Saturday, October 11, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

Long long time ago, lives Harry in a small little house.. One day, when he decided to take a stroll at a big garden outside his house, he found a box of present outside his house's main door. He took up the present without hesitation and unwrap the box immediately thinking that it could be his early Christmas present.. To his surprise, he got a new handset..


He was so happy that he dance around the garden and quickly rush into the house and shared the joy with them.. Since Nokia 5320 XpressMusic is the latest music-centric smartphone, Harry, without hesitation, plug in the music headset and play some songs..


Out of the blue, while he was enjoying listening to the songs, he heard song that play the devil song, as if it's signing a contract with the demon and traded his soul with the phone..


Harry couldn't help himself as he was already attracted to the song and the music and at the same time, he felt the presence of his dark personality.. Slowly, he felt something is different with him.. He was in deep pain that no one could even understand how it is..


He felt he's like the broken and scattered pieces of glasses.. He tried to scream as loud as possible.. but.. he became silent.. just like what it's going to be at the silent Halloween.. Knowing it's helpless.. but he cant stop struggling..


Slowly.. he felt the transformation.. The teeth felt like burning.. and the face felt tighten.. It's like the effect of SK2.. He rolled on the floor here and there.. and try to scream out loud but it's as if he'd been mute by the silent Halloween..

After 1 minute, the inflammation stopped.. He felt much more comfortable this time.. He slowly.. slowly.. walk towards his mirror.. the next horror he found out was the perfect transformation..

vampire harry 

He had never expected himself to be a vampire some day.. He never realized what a blood-sucker he was.. until the music awaken his inner self.. The handsome bloody vampire..

With such a big shock.. looking at the mirror and found out the next thing was that you were not a human-being anymore.. Harry tried to force himself to close his eyes.. to avoid seeing himself in such a horrible face..

He, then, slowly opened his eyes.. and realize.. it was just a dream..


A dream that was brought by the ghostly pumpkin he was leaning on it that got into him..

~~~ THE END ~~~

Nuffnang is organizing another event again.. and yes.. Halloween is just around the corner.. This time, Nuffnang is teaming up with Nokia for this special SILENT HALLOWEEN event.. I guess, I'll get to see lot's of Halloween celebrities on that night.. (only if I got selected to attend that event)..

Meanwhile, let's think what will Harry wear for this event if he got the chance to tag along in this event..

Also, Nuffnang is giving out goodies for people with most creative posts and lotsa prizes to be won..

For more information, kindly visit

Well, let's hope Harry will get to win the phone and turn himself to a vampire someday..

NOTE: The story above is just a creation of Harry. The main character, Harry, merely existed in this world. (Yes, Harry never turns into a vampire..)
Do not try this at home and turn yourself into a vampire. This post is written specially for Silent Halloween with Nuffnang.


Ceddy said...

I think it's the best entry for the Halloween party! :D Who would have thought of being a vampire? If you turn yourself into werewolf... Wow! It's gonna be crazy!

Tho it's a dream of yours! I'm still shocked with your vampie face!

*Runs and hides*

Yuchelia said...

You rawkz yank!! =)

Harry said...

ceddy: ya really think so?! Aw... thanx dude.. werewolf will be kinda tough.. ya know.. harry aint that hairy rite? so.. lol.. canine not long enough.. shud made it longer.. lolz..

yuchelia: thx yank.. :) u helped a lot too..

BLue said...

I love those eyes when you turned into a vampire before you off to bed XD

Chris Thoo said...

no blood also..
ngek ngek

Harry said...

blue: I like those eyes too.. big big black black like dat..

chris thoo: heh..dont jealous.. this vampire is vegetarian...