Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Short Post: Back to Stress Life again

Terribly sorry for no updates this few days.. After the last post, even if it was still a holiday, I couldn't do any update on my blog.. One reason is that I was busy hanging out with my friends from Brunei.. and another reason is I was busy playing Viwawa.. Was kinda addicted to it..

Anyway, after coming back from Brunei to Cyberjaya.. I am now piled up with all my assignments, assignments and assignments.. Regret didnt clear it during the holidays..

I'll try to update other posts as soon as possible.. So, stay tune..

Gotta run now.. the assignments are calling me again..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haiya harry.......tsk tsk tsk..... almost juz like anyone who suddenly finds out that you have tons of assignment and you have a deadline to complete it.....even i get myself into trouble now of not finishing yet the given assignments....

GANBATE to you and take a break in between or you'll faint....