Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Animal Abuse

It is quite normal for everyone of us looking at how people abuse the animal.. Some people are just not "HUMAN" or lack of humanity in another word!!

Do you actually believe that there are people who kill animal whenever they like?! There are always cases that people hurt the animal whenever they are stress, sad, depress, etc. In most cases, they are emotionally unstable or some say that they are having mental problem..

Torturing animals won't make you accomplish anything.. They have life too.. Just like we do.. Imagine kicking your own baby to death with your own leg.. How does it feel?! Put yourself in their shoes (literally speaking.. animals don't normally wear shoe..) .. I am sure you don't want to be torture by anyone else..

If you dislike animal, don't hurt them.. They meant no HARM to you if you are not a threat to them..

Well, I personally dislike cats.. They once stole my chicken (for curry cooking) and drag till my house fence.. The chicken gone for waste and I really got pissed off.. However, I didn't kill it or kick it or hit it.. Though they did something wrong, it doesn't mean that they should not be forgiven.. They are just animals.. What do you think huh?! If they are as clever as humans are, we're all be in trouble..

I received a forwarded mail from my friend.. Regarding a cat killer..

NOTE: The pictures below are not suitable for weak heart.. Only scroll down if you are sure that you wanna see how cat are being tortured..

It seemed normal at first..

anime abuse1 anime abuse2

Seemed more like an animal lover..

 anime abuse3 anime abuse4

Things changed from here onward..

anime abuse5 anime abuse6

Poking into the cat's organ using the high heel?! WTF?!

anime abuse7 anime abuse8

Even eyeball also come out already..

anime abuse9 anime abuse10  anime abuse12


After looking at those picture, I can't deny that the cat is so pity even though I dislike their kind.. They don't deserved to be tortured to death like this.. It's not up to you to decide their death..

Don't be angry..
Be loving..
What goes around, comes around..
Ignore them if you dislike them..
It won't be good for either side of party..


Josh said...

wat da fark wei. seriosuly damn sick lar.

PzheL said...

Thanks for sharing.. =) The woman is seriously too extreme.

Harry said...

josh: seriously, after looking those picture.. make me kinda ~.~ wtf?!

pzhel: indeed.. EXTREME is the correct word..

TNH said...

OMG..although i don't like cat too but really feel pity for them..this is really unforgiveable

Steward Baba said...

Terrible! May the person who did it would be treated the same way in hell!

Harry said...

tnh: me dislike cat too.. but i pity them in this case.. VERY!!

steward baba: ya.. like i said.. what goes around, comes around..

Faithh. said...

someone bring me a combat boot =D
lets gang squash this lady.

alicia said...

imma cat lover!!!!!!!!!

how dare tat bitch treat the catty liddat!

i do believe in retrubution,and i hope it falls on her soon.humph!><

yuchelia said...

If don't want the cat give me la.. I'll be mosre than willing to keep it.. --"

♥ Player V said...

i've seen this video before. haiz.. how sick can people get?

oh and just so you know, it's a japanese girl. now y'all know how sadistic they are. and they gave the kitten some kind of injection so it can't move or defend itself.

Anonymous said...

OMG.....that is so sick....and that's a blatant torture of animals.....that person who did that ought to be struck down by lightning or get swallowed by earth.....

nowadays....there's a fair share of animal lovers and abusers in this world....if nobody reprimands them or even stop them......who knows....even the animals will soon disappear from the face of the earth....

I may hate cats....but did i torture them?no....but just leave those kittys alone....they don't deserve to be tortured in such a grotesque and extreme way....

forgive me for overreacting but that person who did that repulses me....

Harry said...

faithh: yes yes.. let's squash her.. hahaz..

alicia: i hope the same thing too.

yuchelia: some ppl are just cruel..

player v: japanese gal? I see I see.. how bad la.. torture animal till like dat... not human at all..

galisin: I agree with u.. i was so flamed when i see those picture..