Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seaworld Indonesia - Merchandise Edition

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Okay.. Enough of the Fish-y talk.. Now.. Let's do the shopping..


Whoa.. I assure you.. LOTSA LOTSA plushies that are sea creature-related can be found there.. Let the ambassador do the talk..


First we introduce you the Pinky Octopus.. You can put it on top of your head.. or just act cute with it..


Not a chef? No worries.. Wear this stingray's hat you'll look like one..


Blue Octopus?! This suits male better.. but it's COOL!


Or a froggy bag?! Aww.. This is so nice..


How about another stingray plushie?! So adorable that you can even kiss it!

Last but not least.. You can do picture like this there.. (Yes, you need to pay)

Seaworld 1

Cute right, the people picture??

Random shots we took after going out from the aquarium....

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Anonymous said...

oh wow.....nice merchandise edition......and good that you update ur stuff....

a bit OT for a while.........going anywhere for Raya? any duit raya...hehe....juz joking:P

anyway, hari raya to you....apologies if done any wrong to you on this happy occasion:)

Harry said...

no worries tim.. btw.. didnt celebrate raya and didnt do house visiting yet.. and dont think will have duit raya.. so old liao!!

btw.. haha.. hope u enjoyed the pictures though..