Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just the right angle

Short note: Will be busy rushing my assignment which due next week. Might not be able to update everyday. But hope you guys will stay tune for the updates.

Ever wonder how bad or good a picture can be when the pictures are taken at the right or wrong angle?! It is very often that we heard people saying that, "Aiyah.. Wrong angle.. wrong angle.. Retake.. retake!!"

Who will ever thought that, sometimes, the wrong angle could be a right angle or a funny angle?!

Now, let me show you what's the right angle or the wrong angle while taking the pictures..

Pictures taken at just the Right Angle


A headless ballerina doing a performance?!
Just lower your angle and you can take that..


A guy kicking the tower?
Just need the guy to stay a lot front until the same height with the tower or something like that..


Man with three legs?!
This is a bit tricky.. but mainly, just because of another boot..


Statue that play basketball?!
I am sure this will be your nightmare.. Again.. another right angle..


Cat with long neck?!
Two cats with two holes.. one head in and another head out..


Lady with magazine face?!
Just the same hair and the right angle..


A footballer with super long hand?!
Well, just need two guy's hand for that..


Headless man carrying some cardboard?!
I think that's a mirror..


A lady kissing a sphinx?!
Another camera trick..



A man farted big fire out?!!
Whoa! must be a good camera trick..

I hope these photo made your day.. Enjoy taking picture at the right/wrong angle.. you might get the picture that you wanted unexpectedly..


Yuchelia said...

yank.. the first one is not an ice skater la.. she's a ballerina.. hehehe... can't possibly she skate without skater? hmm.. i wonder...

Josh said...

Fuah... some cool angle pics. ^_^

im yi jing - said...

The 1st one's actually a gymnast [: