Thursday, October 9, 2008

Luxurious Stay @ Grand Millennium Hotel, KL

Sometimes before, I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to write about my luxurious stay at Grand Millennium Hotel. Since I only have one more assignment left, I'll write about this as promised.

Staying at Grand Millennium Hotel @ Executive Suite really not a play play thing..

I enjoyed the stay there and most importantly.. It's very comfortable!!


First, we had the small living room with sofas and TV with Disney channel (my favourite channel) and a lot more, of course.. When I first entered the door, I was like WHOA-ing! already!


Then, we'll have this long table as the office table. I got free Internet Access there to do my online work such as blogging, on-airing, chatting and "downloading"..


Yeap, my father and I, the centurion..


When we entered the bedroom, we saw this comfortable bed awaiting for us to sleep on it!! (REALLY COMFORTABLE!!)


Then, we also have a small couch/sofa for us to watch another TV in the room with one vase of REAL flowers next to us..

What's more?!!

Now, let's see the bathroom..


Seriously, it's AWESOME!! Well, everytime staying in a hotel room with big mirrors freak me out.. but perhaps the whole lighting and design in the bathroom were perfect for me, I felt at ease looking at it..


I even have a model for me to take in the bathroom.. My adored mother.. with the theme.. "Mirror mirror on wall"..


And a nice bath tub inside.. (didn't enjoy the bath tub as we came back late and always in a rush..)

Ok.. Enough for the inner look of the room.. Let me bring you to see the outside view from the room..


Yeapz.. Pavilion just opposite of it.. A walking distance that is.. How convenient..

FYI, i brought my parent to watch "Money No Enough 2" at GSC cinema @ Pavilion and luckily they enjoyed it.. I'll bring them watch more movie next time..


Feeling like diving in?! Yes.. It's the swimming of Grand Millennium Hotel.. Nice Nice NICE!

After snapping picture, my father and I went to the Executive Lounge since we had free entries there..

We went Hi-Tea and had a little talk..


It's definitely for free.. Orange Juice and few biscuits..

One more thing I like this hotel very much is their flower.. They use live and fresh flower in their pot/vase for decoration..


Look nice ain't it?!



Well, of course, there's more.. I'll post the rest tomorrow I guess..

*Gotta rush my assignment now*

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