Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ice Skating @ Sunway Pyramid

20th September 2008, Saturday : I went to Sunway Pyramid for Ice-Skating and catch some movie with my girlfriend. We purposely go to Sunway Pyramid just for the ice-skating session again after addicted to the Ice-Skating @ Jakarta.

After looking at people who can skate professionally and can even dance on the ice, I really felt so envy with them. You don't need talent to learn how to do the skating, all you have to do is to balance yourself out. Of course, not everyone can dance.. For that you may need a bit of talent.


I really wish I could move freely on the ice just like those people who  performed very well on the ice. To them, the ice is just like normal floor and skating is just as easy as walking on the ground.

I used to know how to skate on rollerblade many years ago and I guess I could learn skating easily. Indeed, it wasn't really that hard to balance myself up on and to skate slowly on the ice.


I have not much fear compare to the last time I skate at Jakarta. The fun part is you are able to do the skating with your love one.


No matter what, do not take picture like what we did in the ice skating rink. We knew the rules about no photo-taking is allowed in the rink. Disregard the rules, I quickly ask my girlfriend to pose a while and snap it with my phone for a quick shot. As usual, the coach inside the rink came to us immediately and asked us not to take the picture. Both of us laugh after that and continue do our skating.

We skated from 2.15pm to 5.30pm. We took a break subsequently to tighten up our skating shoes to avoid our leg from spraining and also take a physical rest, of course. At 4pm, everyone has to get out of the rink for the ice surfacing work. The big machine will cut the ice and flatten it at the same time. (Don't ask me how it work, I never interview them about it) They'll eventually do the surfacing every 2 hours to let the skaters to skate at ease.


Look at our face.. Exhausted face.. ><"


Now, wonder why I got half wet in the picture I got from the last post?!


When the clock strikes at 5pm, I was like saying to my girlfriend that half more hour we go since we were so worn out for skating so long. Not much people left skating in the rink anymore. I guess most of the people skate till hungry at that time liao. 'nuff said for the situation.

Since we have only half hour to skate, I tried to skate faster. I ended up FALLING DOWN twice. Same side. I fell sideway to the right and whole body slide on the floor.


That explained why me half wet. After falling twice, it was almost 5.30pm.. Took a break then chaoz.. The leg freaking smelly after that.. Gotta wash the leg after using the skating shoes, otherwise, the smell will stick on your shoes after that.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally, A Break!!

Finally, I can take a break physically and mentally.. All this while, I'd been working out with my mental (assignment, exams, iStream stuffs) and also physically (lack of sleeping, EAT a lot, no exercise).. *Well, normally people say EATING is not a work out, but i still think you are working with your mouth*

Well, since it's a break, I guess I should really update everything in one shot by this week.. But I couldn't decide which to post it up first.. So, meanwhile, you'll be the one to tell me which one to post first or make the order or so..

I really need your help.. I've so many outdated post and don't know when should I update it right..

*Gosh.. Felt so undecisive now*

For those who are currently in Brunei, and you are reading this currently for this Raya week, be sure to ask me out!!

By the way, decide for me now..

Final part of Seaworld Indonesia

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Luxurious stay @ Grand Millenium

Late mooncake festival post, I perhaps?!

Ice-skating @ Sunway Pyramid

WHOA!! A lot to update lei?! Actually, there a few more.. but that can be update slowly.. Have to prioritize this first..



Saturday, September 27, 2008

Playing Face Detection with Asus

Sometimes, when we are attending a lecture or a tutorial, class can be very boring.. Ofcourse, with friends around you wont be bored and still you can chit chat provided if you did not disturb the whole class.

So, mean while, while tonnes of students are squeezing in front to submit their assignment to the lecturer, guess what we did?!

*pointing at the title*

Yeap! We play face detection using my friend's brand new laptop, Asus.

Presenting the CRAZY Fellas!!

Shanzi (if I didnt spell it wrongly) in AFRO and me

Pervert panda with an innocent lady, Shirley

Three gaysha geishas

If you see him, you must smack him!!
*ignore me acting cute behind*

More gayshas geishas..
New member on the left (Fahmin)

What?! Want a piece of us?!

Hoo hoo.. Class a bit shiny.. need some sunglasses..
*ignore the no sunglasses fellow*
The pelakon tambahan is Edwin..

Two muskeeters..

Hoo hoo.. Big red nose.. Two clowns..

The ninjas and fake lady ninja!

Aw.. I like this one!! haha.. We're so in love wit this thing..

Yeapz.. just like kiddy.. playing the blow blow thingy..

swtz swtz.. why got lightning one?!

Three AFROS.. Fahmin, Shanzi, Harry

Whee.. nice sunglasses heh?!

Don't blame us ler.. We're just too bored in the class and since the lecturer didnt also teach and troubled by all the black, noisy and ,smelly african students in front of the class..

Muahahaz.. this should fill the excitement when you are bored!!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh.. Mamma MIA!!!

Before going in details what happen during Mamma Mia and after Mamma Mia screening, I'll continue a bit of my story before Mamma Mia!!

After dining at BBQ Chicken, my girlfriend and I went to GSC to meet up Koh Hong Rui aka ruionkoh to get to know each other.. While waiting for Rui, there's a couple came toward our direction and asked, "Do you want to watch movie?! We have 2 extra tickets. Our friends are not joining us to watch the movie." My girlfriend and I was speechless for a moment. I kept telling him it's fine as I got another movie waiting for me. He insisted in giving us the ticket. He tore the 2 tickets from his 5 pieces of tickets and handed over to me.

We were really speechless but to say "Thank you" only cause we did not know how to turn his offer down.. (If you are the guy who gave me the ticket the other day and you dropped by my blog, do greet me ya.. We really appreciate it and thank you very very much).. So, after meeting Rui, I told him about this movie ticket stuffs, then he asked me to go and watch the movie first since it's only 7.30pm and he told me he would inform me when the blogger crowd was there..

After considering about it, I brought my girlfriend to watch "Money No Enough 2" using the tickets given by the couple.. I watched this movie before, but I just wanna let my girlfriend enjoy the show as well.. Even though I watch "Money No Enough 2" before with my parent, I can still really laugh like hell in the cinema.. *How embarrassing!*

Around 8.40pm, I sms-ed Rui and asked him about the condition outside and he told me that I should go down already.. and so I left the cinema hall and go to collect my Mamma Mia! tickets while my girlfriend continue watching the movie..


The crowd was already there busy taking pictures, talking, socializing, laughing, exchanging name cards and etc.

I, then, searched for Rui and was just in time to camwhore a while..

*forgot who again*, me, and Rui

*forgot who again*, me, Colin aka lostasylum, Rui again

After camwhore, then went in the Hall.. Whoa! So many people la.. Just slow few seconds nia already have to sit few rows from the front liao.. (Next time I must be kiasu a bit more liao)

Then I wait, wait and wait for the showtime also wait for my girlfriend to join me from another hall..

Halfway through.. met one lady.. I'd promised her to take a picture with her previously in the Nuffnang chatbox.. and there we go..

Sherry aka sherrymint

Soon after that, girlfriend came in and it's showtime..

**Mamma Mia.. Here I go again.. My my.. How can I resist you?!

bla.. bla.. bla..

It's a nice movie to me.. fill with romance and comedy.. I know I laughed a bit too loud till Rui was saying about it.. Hahaz.. I like musical movie like High School Musical.. That's why I'd said this movie is TERRIFIC!! only that "James Bond" tried a bit too hard to sing..

After movie.. then we went makan somewhere nearby One Utama with Rui and his brother, and Colin with his wife at a Mamak Restaurant called something like "Nasi Kandar" thingy one..

We talked and talked and talked.. talked till past 12am.. then we drove back to our respective home..

The end of MAMMA MIA!!

UPDATES: *mr forgot who again* is actually Mr. Marcus


BBQ Chicken in One Utama

Last Monday we had this Mamma Mia Movie Screening for Nuffnang Bloggers @ One Utama GSC. Soon, after class, my girlfriend and I rushed down all the way from Cyberjaya to One Utama to avoid traffic jam at about 4++PM.. We reached there a bit too early which is at about 5pm..

Eventhough we reached there quite early, it did not stop us from waiting for the screening like a stupid fellas. Instead of joining other bloggers at Burger King, we decided to enjoy ourselves at BBQ Chicken - Korea's No.1 Chicken Restaurant..


Well, the ambience and everything there were very very nice.. Well, at least I do think so..


While waiting for our foods, we camwhore a while..

220920082307 220920082305

Then we asked for the menu again to really see what they have.. They don't really have a lot of things in the menu yet.. I guess they are still quite new here anyway.. We then laughed when we saw something funny in the menu..

Jerk BBQ

WHAT THE HELL?! Why JERK?! They did the jerking for the chicken or *clear throat* the chef jerk?! We both were like laughed silently *to avoid the others looking at us like freak*

Ready for dining..

Nevermind about the menu.. The foods there are really nice.. Though it's a bit "westernized", but the taste and everything match perfectly well..

Mushroom soup with Fanta Strawberry *I guess*

The soup tasted really nice eventhough it's a bit concentrated (which actually makes it nice..)

Korean Charbroiled Chicken

Just like what it's stated in the menu.. A must try at BBQ Chicken.. The chicken really is yummy yummy..

Korean Spicy Chicken (or something like that)

At first I thought of Ayam Masak Merah as it looked similar to one.. After I tasted the sauce around it with my tongue.. I can feel the spiciness.. It's really yummy yummy.. CRISPY, CRUNCHY and SPICY!! You must try this!!


After eating .. I am BLOATED!! I thought those portion ain't enough for me.. but in fact, it's just nice for me..

The services there are good.. The only thing that we ain't comfortable enough is the air condition.. It's a bit too hot.. Perhaps few of the aircon is down.. We even asked the waitress to take as picture of both of us.. And they respond in really a friend and polite manner..


All in all.. We like this restaurant and looking forward to dine in there one more time..

For those who would like to find this restaurant, you may find it at LG @ New Wing of One Utama.. Search from the directory and you'll know where..


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gross Food - Penalty for Having Affairs Outside

NOTE: This post contain 18SX or unrated pictures! Please exit immediately if you are underage. It is also not suitable for people who have weak heart!

Well, ever wonder what will happen if you are having affairs outside?! What will the penalty you'll get from your wife for CHEATING them?! Well, I received an email with picture attached showing the consequences for cheating wives!

Guys, you better watch your back if you wanna do something disloyal to your wife. Ofcourse, it would be better if you don't go for any "extra curriculum" behind your wife. I don't know what the fun of having fun and fool around outside when you are married. You have a wife that concern you pretty much and worried what could happen to you.

Don't mess with your wives or she might prepare something for you to eat to hint you.




Okay.. I know it's really GROSS!! Who won't vomit after looking at the food that looks exactly like penis?! I go vomit first.. Don't complain ya.. I asked you to be prepared before looking at the pictures liao..


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Taxi Scams in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

It's not a surprise for citizens in Kuala Lumpur who took taxis for quite some times to see that news anymore..


There's lotsa lotsa taxi drivers who did scamming work in Kuala Lumpur or even uptown and downtown.. They are well-known for their rudeness when dealing with the customers.. I didn't see any changes even if there's a helpline there.. Shouldn't the government or whoever it is do something about this?!

Now things gotten big! Yesterday, while I was checking my mail, I saw this big news in MSN.com.. Click here to read the whole news..

Here's the small part of the news:

In a survey by the local magazine The Expat, some 200 foreigners from 30 countries rated Malaysia the worst among 23 countries in terms of taxi quality, courtesy, availability and expertise.

The respondents lashed the fleet as "a source of national shame" and "a serious threat to tourists -- rude bullies and extortionists".

Seriously, they really had spoiled the reputation of the country!! *sigh* What on earth are they thinking?!

I'm pretty sure you hear this before from the taxi drivers:
* Flat rate, Flat rate, no more metre
* Sekarang Traffic Jam la.. Charge more..
* Traffic Jam.. No go there..
* That area very jam.. We no run metre there..
* No metre la.. You try other taxi drivers see they use or not?!

In fact, our destination ain't that far la.. Even if it jam, SO WHAT?! As if when it jam the metre is not running and not increasing like that..

However, I was really surprise to meet one lady taxi driver.. She really gave us a warm welcome while we onboard from IOI Mall, Puchong to Sunway Pyramid, Sunway.. Apart from that, she told us that all this while she had been using metre and never request for flat rate regardless how jam it is.. "It's a principal", she added. I wonder how many taxi drivers can learn from her and practice the ethics and principal that she did. I really wish to onboard on her taxi again the next time I'm going to take taxi.. Her good attitude towards customer is enough to attract more customers.. Not forgetting to mention how careful she drove and how tidy her car is..

Imagine yourself going into a taxi which STINKS! and having a RECKLESS DRIVER! Oh my god!! Why you have to suffer when you pay such a high price for that (ya.. ya.. FLAT RATE..) and they cut the queue here and there as if there's no more tomorrow..

Feeling nothing about it?! How about taking a Taxi which will ended up like this?!

Picture source taken from Pog Mahone

*Sigh* Another sad incident happened to my girlfriend while she drove my car.. A taxi driver knocked my car and ran away! Even though it didn't leave a big scratch and a bit tainted, he shouldn't had ran away.. I wasn't with my girlfriend that time and she got panicked a bit when the driver knocked her..

When she looked at the taxi driver, the taxi driver waved and asked her to move ahead.. My girlfriend considered about it and move ahead a bit as it's a junction and the road is freaking small and the car queue behind was freaking long.. (Blame those who approve to build such a small road).. Anyway, after my girlfriend moved ahead a bit, the taxi driver FAST FAST RUN ROAD! What the hell?! Too bad my girlfriend could not see the car plate, else, I complain KAO KAO!


P/s: Long post.. but based on true events.. Print out the news and show to the taxi drivers next time when they ask for FLAT RATE! Macam-lah they are DIGI.. APA FLAT RATE.. -.-"


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seaworld Indonesia: Part 3

It's time to enter the squarium again.. This time.. more FISHES!! Let's take a look at some fishes..

and check out my Related Post from "Part 1" and "Part 2".. All about my Seaworld trip..


One of my favourite fish.. Coral but not coral.. Stripy yet sexy.. I think this is one of the coral fish.. *I think*


Some ugly fish.. Not a snake.. But impressive.. It's stiff standing there.. I think it must be horny..


Ok.. Not everything is perfect.. Sometimes, they do bent... Abnormalities..


Cute or not?! This one.. Can bite your dick finger off with such a big mouth.. *beware while fishing*


Now what's that?! Leaves?! Plants?! Corals?!


Nah.. Some fishes that's really standing upstraight without even singing national anthem.. It looks like woods in the water.. Well.. I guess, that's how they survive in such a small body by disguising themselves as sticks..


How about this? After seeing one of those.. I don't think I will ever jump in the pool or somehow dropped inside there.. SHARKS!! Some more, groups of sharks in one big aquarium itself.. It took me quite some times to get the right shot.. They swam very very fast..


Heh.. Bet u'll like this one.. Turtle.. Wonder how many hundreds old is this turtle..


This fish posed for me when I took the picture.. It swam to me .. flap its fins and sharp eye contact on me..


This aint fish in front.. Me and my brother.. Whee.. so many fishes behind me.. some deadly and some smally.. All the sea treasures.. You can see them all at Seaworld Indonesia..

There'll be one last post about Seaworld Indonesia.. So stay tune..

NOTE: Sorry for unable to describe what fishes they are. My bad for rushing in the aquarium without looking in details what are they.