Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seaworld Indonesia: Part 3

It's time to enter the squarium again.. This time.. more FISHES!! Let's take a look at some fishes..

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One of my favourite fish.. Coral but not coral.. Stripy yet sexy.. I think this is one of the coral fish.. *I think*


Some ugly fish.. Not a snake.. But impressive.. It's stiff standing there.. I think it must be horny..


Ok.. Not everything is perfect.. Sometimes, they do bent... Abnormalities..


Cute or not?! This one.. Can bite your dick finger off with such a big mouth.. *beware while fishing*


Now what's that?! Leaves?! Plants?! Corals?!


Nah.. Some fishes that's really standing upstraight without even singing national anthem.. It looks like woods in the water.. Well.. I guess, that's how they survive in such a small body by disguising themselves as sticks..


How about this? After seeing one of those.. I don't think I will ever jump in the pool or somehow dropped inside there.. SHARKS!! Some more, groups of sharks in one big aquarium itself.. It took me quite some times to get the right shot.. They swam very very fast..


Heh.. Bet u'll like this one.. Turtle.. Wonder how many hundreds old is this turtle..


This fish posed for me when I took the picture.. It swam to me .. flap its fins and sharp eye contact on me..


This aint fish in front.. Me and my brother.. Whee.. so many fishes behind me.. some deadly and some smally.. All the sea treasures.. You can see them all at Seaworld Indonesia..

There'll be one last post about Seaworld Indonesia.. So stay tune..

NOTE: Sorry for unable to describe what fishes they are. My bad for rushing in the aquarium without looking in details what are they.


Ai-Ling said...

the "standing-upright" fish is called senorita, if i m not wrong:)

Harry said...

really ah? *google-ing*