Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Short Post: Currently in Jakarta

I am currently at Jakarta.. that's mean, I'll be a bit busy for the next few days.. Basically, I am having a slow and relaxation type of holiday here in Hotel Ciputra, Jakarta!!


Yeapz!! I am staying at Presidential Suite some more!!

Don't forget to stay tune for my next update!!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Boobie Mousepad

Seriously, it's just like what the title had stated, art creators had taken to a higher level I creating and innovating arts!!

What will happen when you do this equation?!


You got yourself a BOOBS PRESS PAD Sexy Mousepad!!

mousepad 2

Yeapz, I'm sure this existed and it's even in the market already...
Let's see what you can do with it..

mousepad 1

You can squeeze press it..

mousepad 3

And you can even scrub put your wrist on it..

What's more?! You get to fantasized see naked beautiful and sexy ladies while you are using your computer..


mousepad 4 mousepad 5 mousepad 6 mousepad 7

And that's not all!! You get to select more designs!!


and comes with nice packaging!!

mousepad 9


Friday, July 25, 2008

TOP 6 Divorce Cakes

I came across this funny forwarded mail regarding one surprise topic.. "DIVORCE CAKE".. and I was like "WTH?!" (which you probably got the same response when I posted this)..

Seriously, what are the society thinking actually.. -.-" Sigh..

We have to celebrate even when we divorce?! Perhaps it's a trend that people divorce and get married again (or perhaps divorce again..) due to the young immature marriage..

I guess those who celebrated with these cakes are seriously crazy.. Take a look at this TOP 6 Divorce Cakes..

Divorce Cake 3

Rated normal.. but the Finally carried "DEEEEP" Meaning for this..

Divorce Cake 5

Guess this is pretty normal too.. People who bought this cake might divorced due to some argument or stuff..

Divorce Cake 4

Deadly cake.. but not attractive.. things get pretty much interesting already..

Divorce Cake 2   

This must be another scene like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.. (Anyway they got married and they had baby and bla bla bla...)

Divorce Cake 1

As for this picture.. The girl behind raised up the ranking.. Nah.. Just kidding.. Look at the BLOODDD and how many layers of the cake there is.. This must be one of the cake which the wife hated the husband for having another girl outside..

Divorce Cake 6

Er.. This No. 1 is the deadliest cake ever.. Never try this at home.. If you are scare of this cake.. You better listen to your husband/wife.. No promise you won't receive this cake if you are not careful enough on "WHATEVER" you are doing outside...


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Nanny's Diary 1

Whoaaa... (sounded like Simon So..) I'd been busy taking care of babies during my this semester break.. Though it's just a short break, but days with these kids seemed kinda LoOOOOooong..

210720081591 210720081590

Alwyn and Alycia.. My Nephew and Niece (My eldest sister's children)..

Both of them looks as adorable as it may seemed in the picture.. and Of course, no babies are easy to take care of..

If you say that taking care of baby is an easy job.. how about taking care of babIES..  It's never easy taking care of babies.. You have to understand what they want and what they need..

If you always show your moody face in front of them, I am sure, when they grew up, they won't smile much.. So.. Try to S-M-I-L-E with babies.. It helps them grow healthier and happier..


Hard Smile.. *She's busy playing the drum*

200720081564 200720081566

Hu hu.. And there he is.. his own Jingle Bell Car!!


Erm.. His sister pinjam main also..


I like this picture the most.. SO CUTEE!! KAWAII-DESU!!


Random Pictures from Genting Highlands

While going downhill from Genting Highlands, I took several pictures which I feel like sharing with everyone.. We often just see the beautiful mountain and cloudy scene from the road but we never really take any photos from it..

So this time, while my father was driving, I was busy taking pictures using my Nokia N82 to try how good the camera works..

And these are the pictures..

210720081574 210720081575 210720081576

Okay.. Ignore the sign.. It was bumpy ahead..

210720081577 210720081578

It got really cloudy and misty when we were heading downhill..


Tokong Chin Swee.. Passing by only.. Didn't go in..


I like this best.. Picture with water and green green GREEN!!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Genting Highlands Danced with Lions Roar!

Well, it's not much like what's in the title though. Well, for those who went to Genting Highlands for the past 3 days (18th-20th July 2008), I am sure you did not miss the 8th Genting World Lions Dance Championship 2008 or something like that which is held every year..


We usually see Lion Dance during Chinese New Year, some ceremony, and some memorable events.. but this time, I saw Lion Dance at Genting Highlands in the middle of the month of July.. Weird month for Lions Dance but perhaps, it's a World Championship, so I guess date or month does not take count anymore..

So, this is how lions are in Genting..


From Hong Kong, pull some stunt out there but not so impressive as to me it looks normal..


From Australia, it's something to me because I'm surprise to see "Ang-Moh" Lion doing the dancing in Asia.. However, they were danced by the chinese there.. I guess that's what they called them "ABC" , Australian Born Chinese..


From Brunei, they pulled out some stunts.. unfortunately, they didn't impress the judges and they did "super slow safe" landing while carrying the head up which shows that they didn't practice enough or didn't have the confidence there.. But to me, they did a good job for their performance already eventhough they did some "falling" move there..


Lion from San Francisco, USA.. Another surprising ABC (this time, American Born Chinese) team.. Not much comment on them.. Was busy baby-sitting.. But.. Ya.. No "Ang-Moh" doing the dance..

190720081479 190720081485

Lion from Malaysia, they were like so Oh My God!! Look at their "Ka-sang", tools! (Neh, the fire sparkling stuff..) They kept their Lion in a big box and said "MADE IN MALAYSIA" which boot lick impressed the judges from the beginning of the show.. I thought they can only make some "interesting" scene only for their performance and not much during the dance.. To my surprise, the Malaysian teams were very very impressive!! Their whole performance is rated "A" by me.. Good storyline, good dance, and of course, good "scene"..

Overall, I did enjoyed this preliminary round performance.. I only went there for few hours and went somewhere else to have dinner after that.. and yeapz, I went for the performance for only one day..

Didn't get to go for the Finals event.. Because I have to PAY mah squeeze with the others and have to take care of the baby at the same time..

However, I heard the news saying that two teams from Malaysia got the FIRST place and FIRST RUNNER-UP in this championship.. The SECOND RUNNER-UP is somewhere nearby Malaysia too and it's non other than Singapore!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

First and Simple Tagged

Short Note: Will be busy this few days and  most probably won't be able to update my blog.. So, have my sincere apologize to all my readers.. Now at Genting Highland.. If you are around, BUZZ and Leave a Message to me..

I promise to give nice report on what's happening in Genting Highland (Though nothing much happened)..

Tagged by Nancy Chan

All this while, I see people being tagged by another but never see people tag me *sob sob*.. Thanx to Nancy Chan for her first tag.. And sorry for the late slow response for the tagging..

Anyway, it also fasten up my blogging work this time due to no connectivity at Genting here..

So here it goes..

The rules are:
1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the question about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 4 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
10 years ago?! Seriously, I have short term memory, couldn't remember much about it.. Well I guess I was studying, watching cartoon, sleeping, eating and drinking!!

2. 5 things on my to-do list today
Watch Anime, Blogging (doing it now), Designing my iStream Radio Web ( and trying to update a bit of my Anime's blog (, Check mail, Drink Green Tea Frappucino at Starbucks (Oh yeah!! drinking now!!)

3. 5 snacks I enjoy
Rollercoaster (CHEESE RING), Potato Chips (Mr. Potato/Pringles is fine), Sushi (is it even considered as snacks?), Popcorn Chicken from KFC, Popcorn (only when watching movie)

4. 5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
I'll do some travelling with my beloved ones (First place would be Hawaii), Buy Honda Jazz (Gosh!! My DREAM CAR.. I know I know.. Out of so many, it's not something that's so gorgeous, but it's something that moved me!), Buy lifetime supply for Starbucks's Green Tea Frappucino, Keep it in the bank (YES! More and more money to be in the Fix Deposit!), Open an official online radio that is worldwide recognized..

5. 5 of my bad habits
Talk too much, Lazy at times, Watch TOO MUCH Anime, Hate to memorize stuff, Like to busybody

6. 5 place I have lived
My Brunei's House, My Kuching's House, My work place (Event Plus), Limkokwing Hostel (Desaria which is sucks), My Auntie's house in Miri

7. Jobs I've had
Basically, STUDENT lor, As a GOOD SON of my two parents (Gotta make them proud of me), Worked as a PROMOTER/CASHIER (selling baby's clothes) at Baby Crown in Crown Square, Kuching, Working as a FULL-TIMER/PART-TIMER at Event Plus as Yellow Coverage Fellow and DigiCelebriteen Crew, and iStream Radio's PRESIDENT/DIRECTOR

TAGGING : Kenny Choo, Karena, Andrew Wong, Simon So


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Short Post: STRESSFUL Busy Life with Some Exams

Normally, when it comes to exam, I'll like "GOSH! It's exam again!" and I'll start to lazy about..

I personally hate studying especially the part where I have to memorize lots-of-lots-of things.. Frankly speaking, my brain doesn't work with memorizing.. The capacity is reserved for practical work as a temporary dump file (sounded very robotic or PC-liked term..)

And guess what?! I'd been studying so hard because it's freaking fu*king law exam.. Many asked me why I took LAW since I HATE LAW!! Well, to tell you the truth, I also don't know the reason..

It's the University which arranged us who studying in IT to take "Principle of Law" (though it's freaking not related).. I'm going for BSc. (Hons) Software Engineering with Multimedia (NO! It's not the engineer that work on construction site.. But.. perhaps on WEB site..)

Luckily, I had my friend along with me to study together as a small study group..

Shirley and Boon San

160720081388_1 160720081389_1

Well, just making fun of the picture.. That's not what to be interpreted.. *giggles*

Gosh! It's suppose to be a short post.. ended up to be so long..


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Short Post: Ka-ching or Kar-ching (butt) ?!

I came across this astonishing HILARIOUS stuff when I check this mail which was sent by AirAsia about the latest promotion..


And the funniest thing that I'd ever seen from AirAsia is the surprising informal funny shit opening to their introduction of the advertisement..


I admit it is, indeed, very eye-catchy looking at the butt word but it ended up to make me laugh when I read it repeatedly to get the word right..

If you still don't know what's "ka-ching!", it actually has no meaning to it.. It's more to like the sweet sound of cash registers (you know.. the machines that's at the cashier counter there.. neh! the one where your money jump out from your wallet and drop into there..)

By the way, "Kar-ching", or somewhat to be pronounced as, in Hokkien means Butt, Burit, Arse, Punggung, Ass, 屁股, or something like that..

Hope AirAsia Kar-ching Ka-ching! works in this advertisement though..


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tribute for China Earthquake Victims and Helpers

Earthquake in China had taken away many innocent lives in May 2008.. There were so much pain and sorrow on top of the burden of the victims family.. We did our part by donating some money to the victims to help and aid them..

Though there were sad times, but there were things that we learned from this earthquake.. "Nature is unpredictable".. They can take people's life and they can let us stay..

All the pictures below are pictures that I received from one of the forwarded mail which I think I should share with everyone.. The artist of this comics did a great job by drawing the eventful memories during the earthquake to not let us forget what happen in China..


The Song of Miracle

Songs that revive someone from death.. It's better than 7up Revive..

The Boy Who Lived 

The boy must remember all of these event when he grown up and knowing the story of his name.. He was named "Ai (Love)"

Just One More!!!

Never give up until there's really no hope..

Take My Wings

Wings of love.. Burden of a teacher but love towards the students.. *sob sob*

I Must Be Strong

He fought to the end as he could.. So, never say you can't when you were given a chance..

My Father Is A Hero

A Father who is a Hero could not save his own child.. He knew his responsibility and he knew how many life are equally tortured by the disaster.. He is not one to be blamed..

A Trip to Russia

Of course, there were some events that makes you laughed when you are unconscious of the surrounding..

Getting a Refund!

Gosh.. Car Disaster happened along the Natural Disaster..

Coke Boy

Says who Coke can't save someone.. This is proven by this inspiring story..

The Last Lesson

Mr Tan who will always be in the children's memories.. Knowing whose life are more precious is something that we should all know.. I didn't ask you to go suicide or what.. It's just that.. We should value the one (or more) around us too..