Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pass exam with Dignity.. Even if..

Well, a lot of peoples around me are either doing their exams currently or preparing for it.. As for me.. Hell ya!! NOT-SO-PREPARED with the exams yet.. Assignment still piling up.. gosh!!

Anyway, received this mail from my friend.. saying how to pass exams with dignity.. When you don't know how to answer a question, don't just leave it blank.. Fill it with something, and perhaps, you'll make your name in the Internet!

Well, for those who are studying hard to memorize stuffs, com' on man.. time to distress a while..

When you don't know how to answer some questions..


and being asked to explain why.. Just answer "God made it that way"


and when you are clueless how to explain, try drawing something on it to explain it..


and when the question involve human and gender, you could try something like "She's a woman" (for proving female is always wrong, I perhaps?)exam5

and if there's some keyword in the question, it might lead you to the answer such as "bond" to "James Bond"


and sometimes, you may need to think outside the box, you might probably get it..
For instance, the question asked "He thought he had a good idea, but his boss fired him. Explain."
You might want to be smart, try to answer creatively, "because he slept with his boss's wife"

Got the idea how to answer your exam paper already?! If you do, don't thank me.. If you don't and feeling like killing someone, go look for your lecturer/teacher.. (nah.. Just joking.. If you kill them, you can't even answer as creative as what I've shared with you..)


Yuchelia said...

"For proving female is always wrong" hmm....

*go to ur room and strangle u...*

3POINT8 said...

she's a woman. that is a good one!

Naomi said...


2 points why you dont argue with a woman.

1) She's always right
2) And if you still think she's wrong, see rule 1.