Friday, September 12, 2008

Seaworld Indonesia: Part 2

From the previous post, you must'd been busy reading all those text.. This time, I'll do more picture than typing..


Yes.. Seaworld Indonesia.. and that's me (no. 1) and my girlfriend (no. 2) posing to become Mr and Miss Seaworld..

Before we enter the Seaworld, we saw few sea monster sculptures..

Seahorse seat with fish bin

Sea dragon or horse water fountain

I even had my parent to pose for me in this picture before entering..

My father and my mother..

Hehe.. they are good at posing, I tell you.. That's why they had this kid (me) good at posing too (eleh.. Si ai bin ler..)..

Okay.. the next thing I saw on top of my head would be the so-called flying sea dragon, which I'd named it..

Flying sea dragon (they don't actually fly..)

There were tonnes of salt water creatures that I saw inside there.. (I would say it is good-er than the Underwater World in Singapore..)

Big fish.. (Dont know what name..)

More big fishes in a freaking big Aquarium.. Those fishes are GIGANTIC!!

Okay.. I know the picture quality suckz.. I did my very best to capture these photos liao.. My best camera will be my best pal, Nokia N82.. All pictures are taken by N82 camera only..

My lovely friend, Croc as in Crocodile..

If you want to know why I said my lovely friend you must see this..

More Krawx.. I mean Crocs..

Yeapz.. for those who don't know how you should read my so-called "nickname", Krawx, you should read it just like how you read cocks "CROCS"..

More picture in next post..


Yuchelia said...

Err.. The first picture.. The text "sounded" a bit wrong.. "and my girlfriend (no.2)" maciam "and my girlfriend 'the second'"


and also... "My lovely friend, Croc as in Crocodile".. is it to say that u are a "buaya"? =p.. just kidding dear..

Hmm... *singing* "Finally..." really FINALLY.. after a month plus from the trip, then u got to upload the post..

hehehe... --"

TNH said...

the picture quality is ok la..not that bad...
The fish is really at that size or due to the effect of the glass of aquarium?because some aquarium will magnify the fish inside like the one in my area..hehe

Harry said...

Yuchelia : hehe.. busy mah.. wat to do.. some more... kinda "lazy" also wat haha.. and no no.. me not buaya neh!

TNH: hehe.. the fish is magnified.. but it's really a big fish also!

kid said...

Yeah! I agree with yuchelia regarding the first picture's caption. XD

Anyways, I'm waiting for the last part......

*sitting down and tapping finger on the table*