Friday, October 3, 2008

Jakarta Airport

As a continuation to previous post, after enjoying ourselves at Seaworld Indonesia, shopping etc. It's the time to post about Jakarta Airport post.

After enjoying staying at the presidential suite for so many days in Jakarta, it's time to leave Jakarta already. Special thanks to iTalentStar for the sponsors of the hotel and also thanks to my girlfriend who had brought us all around at Jakarta for that few days. Another special thanks for my girlfriend's family for a warm welcome to Jakarta.

When we first reached the airport, we saw a lot of sculptures which are quite unique. Well, I believe this is one of the identity to show the Indonesia's culture and crafts.


Don't know how to describe it. Eagle not eagle, human not human.  I call it eagleman. What say you?!


This one.. No comment..

Well, some crafts are meant to be special and artistic. People that ain't artistic as me will not be able to understand such thing.. It's too complicated than IT world..

Ofcourse, we did went for the immigration checks and a bit of this and that. On the way to the boarding hall, we camwhore a bit.


My lovely daddy and mummy in the pathway to the boarding hall.. We had quite some times to do the shopping there since flight delayed a bit.. Duty FREE!!


My girlfriend (Yuni) and I.. 


Myself.. and I.. Duty Free..


My auntie with my girlfriend..

Looking at the Rip Curl shop reminds me of one picture I took right after it.


A ripcurl poster. I wonder what are those designer thinking nowadays?! Headless poster with real human body? or is it fake? Anyway, the point is.. It's freaking scary to see such headless yet sexy body in a poster. I guess, people who use ripcurl are brainless headless as the implied meaning heh?! Anyway, no offense to ripcurl fans.. It ain't about you all.. It's just about the poster..

Anyway, forget about the poster.. Let's see something else..


The toilets there are known as "Kamar kecil" in Indonesia.. So, don't ask for tandas if you go there.. To be on the safe side, look for the sign or just ask for "toilet" is enough..

After doing the window shopping, we first sent my parent and brother to the boarding hall for immediate boarding as we are going to different destination.. They were bounding to Kuching and we were bounding to Kuala Lumpur (LCCT)..


I would say that the Jakarta airport does not look as nice as what we have in KLIA.. However, the unique and culture remains in the airport.. How nostalgic it is.. Kuching airport used to have similar design, except it is smaller.. They used a lot of combination of wood and concrete to design the whole airport..

Anyway, after sending them off, three of us continue strolled around and stopped at Starbucks.


How can I miss my Green Tea Frappucino whenever I go Starbucks.. Teehee~~ Anyway, we waited quite some times due to the delay of the flight..

When it's almost time, we went to the boarding hall to wait.. Till then, we knew that our flight had further delay.. As a compensation, they gave us a dinner box to eat..


from Hoka Hoka Bento..

Sigh.. We were actually preparing for it already since we knew AirAsia punctuality is quite unpredictable.. We had 2 hours informed delay, yet unreachable and another 2 hours delay while waiting in the boarding hall.. So in total, we waited 4 hours in the boarding hall for our flight..

When we reach LCCT, it's already 12am++.. What a tiring flight..


bearice said...

the bikini girl is not headless. the head is thr. u notice properly. cause she laid down her head and cause of the sunlight...there's her nose n chin..dun u see the hair? ahaha..

Harry said...

oh ya.. i think i see it now.. muahahaz..

i saw the hair. but didnt notice there's nose.. lolz!! muahahahaz..

what an alert eye u have there.