Friday, December 29, 2006

Internet Lagged Due To The Taiwan Earthquake

Below are the news taken from tmnet. This explain why we couldn't reach some of the websites.
Wednesday, December 27, 2006: The Internet service is currently experiencing a degradation in performance caused by several outages at some of the international links. This is attributed to the Richter 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck off the southern coast of Taiwan at 12.07 a.m. on 27th December 2006, which caused the APCN2 (Asia Pacific Cable Network 2) submarine cable fault between Shantou, China and Tanshui, Taiwan and between Lantau, Hong Kong and Chongming, China.

This has caused outages at several TM Net international transit and peering links, mainly to the said countries. As a result, Internet users in Malaysia and other parts of Asia may be experiencing some delay when assessing content and websites hosted outside of Malaysia, especially in U.S., Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and Europe. TM Net has taken immediate action to divert traffic through other back-up links to reduce the traffic congestion.

The international providers are carrying out immediate restoration works to rectify the problem.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nostalgia Advertisement

As I was looking through the photo album in my computer folder, I saw something that is eye-catchy to me and it really makes me laugh when I saw some photos that we tried to use as our advertisement to sell the "Nostalgia" book.

I guess sometimes you really have to get the person who really knows how to do the advertisement.. Otherwise, you'll sure be bankrupt if you ask someone like the picture above to do advertisement for you..

Honestly, the picture above was taken on July 2006.. Please don't mind if he looks a bit different now..


Photo Session

The best part of the dinner is actually taking photos with the ladies.. Although there weren't many ladies for me to take picture with, I am happy enough to be able to have photo as a remembrance with my classmate..

Me & Swee Chien

Me & Carine

Me & Shirley

Me & Hang Nee

Girley & Me

Francesca & Me

Sometimes, you will feel very glad to have ladies around.. Especially if there is more than one lady..


Class "Farewell" Dinner

After Christmas, now what?! Well.. It's my class farewell dinner..

Although it's just a normal class dinner on 26th December 2006, I still treat the dinner as a farewell dinner.. Ofcourse, the dinner had it's own title.. It is "Kuching Town Form 5A, NOSTALGIA GIG"..

We had collected our class fund by selling our "NOSTALGIA" book and collecting sponsors.. Without the fund, it's impossible for us to have a dinner at Harbour View which cost us RM300 per table..

Above is a copy of "Nostalgia" book. Nostalgia is a collection of short stories written by our class Form 5A and edited by Richard Jong. We sold the storybook at RM6 each only.. I guess this book is a remembrance gift to every Form 5A student for year 2006 because it is a book which is written by everyone..

The dinner speciality is the big cake.. 5KG cake.. Gosh.. It's a really big cake for everyone.. Imagine my tummy is so big already after having the RM300 dinner and no more cakes for the tummy.. Instead, we take away the cake and eat it at home..

We enjoyed ourselves after having the meals.. Singing karaoke and having photo taking session.. Well.. that's the part I like the most.. Taking many many pictures.. I'll be uploading more photo after getting all the photos from my friends..

Me & Daphne

Me & 4 cool ladies!


Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Although I am not a christian but I do celebrate christmas with the others.. I used to have cuntdown party for christmas with my friends and family.. However, this year the christmas was a bit different.. I had a dinner at my auntie's house and gathered with my relatives.. After having the dinner, since almost everyone had left the house, we too went back to our own house..

Me with the Christmas Tree!!

Before going back home, my cousin, Maria, gave me a Christmas gift.. I was so desperate and so happy for that Christmas gift.. I didnt expect to receive a gift this year..

That's me and my another cousin, Terrence, with an expression (Smile on the face) extremely happy with present in the hand.. To us.. Christmas is all about sharing happiness and presents!

After coming back home, some of my relatives joined us to continue the christmas celebration.. As usual, teens group (including me) had karaoke session in the karaoke room and the elders' group had their discussion in the living room cum watching NTV7 (Miss Universe 2006)..

Just before 12 o'clock in the morning (before Christmas), I had readied the Christmas song and played it out loudly and even sang together with the song.. I didnt manage to do the countdown for everyone because my handphone's time was 5 minutes delayed.. So it's like.. Having a countdown christmas without a countdown.. However, it satisfied my already as I didnt celebrate the Christmas on my own..

I, hereby, wish everyone a Merry Christmas.. May all your wishes comes true.. Ho! Ho! Ho!


Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Dong Zhi!

Thinking of Dong Zhi makes my saliva rolling down from my mouth.. Tang Yuan Tang Yuan..

Very often that we heard a rumour saying that we must eat the "tang yuan".. Eating "tang yuan" represent we old one year.. But does that mean if we don't eat then we wont be old for one year?!

However, Dong Zhi only happens once a year.. If you wanna eat "tang yuan" after Dong Zhi, I guess the meaning of eating it is different already..

Anyway.. I hereby to wish everyone "Dong Zhi Kuai Le"..

And this is the "Tang Yuan" I made myself with my mum.. It's easy and fun to make "tang yuan" but the most important thing is you enjoy the process of making it..


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Back in action

After coming back to Kuching from Brunei on the 15th December 2006 (Friday), it was like so tiring and so home-sweet-home. However, I was back to busy again. Do this and that after coming back. It is one of the obvious reason I couldn't update my blog.

After coming back, not long after that, I set off for another trip again in Kuching. I went to Santubong Beach for 3days 2nights (18th Dec - 20th Dec). It is always fun gathering with friends and play together. I had a great time there in Santubong resort. Although nothing extraordinary happened in trip, I still consider it as a great trip.

After this trip, there are possibilities that we won't have time to play together in such resort and meet each other again stating from next year. As you know, some might study in private colleges, some in Form 6, some might be working and even some study at overseas. Holidays might be different for everyone. That is why I treasured the moment that me and my friends had gone through at the resort.

We watched "One Missed Call 3" together and it turned out to be a comedy movie because of the direct translation of the subtitles from Chinese to Malay. While we were reading the Malay subtitle, we couldn't really understand what it means. One example is "Rumput telefon beras". In fact, "Rumput" and "beras" are girl characters' name in Japanese in the movie. It was supposed to be a scary movie but we regret watching it 'cause it looks more like a comedy movie to us.

Another fun thing was playing "In-Between" with my friend. It's not an ordinary "In-Between" card game. The stack was snacks. We put snacks as our stack because we couldn't finish the snacks that we opened. The one who lose, they eat the number of biscuit they called as stack and the one who win may request the player to eat the biscuit. Oh.. I was so full because of that..

Time passed so fast that we had to return to our own home already. In the packing up bag process, our rooms were so messy and everyone walked here and there to find the things. The reason was we placed our thing everywhere! There are people who forgot to pack this and that when the time we almost check out. I was worried that I might missed out packing my things as well. I search toilets, bed, and tables for my things. It seemed like I didn't miss anything..

The only thing I miss is the moment when friends are playing and gathering together.. I miss y'all...

In Depth of Brunei

There are a lot of differences between Brunei and Malaysia. You might be shocked when you tour around the whole Brunei..

The first thing that you will be shocked is the road in Brunei. There are so many straight roads in Brunei (not even knowing the junction and so on. Therefore, as you drive in Brunei, you have to be careful along the road for the junctions and a sharp turn. Brunei does not have a lot of roundabout comparing to Miri, Kuching or Kuala Lumpur however there is a lot of "dot" (a so-called small roundabout) functioning as a roundabout.

The second thing that you won't believe is no gate or fence needed for the houses. Thefts in Malaysia are making us worried and we fenced our house and grilled our windows and doors. However in Brunei, They can have pretty and big glassed windows for the whole house without any fence surrounding the whole house. I have to say that Brunei is really a peace country for that.

The third thing is the lifestyle in Brunei nowadays. Wi-Fi is available everywhere in the town (even in a small cafe). That was one of the reason I was able to update my blog in Brunei. However, I have to say that environment after 10pm is boring. Not many cars can be found on the road and also in the cafe (comparing to the Siang Siang Corner here in Kuching). Therefore, if you want to rest your mind and relax, you may choose Brunei as one of your destination for your trip. I can not deny that it is true Brunei is peaceful.

There are so much comparison between Brunei and Malaysia. You should choose Brunei as one of your destination during your holidays and find out the unique of Brunei.

Ofcourse, I have my favourite food there. As one of a Green Tea fans, Green Tea ice-cream is just nice as a dessert. Green Tea ice-cream is available at the Pizza Hut in Brunei and it is can stayed up-side-down when it is cold. (Refer to picture below).

It tasted absolutely nice. High Green Tea.. So Fresh and So Refreshing.. A nice cold ice-cream just nice after a tiring activities..


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Friends Forever

I was worried that I might be bored during this holiday in Brunei.. I am wrong.. I had a great time here..

My worries were gone once I reached Brunei.. I called up my friends soon after I reached Brunei.. They planned for the gathering the next morning.. Though I didnt really meet a lot of friends this time, meeting them really pleased me and satisfied me already.. Meeting my ex-schoolmate from Chung Ching Middle School and friends are my purposes to come to Brunei.. I didnt really come to Brunei for vacation or travelling.. It's more like gathering..

Yesterday we had a Steamboat+BBQ at Seaview Hotel.. I really enjoyed myself there.. I met some of my friends.. Some of them really did changed a lot since our last met.. However, when they saw me, they was like "Yong Hua, you didnt really change at all since our last met"..

Perhaps it is a good thing I didnt change physically.. Perhaps I can maintain my youth look (Trying to convince myself anyway..)

Brunei is a good place for you to relax your mind and to enjoy the silence.. After I came to Brunei, I felt like I really free up my mind and let off the things that were in my mind in Kuching..

I really thanx to both of them for accompanying me during my holiday in Brunei.. Without them, it is meaningless to come to Brunei.. I am sorry that I couldnt manage to take the photo during the Steamboat+BBQ where I was with all my friends there..

However I sincerely wish all of them ALL THE BEST all the time..

Friends Forever..

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The journey begins..

I was gonna update this blog on the day I arrive Brunei.. However, no connectivity is available.. However I am glad that there is connectivity here in the Cafe le..

I departed Kuching at 3.40pm last Sunday.. I am such a forgetful guy.. I did my packing last minute and forget to bring this and that.. I intended to bring my school magazine to let my Brunei friend see and intended to bring watch and swimming set so I can swim here.. If I had packed my bag earlier, things like this never happened..

I sat in AirAsia.. I noticed the difference between AirAsia and MAS.. Though MAS has better services than AirAsia but for local traveller like us do not actually bother about the services.. As long as it's cheap and affordable then that's it.. From Kuching to Miri takes around 45mins only.. Are you thinking of having excellent services for just 45mins and paying multiple of amount that you are paying for AirAsia? Well.. No doubt that you will sure choose cheap and affordable air flight for such short journey..

Taking this picture is really troubling.. I intended to take the front view of the terminal before getting in.. A lady came to me and told me "Sir, you can't use your phone here.. Please use it while you reach the terminal.." and I told her "I am just taking a picture with my phone and not making any phone calls".. She went away mumbling herself.. One funny thing is I still cant get the front view of the terminal cause my phone is really slow to be switched on..

This is one of the view that I like and this PROVED that I reached Miri already.. That's the Miri map..

Yeap.. that's right.. That's the aeroplane that I used to reach Miri..

After reaching Miri, my father and I went back straight to Brunei.. Weather is really cloudy.. The picture above is taken at a bridge before reaching the toll.. It's like shooting high up to the sky..

We got a long que at the immigration before going down to Brunei.. My father and I regretted for not "tapao" kolo mee before going straight to the immigration.. However, we managed to cut a lot of queue at the immigration and were lucky they opened many slot for us to pass the immigration.. One thing that we really is unhappy about is the immigration at Brunei's side.. They are really slow in doing work.. I wonder how come it takes so long just to chop 1 or 2 persons..

Things are going smoothly after reaching Brunei.. I called up my friend and made an appointment soon after reaching the house.. She planned a gathering with some friends and we met each other yesterday at "Jolibee" (a fast food stall just like KFC)..

One thing you will be sure surprised with is that Brunei is really peaceful.. No fence is really needed here. Haha.. Unlike our country, we need fence and grill for our house.. TOO MUCH THEFT!

It came to my mind that I might be bored if I come to Brunei.. It really isn't like what I think.. I am having great time here..


Saturday, December 9, 2006

Praying & Blessing

Many things came into my mind today..
Someone who with a kidney problems talked to me and treasured every moment I gone thru with her.. It is troublesome when someone met disease like that.. She had to do a kidney transplant surgery today.. I didn't know that a gal like her had to go thru problem like this as well.. From her appearance, she looked happy-go-lucky.. I guess she is really a strong gal after all..

When I knew that she had this problem and had to go for the surgery.. I tried my best to entertain her.. And pray.. and bless her hoping her can be strong during her surgery.. She was afraid that she couldnt hear my hosting.. see my face.. and chat with me again.. So.. What I can do is to try all my best to make her happy, fulfill her wish (to play webcam with her and to let her listen to my voice).. I couldnt do much.. but to support her and pray for her..

I really missed her and hoping she will be alright for the surgery and be able to play webcam, chat with me, and listen to my hosting again..

She wrote a message to me after writing to her "I'll Miss You!"..

You know.. a lot of peoples never treasure their life and their time.. Why does people have to do crimes ? Why does people have to waste their time on useless thing? Why does people never treasure everything in front of them?

When chat with her today.. I happened to learn to treasure every moment.. treasure everything.. Eventhough we might not have a perfect life.. We can try to make our life beautiful.. Do the things that we want to do as long as it is right by law..

Live life cool..

bear89, I will always support you!! All the best!! Hope to see you soon..


Friday, December 8, 2006

A gloomy nite..

It is weird for some times that we have to gone thru a day or a nite which is gloomy.. eventually, nothing really happens and nothing really is in the mind but it happened to be that we are feeling not in a mood in doing anything..
It seems like everything you do is terribly wrong and not right at all.. I wonder this happen to everyone or it happens to few individuals only? Does the weather affect us? Does the movement of the moon affect us? I have no single clue about this type of feeling.. It felt so empty in you..
I tried to do all sort of thing.. I host on air.. I chat.. I sms.. I joke.. but couldnt make the situation any better.. I listen to my favourite song which I intentionally tried to throw away the feeling, but the feeling is still there after ur favourite song had passed.. I know.. You must be saying that you can replay the same song all over again.. But if it happened that I replay the same song whole nite.. I will be more gloomy than ever..
I am hoping the next day while I wake up will be a better day.. A day that isnt that gloomy.. I am looking forward for a better tomorrow! When sun rises, I gonna throw all the feeling away.. and move on my life.. Read more...

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The beginning..

This will be the beginning point for me to start blogging from time to time.. The content here will be something that is eye-catchy to me.. or something I had gone thru..
Stay close here to know the journey of mine (Journey of Harry)..
It is true that we will lose contact after some times.. but when you see this blog.. You will see how am I going on or what sort of life I had been thru..
We cannot predict futures.. but we do not let futures on hold of us.. We are the one to judge our futures (It's in your hand)..
Well basically.. I'll update you at least once a week (I hope so.. if internet is available..) and hope you will be able to spend some of ur "golden" time dropping by to see a few lines here..

This will be the beginning.. The beginning of blog life! Read more...