Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally, A Break!!

Finally, I can take a break physically and mentally.. All this while, I'd been working out with my mental (assignment, exams, iStream stuffs) and also physically (lack of sleeping, EAT a lot, no exercise).. *Well, normally people say EATING is not a work out, but i still think you are working with your mouth*

Well, since it's a break, I guess I should really update everything in one shot by this week.. But I couldn't decide which to post it up first.. So, meanwhile, you'll be the one to tell me which one to post first or make the order or so..

I really need your help.. I've so many outdated post and don't know when should I update it right..

*Gosh.. Felt so undecisive now*

For those who are currently in Brunei, and you are reading this currently for this Raya week, be sure to ask me out!!

By the way, decide for me now..

Final part of Seaworld Indonesia

Leaving Jakarta

Hang out @ Jack's Place

Luxurious stay @ Grand Millenium

Late mooncake festival post, I perhaps?!

Ice-skating @ Sunway Pyramid

WHOA!! A lot to update lei?! Actually, there a few more.. but that can be update slowly.. Have to prioritize this first..



Josh said...

ice skating 1st!!! ^_^

yuchelia said...

jack's place second.. seaworld third.. leaving jakarta.. grand mille.. and last.. moon cake..

its chronological order.. wakakaka.. =p

galisin88 said... choice would ranking order...

1.Ice skating
2.Stay @ Grand Millenium Hotel
3.Mooncake Fest
5.Jakarta Airport
6.Jack's Place

it doesnt matter whether in chrono or in random order.....favs is favs....

Tim G.