big fall on the icy floor (where my butt asked for help), I went to buy the gloves for RP7000 or RP15000

It's been a long time since I last play something similar to this.. I played rollerblades back then since I was 8 or 9 years old.. Whoaa! How nostalgic.. Due to long term of not practicing to balance.. I started to learn how to balance on the ice skating shoes for first half hours..

ice skate fall

You must be wondering how come I fell on my butt I have to buy the gloves.. Well, the answer is.. I SCRATCHED my palm on the ice when I fell.. It's a normal reaction for human to defence themselves and to balance themselves using their hand when they fall or being hit.. I am NOT EXCEPTION!!

It's tougher than you think it is.. When many people skated here and there, the ice became rough and sharp which explained how I got the scratch from it.. It's similar to sitting in the car on bumpy road..

It's not really hard to do Ice Skating though.. All you have to do is to balance yourself which I am weak at it.. I am just not SO good in balancing stuff.. I can't play aiming games (now.. dont think wrongly..), bowlings, snookers and all those need more balancing than just strategy.. Without the base of balancing, I would tell you to GIVE UP on ICE SKATING!!

Didn't take much picture, we were not allowed to take picture inside one, but we still took the picture regardless what they say.. Rules are meant to be broken anyway..


I know it's not a good pose.. To be frank, I did not pose for this.. I was just complaining my brother for taking so long to snap the picture when the guard were looking at us.. and he snapped when I complaint!! WTH?!


Look at his monkey pose there.. Yeapz.. That's my brother.. He's too excited for this ice skating stuff.. but thanks to him, I was able to skate on the ice for the first time too..


Don't know why he so serious in this picture though.. We were so exhausted for skating there for just ONE hour.. I guess, I need to do more exercise for now..

I am looking forward to skate at Sunway Pyramid anytime in the future.. Anyone interested of tagging along?!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Short Post: Moving House

I know you guys must have been waiting for me to post something new and fantastic.. But due to my packed schedule, I was unable to write any nice and complete post for you.. Well, you know..  New semester, buying furniture for the new place, dating and so on..

*Pointing to the title above* Yes.. I am moving house.. from my current Hostel at Desaria Villa Condominium to new place at Cyberia Condominium.. Though the difference of the words is little from "Desa" to "Cyber", but the comparison of both places differs a lot.. Will go to that when I have time next time..

Well, since I busy with this and that.. I'll do the sneak peek for you to know what will you be expecting from me for the upcoming post..

Ice Skating @ Jakarta

Seaworld Indonesia @ Jakarta

Jakarta Airport

and more newer stuffs.. so keep checking..

P.S.: My sincere apologize to everyone who had been waiting for my update all the time. And to RealGunners and kid, I'll post more thing about me and my girlfriend soon.. so stay tune..


Saturday, August 9, 2008

iTalentStar Prize : Jakarta Trip

A special thanks to iTalentStar and, I was able to visit Jakarta, my girlfriend's hometown, last July on the 29th.. Being the Malaysia Country Champion for iTalentStar was not something easy to achieve.. I'd to go for a lot of restless nights to win this prize.. Click here to read about my journey of iTalentStar..


A getaway voucher from Hotel Ciputra to stay in the Presidential Suite..

Before getting to the Hotel, let me tell you how's my first impression at Jakarta..

A random pathway on the way to immigration..

A random shot during the long walk to the immigration..

Whoa.. the airport.. the design was unique and a bit traditional.. I were expecting Jakarta airport to have a bit more hi-tech design than the one we have in KLIA.. I guess they wanted to remain their design to show their culture in Jakarta..

One shocking in the Jakarta Airport which really caught my attention is this!!

A monitor lizard looking after the luggage?!

I guess no one will try to purposely take someone else luggage after looking at this creature looking after the luggage.. Anyway, the monitor lizard really hit the spot there as it'll be bored by just waiting for your luggage and doing nothing.. With this creature, you at least spend some times taking pictures of it (just like what I did).

After luggage, met my girlfriend there and we were set to go..

While on the road, another SHOCKING thing was this..

No.. not about this toll.. Malaysia also has toll like this..

It's about this..

3000 CASH to pass one toll..


After counting, it was actually RM1++ only la.. Then I was laughing for making a fool out of myself.. Haha.. I guess we just could not get use to the currency there..

After driving on the jammie road, we then reached our hotel quite late already..

After checking in using the voucher, we went to our room.. Presidential Suite, that is..

Wow.. A dining table for six with welcoming "FRUITS"..

Wow.. A bunch of golden flower on top of a desk..

Wow.. Chairs, Sofa, and Table to relax and watch TV..
(Don't mind the one standing behind the curtain.. She's too shy to be in the whole scene.. Anyway, she's my girlfriend..)

Wow.. big place to sleep..

There was actually another "Wow!!".. I forgot to take the picture of the bathroom.. it's FREAKING BIG with Water SPA!!

View from the room..

Without the gift from iTalentStar, most probably, for the whole life, I won't be able to enjoy to stay in such a luxurious room.. I normally stay in an economical room.. Small and Sleep-able can liao..

I guess someone like me is just like "a frog which just jumped out from the well"..

There will be more about my past Jakarta trip.. Stay tune..


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nuffnang Gift for Robb

I'd been busy lately to do blogging and all sorts of stuffs.. I saw this Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest last month and read about all the details.. The first people who came to my mine is ROBB aka SotongZai..

Ok, I have to state this clearly that it's not because I fell in love with him as he is so cute  nor I'm trying to get a higher score for giving a gift to Nuffnang staff..

After reading Robb's post last month regarding the "Shaving Robb's Private", I was thinking why not buying an electronic shaver which save his hassle to shave his private or whichever part of his hair that he like..

This Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest enabled me to give a fellow nuffnanger a gift and gave me this very opportunity to give this Panasonic Men Travel Shaver for him..

He can now bring this everywhere he wants and don't have to worry that he will ended up like this hell cursed fellow..

and just like what Robb, him himself said that "All it takes is only 1 shave for the area you want to shave even if your facial hair is like half an inch long."

I went to make some research about this shaver (just like what we normally do before buying things..) and I found the features for this Panasonic Men Travel Shaver..


  • New compact model.
  • Easy to hold ergonomic design.
  • 60° inner blade.
  • Battery operated with 2-AA Batteries
    (not included).
  • Independent floating double heads.
  • Wet/Dry model.
  • Rinses clean.
  • Travel pouch included.

Whoa.. Really no more hassle.. Cleans easily.. And can bring everywhere he wants and also suits him a lot as it looks stylish enough for a male.. It also has the Wet/Dry feature which I don't really know how it function.. Perhaps it'll give Robb some excitement when he is in a wet mode..

Popular handsome and hot guy like him must own one electronic shaver to be as cool as the owner himself..

Hygienic enough.. Hope he will enjoy using it if I can win this contest.. Even though, it's not a gift which is very expensive which is only RM78.00 (which he can, ofcourse, get himself one..), it's still a gift for him..


Coffee Terrace @ Genting Highlands

Last month, 26th July 2008, my girlfriend's family brought my family and I to one wonderful restaurant at Genting Highlands..


and the name is Coffee Terrace.. from the name, it sounded more like a relaxing place with coffee and music just like Starbucks and Coffee Beans..

but when I stepped into the place, I was stunned by the design and ambience of the place..

they have great sculptures there..

 260720081632 260720081635
with nice antiques and traditional items displayed around the wall..

and with great lightings all around the ceiling..

The most important thing there is BUFFET!! You get to select variety of foods from variety of culture selections.. From Eastern cuisine to Western cuisine..



the weird thing that I saw is this..


ain't this suppose to be MAMAK instead of Western Asian cuisine?!


I got this from the so-called Western Asian cuisine.. it's Naan, Tandori Chicken, and Papad (if I didnt remember wrongly..)


Ofcourse, some mouth watering SUSHI are available there.. I took a lot and ate a lot.. GOSH!! They are great with the GREEN GREEN WASABI!!!!

There are a lot more food that I ate and I didn't take the picture 'cause I ate too much.. *pai seh to let people see I eat too much mah..*


Ready for some desert?!


Or some local fruits?!

Oh.. before I forget.. Let me introduce my girlfriend's parent.. They are very kind person.. Very nice to meet them.. and also thanking them for treating us the buffet there..


My mother, my nephew, and my girlfriend's mother..


My girlfriend's father and my father..

No one take pictures of me and my girlfriend 'cause all busy eating.. only me take picture here and there.. I guess it's just the regular routine of blogger to share what's happening around him..

Well, not forgetting to take a narcist photo before leaving..


A photo in front of the entrance/exit.. I haven't even get ready yet and my mother snapped the photo liao.. Sigh... Guess that's all from Coffee Terrace..

To feel it, see it, and taste it.. Go for it.. Only at Genting Highlands..