Wednesday, April 30, 2008

iTalentStar Final Video - Miraculous Love

Wow.. it's been some times since my last posting isn't it? Well.. If you wonder what I'm busy with..


This it is.. "Miraculous Love" short film.. I really had a tough time doing this video..

Miraculous Love - Part 1

Miraculous Love - Part 2

Before taking this video, I had to think of the scripts and dialogues.. And have to try to make it as short as possible or just nice at 6mins.. It's not easy to make a short films for romance scenes..

Normally, like Taiwan drama series and Korean drama series.. those scene can take up to 30mins.. Well, first time acting.. "Pai seh" if not good or up to your expectation..

Apart from this, what you guys should really know is.. the problem with the software of the Panasonic HandyCam.. It is using DVD-RAM to record the video and saved as VRO format.. I had super tough time to find the converter to convert the VRO video properly.. Thanks to Gary for helping me to find the software at the end (he didn't sleep the whole night just to help me search the video converter).. Luckilly, I was able to hand in the video to iTalentStar a bit later.. Uploaded to youtube on 29th April which eventually we should submit the video by 28th April..

Everything is in a rush for this video as I am not really good in video editing too..

Well.. Overall.. It's a tough one.. I guess I really should salute those people who studied Multimedia and Mass Comm. It isn't easy to edit video, direct video and even act in a video..

Special thanks to Yuni for becoming my main actress and also helping me endlessly and also to Swee Ying for becoming one of the casts in the video and shoot the video for the whole thing.. (Both of them also stayed up the whole night to accompany me to do this video..)

Bah.. a long journal.. should stop here now..

Keep checking for updates as I will be a bit more free to update my blog liao de..



Saturday, April 19, 2008

Big Apple - Donuts & Coffee

Obviously.. When you saw the title, you know what I am going to talk about..

Big Apple7

That's right!! Donuts time..

Before introducing you the donuts.. I believe you are eager to know what's the price first (well.. that's what we do all the time isn't it?)..

Big Apple2

* Box of 12 pieces - RM22.00
* Box of 6 pieces - RM12.00
* 2 Boxes of 6pieces - RM24.00
* Per Piece - RM2.30

Well.. Prices at Big Apple ain't that expensive compared to other branding.. This is the first Donuts shop that I visited and tasted so far.. So, I couldn't compare with others' prices..

There's 23 flavors to choose.. Some are really attractives and some are really delicious.. So make your right choices..

Pink Panther
Pink Panther - Strawberry Flavour in short

Green Teaser
Green Teaser - Green Tea Flavour

Well, the way they did those flavouring seemed kinda easy.. Just dunk it and plough it!! Don't ask me how they do their donuts or their flavour.. It wasn't shown to public I guess..

Dunkin' Process Flavourin' Process

Ofcourse, Big Apple is not just about Donuts and Coffee.. There are some other drinks such as TEA!! I can't miss tea wherever I go.. It's my favourite!!

Big Apple8
Apple Tea - The first time I tasted.. Filled with Apple aroma!! Nice!!

If you like to try it.. I would say try it all!! Ofcourse, prepare few days to try it all.. Few donuts can make you full even if it seemed small!!

Big Apple6

As a reminder.. some of the donuts are hyper sweet (to me).. so.. If you can't take stuffs that are too sweet.. My advice to you.. drink some tea which will make it perfect 'cause you don't need to put sugar/syrup in your drinks anymore..


Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome to boredom..

Wondering what I had been doing lately?! I'd been staying at my home (Kuching branch) for almost every hour since last week..

I am going back to LimKokWing Hostel at Puchong (place where internet connection sucks!) soon.. Sigh.. Going back, I can meet my university friends back but I won't be able to meet my Kuching friends again..

This holidays are just too bored for me this time.. What I did were taking care of babies (my nephew and niece), sleep, eat, chat, check my iTalentStar, keep refreshing my Friendster page (hoping there's updates).. WAAH!! How bored!

I actually feel like going back to my ex secondary school (SMK Kuching Town No.1) but... no one accompany me.. It'll be very weird if I go alone because I dont know what to do there..

Anyway, it's just a boring holiday.. but I guess it's a meaningful one.. I met a lot of new friends in the internet (Guess I have not been online that long also already).. and keeping in touch with my friends.. and also.. get to understand things around me better (computer is my life.. haha..)..

For now, my mission to get as many animes as possible, so I wont need to download anime anymore at my hostel where the internet connection is sucks!

Bah.. Time for me to stop typing.. and go to bed in a while (I hope)..

To all of you in Kuching.. If you are reading this blog and you want to find me.. Make it a.s.a.p.

I am leaving Kuching by this coming Monday (21st April 2008).. So make sure you had done your appointment with me and set me free from boredom..


Sunday, April 13, 2008


Whee.. A lot of things had happened lately.. I was a bit troubled in managing my time.. I had to study, focus at iTalentStar, shopping, and hanging out with my friends..

Well, There’s a lot to talk about since my last blogging time about me but most importantly, I would like to talk about my life as an iTalent (contestant of iTalentStar)..

This iTalentStar is the first talent competition that I’ve joined. It’s something very different from what we see from some other reality TV programme such as American Idol, One in a million or even So you think you can dance.

We do our activities and everything via the internet. That is what makes this talent competition special because it’s the first online-based talent competition organized by iHub in collaboration with Friendster.

Some of you might have notice that I’d been posting out some Shout out in my friendster profile or even changing my nick in MSN to something which is related to iTalentStar..

Basically, how it works is to ask the voters to vote for us and of course, we have to impress the i-Judges and media to vote for us too by looking at our videos, pictures, and our blog.
Well, my bad for not keeping what I’d blogged about the experiences that I had gone through throughout the competition.

It wasn’t as easy as it may have seen. All those video taken took a bit time to shoot and to rehearse. Besides, this is the first time that I really shoot a video of myself and post it to YouTube.

After all the hard works and struggle, I am finally the Country Champion (winner of the semi-finals of each country). Well, did I mention how hard the competition is going to be for the final round?! I have to compete with 3 other male contestants from Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia. Of course, together with Sin Hui Jing (the female country champion for Malaysia) we have to make Malaysia proud!

Well, I guess it must be tiring to read from the beginning of the story till the end. If you read until here, I would like to thank you all personally for supporting me all this while and read my blog continuously even though I seldom update my blog.

Thanks again.. To know more about iTalentStar, check it out at

And do check out my videos and everything at my official fans profile @ .


25 tips for Healty Heart

Picture says everything.. Click on the picture to enlarge the picture..