Friday, November 28, 2008

Sperm Donation

It's still an uncommon case in Malaysia that people will go to donate their sperm and deposit it in a sperm bank.. I did a bit of research on this and found that there's one fertility centre at Damansara which is located Petaling Jaya, Damansara Fertility Centre (DFC) , area do resort this type of services such as sperm donation and sperm freezing or better known as sperm banking..


So what's so good about sperm donation?!

I visited a lot of websites and most of them stated that donor earns some money for donating their sperm at the sperm bank.. also, I found another web which stated TOP 5 reasons why people donate sperm..

TOP 5 reasons to donate sperm

5. Free sperm donors? no way!!! Make a bunch of money, sell sperm. You get between $60-$80 per visit by doing sperm donation for money!

4. Put it on your resume ! Right next to the prestigious “3rd Hand Award” you can brag about how you helped out the community of sperm banks of California.

3. Get a free health exam! Get tested for all that nasty stuff with your sperm donation for cash without the co-payment.

2. You have an unlimited amount of sperm, and it’s incredibly easy to donate that sperm to get sperm donor money (it just takes a hand and a magazine).

1. The “Jackass” guys did it!


I mean, com' on lah.. Don't tell me you wanted to donate something from your body for free.. Even people who sold their own bodies to medical research centre also make sure that their family will receive the money when they died.. Donating bodies are, somehow, famous in India but not in Malaysia, of course.. Okay, back to spermie topic!

I am sure that you had even fantasized how these fertility centre served the sperm donor and how to get those sperms prepared.. In most cases that I'd read, those sperm donors will have to do their job by themselves in a private room and only give to the nurse when they are done with their work there..

To have a better idea on how their work, check out this two videos.. Interesting one.. but it, at least, make you understand how sperm bank works..

Well, it's a funny advertisement.. but you got the rough idea already?!

How about this one?! Does it help you to have clearer and better understanding about how sperm donation works?! I know this one is kinda lame.. If you don't really get what this advertisement is about, let me tell you this.. Some male does have weird things that got them "SEXcited".. It's not always about hot and sexy females or even males that will cause their adrenaline rush..

Well, wonder why all in a sudden I post this things in my blog?!

Of course, there are goodies.. I received few interesting pictures through a forwarded mail and got my jaw drop when I saw it..




Some say these pictures are taken in Japan and some say in China.. No idea where these sources are from..

So, interested to donate your beloved sperm already?

Rather than masturbating wasting it in the toilet bowl or worse anywhere else in the drain, why don't you just donate it at the fertility centre and you can even earn some money for it.. In some medical centre, I heard they did free checkup on you before you actually donate your sperm..

Still want to know more how it actually help the society? Do your research now.. It's everywhere on the web..

This video will help you understand how sperm bank works in a scientific way..

Oh.. Also, I found this..

The requirements to become a sperm donor.. Looks like it seemed more like applying for a job!!

It seemed like it'll become a disaster too if you tried to apply to become one of the sperm donor.. How complicating.. Urgh.. Now, going to have second thought about this.. Hahaz..

Enjoying sperm banking..


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shabu-Shabu Restaurant / Restoran Shabu-Shabu

Two weeks ago, on a fine Saturday night, and in the midst of exam, I went to Shabu-Shabu Restaurant with my girlfriend and friends.. Like I always said, when stress level shooting high up, and so is our weight.. Agree with me even if you are not food addict when it comes to stress times/hours!!

At times, we crave for food due to the energy that we wished to use to memorize those unnecessary stuffs for those cheap pieces of certificates which are yet costly to get it.. Sometimes, because of those cheap lousy certificates, we even wished to have a ticket to HEAVEN due to those stressful and hectic routine of a student..

Ticket to Heaven (Source:

OK, let's just skip about how stressful life can be.. Now let us think about FOOD FOOD FOOD!! Well, to me, food does satisfies me when I am depress or stressful.. I don't know about you.. However, if you are craving for food, Shabu-Shabu Restaurant aka Restoran Shabu-Shabu aka “强强滚”(Qiang Qiang Gun) will definitely be the hotspot for you to check it out..


So, what's so special about this restaurant?! Of course, every restaurant's purpose is to serve food but they differ in the way of services, foods, drinks, ambience, and hot waitress/waiter prices..

Here at Shabu-Shabu Restaurant, you will be able to get variety choices of foods, from vegetables to meats, meats to seafood.. They do serve normal dishes such as fry foods, noodles and something that's similar to other restaurant.. But what makes them so special is actually their Japanese Style Steamboat BUFFET!!


I know guy like me should not crave for too much buffet already due to my disgusting excessive fats I have around me.. However, I can't help but to try it.. It looked simply delicious to me!!

buffet hunter 
Food hunter team: Harry, Yuni, Boon San, Clarissa (From left)

*grins evilly* We craved for food..


Look what I ate.. Don't you complain it doesn't look delicious.. I didn't take culinary arts.. I don't know how to make the food "looks" nice.. Anyway, we had free flow of drinks (choices of green tea, pink guava juice, orange juice and more to name)

I believe you saw those dishes served on the belt just like those you saw at Sushi King on one of the picture above.. Indeed, those raw foods are served on the belt.. Apart from that, there's a waiter/waitress who will move around in the center of the belt, taking fried dishes around and ask you, "你要炸的吗? (Do you want fried one?)"

I practically make a joke about it with my friend and told him that the lady or waitress asked him whether he wanted to "zha" her or not.. Inside joke.. Pun intended..

Anyway, food there were way too much for me and seriously.. unlimited.. I was seriously bloated due to over consumption of seafood and meats... Gosh!

Empty shell of prawns and other wasted foods..

There were few waitress who were considered efficient enough to clear the tables and to serve the crowds swiftly.. But most of the people there were busy eating as we, Malaysian, like the word "EAT ALL YOU CAN".. Seriously, how much can you eat?!

Oh.. and I even asked my friend and wondered whether they can earn from such business.. He gave me one SIMPLE reason, "Of course, they gain profits from this, else they'd bankrupt before we even come to eat".. Then I went  *sweats  =.="* True also la..


I didn't bothered much and I just tried to finish up the food that I took and cooked in the boat (from the word steamboat).. According to most of the buffet rules, you have to PAY for what you can't FINISH and WASTE the foods.. Clever people like me will just take the portion that I can finish and choose worthy servings to eat..

'Nuff said!!

So how much does it cost?! RM26++ after tax per pax.. Not really expensive for such a steamboat buffet, I should say..

I heard that there are few branches in Klang Valley but the one I tried is located somewhere around Puchong or some say Bandar Puteri if I didn't recall wrongly.. Correct me if I am wrong..

Go if you feel it's time to stress out and get all those exams fever cool down!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Past Busy Week Update

For those who had been wondering why this Harry had slowed down the process of posting more post of him himself and other eye candies or interesting stuffs.. Well, simple excuses for me will be I had a busy week..

I was in the midst of exam as most of you had knew it last week and I am glad it's finally over now.. I'm having my semester break now for 3 months!!! And I will only be going back to KL after Chinese New Year.. Now that's what I call a VACATION!!

Anyway, after my last piece of paper on last Friday, I took a night flight on the same day itself back to Kuching together with my cousin.. It was a rushing day and that last paper was kinda tough compared to all other papers I took.. Well, people used to say, "Save the best for the last" does not really apply here.. It's like freaking tough and it's a paper on "ENGLISH".. I guess my English ain't that good huh?

Skip those fussy exam stuffs since talking about it just makes me feel stress again.. Well, I had a great weekend hanging out with my auntie and, my lovely and adorable cousin after coming back to Kuching.. Well, I should say I took a time-out for myself and went really on "holiday" mode or some say "lazy" mode..

We had a nice family dinner..


My sister on the left and my cousins with my auntie in purple..


My parents with my nephew.. (My father busy on the phone.. Not his pose ok?)


While at it, I camwhore along as well.. This is me and my niece.. She's like glue to me.. and I think that auntie behind me wanna be in the picture along as well, no?

And then we makan~~~ makan~~~ *no picture* Hungry and just eat it right away when it's served..


And had a group photo.. Notice the newcomers?! That's my second sister with her hubby and her baby boy, my another nephew.. Don't complain how dirty and messy the table is.. That's what happen when table is too small for such a "big" family..

After my auntie and cousins flew back to Miri, all my busy days left were actually baby sitting.. I am proud of it!! Well, reason is not many likes to take care of babies.. Simply frustrating and irritating with babies around.. But, hey, there are lots of happy moments with them too..

Let me show you how adorable they are like me..


Alycia Phang.. My niece.. The first grandchild of my parents.. Born in Malaysia.. 2 years old ++ this year.. Owned by my eldest sister.. My glue.. Likes to cry but make me sayang her very much..


Alwyn Phang.. My nephew.. The second grandchild of my parents.. Born in Malaysia also.. 1 year old ++ this year.. Also owned by my eldest sister.. Likes to act cute but doesn't want people to hug him or touch him..


Lee Zhi Qin.. My another nephew.. The third grandchild of my parents.. Also born in Malaysia.. 1 year old ++ this year.. Younger than Alwyn by 1 month++.. Owned by my second sister.. He can sing "Twinkle twinkle little star" a little bit.. Impressive.. Code name: Pooh!

Another funny incident happened yesterday.. I was doing my shopping with my baby niece at "The Spring" mall (most classy mall in Kuching, up-to-date) and then went to Big Apple to buy doughnuts.. Before paying the doughnuts, my baby niece rushed me to go to the toilet 'cause she needed to pee.. EMERGENCY!! So, I dropped my shopped things on the counter and told the cashier staff that I'll be back to pay for it later and take my things along..

And so I did.. went to the toilet.. and met my sister's friend, Eric in the toilet cleaning his son's butt 'cause his son shitted (duh?~!).. Such a coincidence meeting in the toilet.. He invited me to join along his wife, Erin's birthday cake eating session.. It was Erin's birthday and it was really an unplanned trip to join them along.. So, I brought Alycia along with me to join them to eat the cake..


Look at her busy eating.. and the lil kid next to me is Ranfred Renfred(didn't know how to spell his name correctly..)

Also, saw another baby boy..


Ranfred's Renfred's younger brother.. Rowene..


The happy couple.. Eric and Erin (the birthday girl)..

After meeting up with them, I went back pay those doughnuts and then ciaoz..

Coincidents do happen all the time.. Things happened unexpectedly without planning it.. (That's generally the definition..)

And that's how busy I was lately..

Keep checking.. will be updating more..


Monday, November 24, 2008

Bought a new phone, Test the new phone..

I'd mentioned some times ago about the day I lost my precious Nokia N82 mobile phone which was a prize that I wont from iTalentStar on few previous post.. Well, guess what?! I bought a new phone last Friday, and I am telling you that I'm loving it..

Getting supports from my family and friends, I was able to move on even though I lost my previous phone.. It's a history to me already.. and nope.. It's still missing and cannot be found anymore, I think..

Luckily, my father gave me a green light to buy a new handset.. and I was like facing dilemma for buying Nokia N79 or Nokia N82 (my old love) back.. and so I did a bit of research on both phones.. Both of the specifications are similar but Nokia N79 which is a newer model definitely has more new functions compared to the last one, Nokia N82..

After considering for so "long", I ended up buying back my old love last last Friday, 14th November 2008.. My Nokia N82.. However, this time, my phone turned into charcoal and not silver-ish anymore.. asking around for the prices, everyone gave me RM1,700 and above for ORIGINAL set, and RM1,250++ for AP set or some say supplier set.. Difference between ORIGINAL and AP sets is the warranty.. ORIGINAL sets' warranty is given by Nokia Malaysia itself, and AP sets' warranty is given by the supplier/shop themselves.. (Correct me if I am wrong)

The lucky things that happened was there's one of the shopkeeper or promoter gave me a very very fair price for ORIGINAL set.. RM1,580.. I was like "WHOA!".. I really tried to ask a lot of shops at Sg. Wang and BB Plaza, but they gave me the same price as almost every other shops.. To confirm whether it's original or not, I checked everything labeled, IMEI, Zitron stickers on every accessories and phone.. Everything seemed kinda real to me.. So I bought it..

It's quite hard to confirm it is original for me as this is the first time I bought phone by myself.. All this while, parents bought it and they never really purchase original set because we were not aware the vast difference between AP and original set..

To make the story shorter, I tested my new phone's camera on Sg. Wang Plaza event.. Taken few photos at the Gundam related event "BAKUC CHALLENGE 2008"..


So, taken few pictures using the new phone.. and I used Macro mode and Scenery Mode..



Outdated Poster.. Dated year 2007.. Mobile Suit Gundam..


There were tonnes of people looking at those miniature and also people who purchase the miniature set as well..


The miniature not cheap okay?! Most of them are above RM100 and we still have to install it ourselves..


But to my surprise, mostly who purchased it are not teenagers but middle-aged guys and a lot of uncles buying it also.. I guess Gundam had made a breakthrough long before I was born.. Looking at those uncles' faces', it reminded me how happy a kid can be when they were rewarded sweets and candies..

After taking those pictures, I went to Times Square for my favourite Green Tea Frappucino at Starbucks regardless what promotion they are offering..

My favourite Green Tea Frappucino..

The Starbucks barrista was hilarious.. I asked him until what time Starbucks close.. he replied "24hours for today sir, just for you sir since you are a Starbucks fans and even with a Starbucks T-shirt on.." and I was like =.=" so embarrassing..

After sipping at Starbucks, my friends came to find and we went to watch Quarantine..


I recommend all of you go and watch it.. It's not as bad as Cloverfield,even though it is the first man's view.. It looks really thrilling and the plotting was good.. Thumbs up for this movie.. I would rate this movie the most thrilling and best horror movie this year, up-to-date..

To end this post, not to forget, always put a narcissist picture of mine..

My Green Tea Frappucino and my Starbucks T-Shirt..

Sorry for the tiring face, it was a tiring day but, at least, I bought a new phone..


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flaunting Your Breast?! Think again..

Ok, no more emo post from me today.. There were actually few peoples who always read my blog e-mailed me or even messaged me in MSN to ask what's wrong with me as I'd posted so many emo post! Just to clarify with everyone else, Harry got no problem.. Just that, some times, feelings should be shared with others to let others know what you are thinking..

Now back to the main topic for today.. Flaunting Your Breast?! Remember what I said about what goes around, comes around?! Now, I received this hilarious mail regarding two "idealists" about flaunting breast.. One is about the teenager and another is about the grandmother..

It is a trend, nowadays, to flaunt a bit of the meaty vibrating smooth breast part to be a bit more showy in the public.. However, the older citizens still don't think that it's the best and right thing to do.. It's just too over showing compares to their time where they cover most of their parts..

Oh, I read few articles too.. Who knows, one of the reason youngster nowadays used lesser clothing and showing or flaunting more of their "sexy" parts are actually due to the global warming.. Too hot till they used lesser clothes..

Less crap and this is how the story goes.. Enjoy reading..


A teenage granddaughter comes downstairs for her date with this see-through blouse on and no bra.

Her grandmother just pitched a fit, telling her not to dare go out like that!

The teenager tells her, "Loosen up Grams. These are modern times. You gotta let your rose buds show!" and out she goes.


The next day the teenager comes down stairs, and the grandmother is sitting there with no top on. The teenager feel  like to dying looking at her half nude grandmother.

She explains to her grandmother that she has friends coming over and that it is just not appropriate....

The grandmother says, "Loosen up, Sweetie. If you can show off your rose buds, then I can display my hanging baskets."


Happy Gardening.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

History of Harry's mystery

To understand what happened, you must read the previous post first..

So what's behind Harry's mystery?!

It all started when he was studying in Brunei, Chung Ching Primary School.. School life to Harry wasn't as happy as he had in his childhood compared to the time when he went back to Kuching and studied there.. He was bullied since he was at the primary school by an asshole bastard "si gina" another boy.. (I'll refer that fellow as "Mr. JJJ" from here onwards)..

So, basically, Mr. JJJ always bully Harry until Harry wet his pillow after he came back from the miserable school.. As usual, Harry pretended nothing in front of his friends and in front of that Mr. JJJ's face.. (showing how "kiasu" and "si ai bin" he is..) but in fact, deep inside, it hurts a lot to him.. It makes him pointless going to school where that Mr. JJJ is like ruling the class.. That Mr. JJJ's father is actually one of the guy in the school's board (as in someone who got power to do things).. And due to that reason, some of the asshole bastard teachers licked Mr. JJJ's shoe to get good impression to that fellow's father..

As for Harry, that pity kid, his existence in the teachers' eyes is merely nothing but a small little tiny dust.. Luckily, Harry still had his friends behind him, supporting him to move on through those unhappy days.. There are, of course, some other teacher who took notice of Harry's talent and even tried polishing it especially his art teachers (primary 1 one was such an ass but the rest were fine) and computer teacher (she knew Harry was good in computer)..

Harry still remembers that there was once, Mr. JJJ was talking out loud with his best friend in the class and when the teacher asked them to keep quiet, they pointed at Harry who was very very innocent.. Sitting quietly, alone, got scolded by that stupid idiot teacher for nothing.. Taking all blame.. and keeping the hatred deep inside himself.. And just wet the pillow when he got back..

Harry did not try to defense himself at all as he know it's totally futile to do so as Mr. JJJ is like a gold to that teacher while Harry was just a dull gold which was rather unnoticeable..

After staying 10 years in Brunei, Harry finally moved back to Kuching at year 2002 and continue his studies there.. Harry seen the light and approachable when he was in Kuching.. People who revolves around him, noticed him, and even complimented him from times to times.. He began to felt blessed and tried to be strong (spiritually).. Because of Harry's dreadful past, he tried to help a lot of weaklings and even try to lend them his wings and to cover them whenever necessary..

Harry, eventually, got recognized in the school and became the head prefect in the school.. (there were, of course, few to name that hated Harry as well..).. However, Harry's friend in Kuching delighted him from time to time and he made it through successful through his high school year..

Because of the story above, it inspired Harry to stay strong.. and help those who needed a hand.. Looking at people being bullied reminds me of my past.. But heck.. I am not the old me anymore.. I can't help myself to stop helping them especially they were fallen.. I guess, lending a hand, helping them do help them realize that the world is not as dark as they think.. They will, perhaps, be stronger and won't follow the wrong route..

Thanks to that Mr. JJJ, I am not the weakling anymore.. In fact, I had proved that I can do far far better than what I used to be.. But due to that incidence, bad childhood, I kept forgetting things easily.. Perhaps, it's like what people always said, we try to forget what's painful to us.. To let it go..

NOTE: Story had been cut short.. Scare you read till feel asleep.. If you wanna know more, ask more question.. perhaps, I'll answer it in the next post.. or somehow like that..


P.S.: There is still a barrier between me and Mr. JJJ if you would like to ask..


Monday, November 17, 2008

I had finally found myself

All this while, I kept thinking of what makes me what I am right now and even trying to understand myself.. I will always ask around to try understand myself.. but all this while, the answer I got is "Harry is too random.. Hard to understand la.." which of course, got me clueless for finding my true self out..

And officially, by today, 17th November 2008, I found out who I am now.. It's hard to believe that I did it!!

Well, actually, I do think that my mother do understand me a lot though as she is the one who I always make my complains to and she is the one who is always by my side when I am down.. She's very very protective.. Whenever, I'm being bullied, she'll be like saying angrily to me, "Who is the bastard chao kia who bullied my son?" and I will like "Oh my god! Don't go and scold them because of this.. I'm big/old enough already.." (Of course, I scare people will start thinking how weak I am if my mother really does that..)

Ma, if you are reading this, "Kam siah lu.. I LOVE YOU!!" which means "Thank you" in Hokkien.. and of course, my father who always tries to maintain my mother's anger helped a lot.. At least, that stop my mother from defending me in front of others.. My father will say that, "Haiya.. kids matter let them settle themselves la.."

Hehe... Pa, am I right? If you are also reading this, I also wanna say, "Kam siah" to you.. Your son is extremely happy today for being able to understand himself after so long.. and of course, special thanks to Yuni, his girlfriend made him realise that..

and to my dear Yuni, if it wasn't because of the argument, I won't be able to realise myself and I.. Oh.. and don't you guys dare to laugh Harry arguing with his darling.. It's a process of greater bond in a relationship.. If you havent argue/fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend/gayfriend/lesfriend/husband/wife, it's time to do so.. It's the process of understanding each other and throw out the feelings!! If you comment something about my girlfriend, I will delete it permanently and blacklist you and smash you into pieces when I see you.. literally..

Whoa.. Ok.. back to the original topic.. "YAY!! I FOUND MYSELF!!" Many of my friends around me don't really know my background and who I am when I am small.. It may find hard to believe it but that's who I am when I am very very young cute chubby little child.. Even my parents, up till now, may not remember what happened to me back then when I was that lovely kid..

Story to be continued..

Reveal the mystery of Harry in the next post.. So don't miss it and stay tune..


P.S.: A lot of expression had been used in the post to show how happy I am..

P.S.S.: When I said no comment about my girlfriend means NO COMMENT about her ya.. If you do, make sure you write good thing about her!!

P.S.S.S: Sorry for "few" emo posts lately.. It's the period.. LOLz.. Harry's period!!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Meaningful and beautiful sentences

love I got this so-called meaningful and beautiful sentences from a forwarded mail which was forwarded by my sister.. (I guess she missed me a lot, I think..)

Nevermind about the small details, but somehow, some of those words do reflect my life and my feeling.. Okay.. I know you are going to say that, "How come this Harry became so Lovely Adoring Passionate romantic or even handsome?"

Well, I am not the romantic type of guys, I believe.. and may not be the guy which the girls prefer.. I mean those romantic guy which you watch from the Taiwan or even Korea Drama Series.. I am just a simple guy.. or should I say blunt?!

It doesn't mean that I am totally insensitive alrite?! Hahaz.. If you come by and tell me that I am cold with my girlfriend, I'll hit you on your nuts or perhaps your lovely face.. Muahahaz.. *evil grins* Well, just to add some spices here la..

Now.. let the message talk to you! Oh.. Good news to all the Bananas out there.. It's translated to English..

Read Each One Carefully and Think About It a Second or Two


1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I  am with you.


2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry.


3. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.


4. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.


5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them.


6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.


7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.


8. Don't waste your time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you.


9. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful.

10. Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened.


11. There's always going to be people that hurt you so what you have to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around.


12. Make yourself a better person and know who you are before you try and know someone else and expect them to know you.


13. Don't try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to.



Friday, November 14, 2008

Satisfaction and Appreciation

A lot of time, we'll see these two words appear everywhere, regardless from the email or from speeches..

Satisfaction and Appreciation 

So, what's so great about these two words?! They ain't a big word to most of us, but to certain people, it matters a lot.. To me, both the words played an important role in my life or even in the process of growing up..

I'm not the boy that I'm used to be when I was a kid, and yet, I am not total man yet.. Considering myself as a half man here, things can be distracting and dilemma often occurs in life..

So how does this two words played their role in my life?!

Humans are never SATISFY with whatever things they do or they have.. When you relate it with the "satisfaction", you got the word "appreciation".. Humans "seldom" appreciate with what they have and what others did to them..

Now, problems like this often occur in a family or with friends when they asked from you for more even if you are at your limit.. I certainly think that all of us, humans, have our own limit in anything we do.. Some people were granted  or gifted by their talent at doing their things "well" but that doesn't mean that they can do their things "perfect"..

There's no such things as perfect in this world.. If you think that you are Mr./Mrs./Mdm./It. Perfect, I wont argue further on that.. The point is, no one is perfect in this world.. Each of us has our own weaknesses, depending how showy it is to the others.. Some evil people do take for granted on some other's weaknesses..

I mean, com' on, those above have nothing related to satisfaction/appreciation huh?! I do think that both satisfaction/appreciation bond things up quite well, just that we never realize that, they played an important role on us..

Are you satisfy with yourself?! Your physical look? Your health? Your everything?! If you are saying that you do, you must be lying.. Even for me, I am not quite satisfied with who and what I am right now.. But what to do?! Life goes on.. Why do you have to let all this single bit of details bother you and ruin your life?!

Talking about satisfaction, now, take a moment to think.. Does people around you appreciates you?! Appreciates what you'd done to them, how much you improved yourself just to fit them well?! How about yourself? Do you appreciate them too? Most of the time, we easily forget people good deeds.. We tempt to neglect their strength point and looking at the weaknesses only..

Things like this frequently happen to a newly-married couple.. They started to realize that their dearest one ain't as good as they think.. And they started to point out the weaknesses and forgotten what are they strength point..

Why do we have to be so pessimistic? Why can we just a bit more optimistic? Instead of thinking how bad they are and what their weaknesses are, can't we even think that, perhaps, their weaknesses could be their strength point too?!

We should learn how to appreciate people around us and try to be at least satisfy with them.. When we keep on desiring it, we'll be losing it at no time..

I'm not particular with what the people around me can do for me or even how they look.. They pretty or not, fugly or not, it doesn't matter to me at all.. What matters to me a lot is they appreciate me and have faith with me..

When we are optimistic, it doesn't mean that we careless for them.. Just that, we try to make the world bigger.. Think outside the box instead of trapping our thoughts in a small box.. It doesn't have to be a bad thing to be insensible.. Optimistic tempt to be a bit insensible, but not selfish..

Perhaps, it's time for you to show how much you care for the others and how much you appreciates them.. Instead of desiring more from them, asking more from them, why don't you do more to them?

Like I said all the times, what goes around, comes around.. We do good deeds not to show how good we are, but we appreciate that life is not a game.. There's no reset but GAME OVER.. Why do you expect people to return your "deed" so much that you even forgot that good deeds are actually from the bottom of our heart.. It's about sincerity..

So to all my friend, my love ones, my family.. I do not see you all as something that hold me back in my life.. I really appreciate with you all.. and in fact, I am do not desire much from you all.. However, there's always a limit for everything.. Step over the line means game over for you and me.. I love you all and will always remember of you all (even though I am a forgetful person).. I just hope that. perhaps, it's time for you to do the same thing to me.. It's time for you to change and not only seeing Harry's evolution or changes..



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Learn Pronunciation through Human Organ

Was in a midst of struggling through my examination and currently studying Mathematics For Computing which are rather practical than theory wise..

Something funny came out while I filter through all the student notes that were given by my Maths lecturer (last minute study).. In the junk pile of useless student notes, there are one of this chapters which makes me laugh since last time up till now..

Sometimes, it's rather funny to receive such thing from the lecturer itself.. Wondering what I am talking about?! Curious about it?! I'll show you about it in a short while..

All the terms, especially the scientific and computerized terms, are rather difficult to pronounce not to say even harder to memorize.. However, through some techniques, we can learn to pronounce fast and even memorize it faster.. As the title said, "Learn Pronunciation through Human Organ"..

So, how do we imply this technique in our daily student notes or even own made notes?!

Look at the example below..


EBCDIC which is also known as "Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code" can be pronounced as "EBB-SEE-DICK".. I know, it's like WTF?!! EBB-SEE-DICK?! It makes you easier to memorize isn't it? When you think of "Dick" and you'll remember what's EBCDIC..

Well, to enhance the visual technique.. I even thought of something such as "APE-SEE-DICK".. Since EBB and APE has the same pronunciation..

So, all you have to do is to remember an APE see a DICK and you'll remember this term..


Next up, we have ASCII-8 which is also known as American Standard Code for Information Interchange that can be pronounced as "ASS KEY".. Oh my GOSH!! What the hell is this ASS-KEY?!! I laughed till I dropped lah!!

All you have to do is to picture an ASS shaped key and you'll get ASCII eventually..

I believe these are the notes written by his students..

Had a good laugh?! I hope you did 'cause I really laughed till cannot study now..

I think I gotta rush now.. If I still don't practice on this Maths, I won't be able to score "ASS" for this semester..

Chee BYE!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Banana Test - Stress Radar

A lot of students in universities, colleges and high schools are having they Finals now.. Surely, stress level is shooting high..

Time  to take a break and test how stress you are by answering this personality question.. No worries, it's not the normal personality question.. It's only one question, and you only need your brain to think fast and logically!!


This test is one of the famous test which we call the "BANANA" test.. No, not asking you to eat as much banana as you can.. but to ask you to answer ONE simple question..

If you spent more than 30 seconds to answer this question then you are cheating..

P/S: Please answer this question by leaving your comment.. I'll reveal the answer tomorrow..

The BANANA test


There is a very, very tall coconut tree and there are 4 animals.
King Kong, an Ape, an Orangutan and a Monkey pass by.

They decide to compete to see who is the fastest to get a banana off the tree.

Who do you guess will win?

Your answer will reflect your personality.

Think carefully . . .

Try and answer within 30 seconds


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween Rocks

After sometimes, Harry, once again, fell asleep again and had another wet weird dream.. Remembering the last time, he dreamt becoming a vampire.. This time, the dream became more realistic and featured more earthlings who became ghost, undead, or even monster..

Everything began with an image of the banner below.. "Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween"..

big logo1

Image of the pumpkin reminds him of his plushy which he fell asleep on last time..  All in a sudden, he got shocked by his own appearance which took in form as a vampire.. This time, it aint like the previous dream..


It's more realistic with larger canines and deadly pal face than the last dream that he had last time..

Along with his appearance, he joined the hollow gathering party.. And he met few of his companion.. Looks like he is not the only one who transformed into an undead..


The skulled captain hook aka RoyalShortness, weird politician, Dr. Blackjack aka Simon and Dr. Evil aka Nicholas Chay, Mummy aka Robb, Joker aka Cojack and Paris Hilton aka Rui, the ancient Egyptian princess, Ying and Yang couple aka baynn-diese, mutated Transformer aka superwilson with short height, and an undead Bruce Lee aka Shaolin tiger which got a little more cute..

Looking at those who had their partners, Harry the vampire also went looking around for someone who can be his compatible partner.. and then.. he found his beloved partner who sat at a corner sobbing about her appearance.. Asking her to join along for the party cherish both of them..


Harry was thinking that this girl will be his perfect match as she had the same color like he had.. and with an interesting outfit.. and the girl's name is Yuni..

And so, as usual, even if Harry is in his dream, he still can't quit his habit of camwhoring..

cojack rui yuni harry

To Harry's surprise, he found PowerNuff Girls at the gathering doing the registration for the hollow beings.. According to some information he got, the PowerNuff Girls were actually from a fine country with the beautiful name called "Singapore"..

powernuff girls

Without any second thought, Harry went to the PowerNuff Girls and got his name and his partner's name registered in the "I'm-So-Dead" list..


Harry threw all his "weird" feeling away and blend perfectly well with all the immortals and hollow beings together... Looking at the Angels and Devils made him wonder where was him at the moment..

angel and devil nuffies

Was him at the hell or heaven?! Harry made an assumption that he got left behind at the earth as he is neither at the hell or heaven..


Looked like Harry had to enter the "Gate of Death" in order to get himself a Hollow-Nanged Gathering Party.. Time flew swiftly.. As the sun was setting.. More and more beings had their name registered in the "I'm-So-Dead" list..

borneo baruk club 

Harry, once again, felt glad that he was not alone.. He had so many hollow beings waiting him to enter the "Borneo Baruk Club" from the other side of the "Gate of Death"..

Without hesitation, Harry entered the gate, without hesitation, hand-in-hand with his partner.. Harry, then, heard that a lot of the undead "Nuffies" were still naked undressed.. and so he peeped at their naked body dresses and try to fit on them..


Unfortunately, all the costume could not fit him well, so he decided to leave the dresses to those Nuffies and proceed to the gathering.. and he met few more ghoul, hollow beings, human..

groupt photo with time

Anonymous Firdauz, Boss Tim, Deadly Swan Bjork, Sharlyn, Harry, Parui Hilton, Diese, Dr. Cheez and Anonymous..

 elvis liang

Harry got all fired up when he saw "Elvis the undead" doing the talk on the stage just like what he did long long time ago.. He brought up the atmosphere and you could actually heard the hollow beings howling loudly..

boss tim

And the event started with the Leader of all hollow beings, Boss Tim aka the dead Kurt Cobain speech.. It was a freaking fast and short speech.. Harry made a guess that the leader tried to let his fellow hollow beings enjoy as much as possible as the time for them to be together is like once a year only in their transformed form..

After the short speech, the whole event started to go chaos with the sweet melody from one of the Indie band which was from the Nokia Independent Artist Club (IAC)..

kaya koks 
Alaling and the Kaya Koks

After those singing.. Elvis brought in another game.. namely.. "search for the listed beings"..

kennysia, nicholas, ringo, kimberly

and so.. Darkened Michael Jackson aka Kenny Sia, Dr. Evil aka Nicholas Chay, Marilyn Monroe aka Ringo, and Succubus aka Kimberly Cun were given this deadly task to hunt down the hollow beings that were listed by the Elvis..

They had to find Jason, Vampire, the Joker, Scream, Hitler, Phantom of Opera and two more forgotten hollow beings.. (Harry was drunk in his dream..)

and so.. the hunt began..

the hunt

and Marilyn Monroe found Harry (the Vampire, of course..)..

find costume event

And so.. Elvis double check with his list for the hunted down beings.. and yes.. Harry was in the list of Vampire too..

What's unbelievable?! These hollow beings actually ate humans' foods.. Well, perhaps, there were some reasons why them, the hollow beings, landed on earth..


After feasting for the dead and undead.. The ghoul and hollow beings were entertained by anothe Indie human hip hop group..

Dose 2.. They did a fair job on the stage and got the whole floor SHAKING!!

After overdose with the musics, the dead and undead beings were gathered once again and were grouped into groups of five.. They were ordered to mummified themselves in order get crowned..


Of course, Harry did not miss the fun... He formed a group together with Sherry, PaRui Hilton, Bernard, and one more anonymous and got rapped wrapped up..

mummified 1

mummified 2

Harry could not really breathe properly while mummified.. grasping for air.. breath in deeply..  and was waiting for people to save him and to unwrap him..

While waiting for people to unwrap him.. There were some other event going on.. BALLOON WAR!!


Basically, they blow job the balloons and burst it again.. and of course, burst someone else's balloon in order to win.. Harry got lucky.. there were two ladies who unwrapped him in the midst of the balloon war.. and finally he can breath again.. Thanks to the ladies..

Here comes the peak of the events.. Silent Halloween will not be named as "Shhhh.. Silent"  if there's no silent dance.. It started with a loud speaker music by Nicky C.. and then everyone went silent and took out their listening device (MP3, Mobile phone, and all type of Pods).. Modernized world.. Even the dark world also owned various gadgets..

Everyone started shaking silently.. It's exactly the dead man dance.. and Harry started doing his deadly dance move with his partner..

dance 1 dance 3

And to Harry's fear.. He saw something which was an instant kill..

unshaved paris hilton
Uh-oh! Looks like Paris Parui Hilton forgot to shave before doing his/her/it's sexy dance move..

Harry enjoyed the dancing very much.. Even though it's a silent dance.. Only those who did not listen to the music will laugh as they did not know what happened to those who dance silently.. Only tipping toe and laughter filled in the environment during the silent move..

After those silent dancing.. Harry got entertained again by another Indie human band group.. D 40 Winks.. They had all instruments with them.. from blowing to hitting, hitting to striking..

last band

Pretty much entertained.. Elvis brought us up to another level.. the Award presenting time..

Nigel - pre event winner 
Nigel the pre-event post winner..

1 dance winner 1 1 dance winner 2
The dancing king and dancing queen.. Best Silent Dancer winner..

The next best thing got Harry laughed and rolled on the floor..

halloween band 
the Halloween band..

Even all those ghoul, dead and undead, and hollow beings also auditioned for an Indie band.. Looks like they did not want to lose to the earthlings.. And so they did.. and the best costume award was presented after that..

1 costume 2 1 costume1
The runner ups.. The Satan (Male category) and Slutty Nurse (Female category)

best costume
The grand costume winner.. Parui Hilton (Female category) and Skulled Captain Hook (Male category)..

Event ended after the award ceremony.. However, Harry found some others with interesting make up too..

slit mouth wrinky jolyn goh
Slit-mouthed lady, scary Freddy with hour glass, the twin dead sisters..

kurt cobain
Two Kurt Cobains.. One undead and another dead..

CelineYap - Mummy copy sherry lust
One-eyed mummy, and Mummy aka Hikaru with the Lustful Goddess aka Sherry

That's not all.. after meeting and all the gathering.. Harry continued dreamt that there was another haunting event, took place in the KL city, by the ghouls and hollow beings..

kl city

This time, the dream was not as sweet as previous occurrence..

The undead tried to scare the earthlings..

haunting road

and even haunted the basement..

haunting basement 

Knowing it's an unpleasant dream.. Harry tried to wake up from this nightmare.. but looks like he can never wake up anymore and trapped in this dreadful world with his partner forever..

yuni harry 

NOTE: The occurrence above are based on true story event dated back at 1st November 2008..  The content may be edited by Harry to enhance the whole events..

After the event, I had lost all the Halloween photos and his 1 month remembrance memory photos with his beloved phone, Nokia N82.. You may check what happened to it at my previous post about my phone.. Therefore, he had to leech and steal the photos from everywhere..

Credits to all those whose photo were stolen by me:

Klubbkidd -
Jolene Lai -
Shaolin Tiger -
Hikaru -
Simon Seow -
Soon Seng -
Jeffro -
Mike Yip -
CoJack -

Also special thanks to everyone who had supported me and urge me to write this post and try my luck.. Who knows I can get another new phone from this post since I lost one..

Thanks to Nuffnang and Nokia for making the event successful..

P.S. : Some anonymous name had been changed and more links had been updated. If you see your face here and unlinked, let me know in comment! Thanks!