Monday, October 13, 2008

Hanging out @ Jack's Place

5th July, my friend, Swee Ying treated us a dinner at Jack's Place @ Sunway Pyramid. She treated us after we celebrated her birthday few days back.. (Something like that la.. Couldn't remember much.. Long time already what..)


Well, it was my second time (or was it the third time) to dine in @ Jack's Place.. The first time I dined in was during the past Valentine's Day..


From the white-shirt-male(left), to the dark-shirt-lady(right):
Boon San, Yuni, Gary, Swee Ying, Jin Wen, Shirley

This were the group of people who always hang out together.. Of course, including me la.. I was taking this picture.. So not in this picture lo..


Then, my girlfriend helped take another picture just for me since I was the hollow man @ the first picture..

Then, we started to camwhore around..


Gary and Swee Ying..

Special thanx to Swee Ying for her treat..


The centurion and his dearest..


The bachelors..

(Hey.. no offense, k?) Well.. I believe soon they are going to find their another half too..


Then.. my dear camwhore herself a while.. Cute kan?! Yeapz.. That's my girl..


And the Pink Centurion.. Handsome kan?


The ambience there still not so bad.. Just that, I kinda dislike their lighting.. Dim dim like that.. Perhaps, that's how it is suppose to be when you are going to eat something like steak or chop..


I ordered Orange Juice (or was it Mango Juice?)

The drink.. normal.. nothing much to talk about..


Then came the garlic bread.. I applied a bit of creativity on it.. and there you go.. Lovely Garlic Bread.. Says who bread got no love?!


And here comes my main course.. It was something something.. (can't remember the name already..) It's a mixture of chicken, steak, and ham and sausage, and egg, and jacket potato..

The Jacket potato awesome la.. I like it beri beri much! The sweetness was just fine and full enough even without RICE..

NOTE: Due to bad memory of mine, I couldn't write a complete post.. Therefore.. Sorry banyak-banyak..


blue_racoon said... la u...kenot rmb one :p

TNH said...

hmmm...the enviroment is ok..but the food does not look attractive to me..

Harry said...

blue_racoon: well.. things like this happen to me.. *sulk* hahaz..

tnh: not attractive.. but it taste nice.. :)