Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gadoh 2009 – Touching Film by Malaysian

We’re blindfolded all this while.. We believe what we hear and what we wanted to believe.. But have we try our best to see and to understand what others try to tell us and let us know how they feel?! Did we actually opened our eyes wide enough without biased thoughts?!

We’re all educated by our parents at homes and even our teachers from school… Are we the one to be blame for what we are now or they should be blame?! Yet, on one hand, we blame the school for not teaching our children properly, and on the other hand, the school blame the parents for not able to teach their own children..

So.. who should we blame then?! Do we put all our blame on our children as they gave us shame and could not be educated?!

There’s so much to say, and so much to question.. but when we flipped back the pages, we started to regret for our own fault and realized that we can actually help them before it’s too late..


GADOH is one film that touches my soul and I believe much more who had watched this film.. It shows how we were educated by the elders and what we see that happened in Malaysia..

My friend once asked me, “Harry, did you notice how racist people are in KL? It happened a lot in my university..”

Me, as a student in Limkokwing University, a private university in Malaysia, we saw more than just three races (Malays, Chinese, Indians).. We saw more cultures and we saw worse.. Perhaps, there are still people who are being racist in our university, but, I see less..

I’m not trying to make any comparison in any other university or what.. But this is what I see.. I may not be a good observant, but I’m pretty sure my eye won’t lie to me.. I didn’t see much discrimination among Malaysians, be it Chinese, Malay, or Indians like what we see in the society..

Whenever I sat on a taxi in Kuala Lumpur, the taxi drivers sure told me a lot about different race.. and definitely, he discriminated a lot.. I guess, almost all of us are polluted.. We’d been blindfolded!

If we could do simple thing such as listening to others, it might help.. If we could just try to put ourselves in their shoes, we might understand how it feels to be them..

Here, I urge everyone who is reading this blog, try no to tie your ear to yourself.. Try not to blindfold yourself.. Give people chance by listening what they have to say.. Give yourself a chance to see what is really happening in the real world and not just the country itself..

Lots have been said and lots have been heard.. I do hope every Malaysian is able to watch this film ”Gadoh”.. It was not screen in the cinema as it deemed to be having explicit racist content.. Watch it to know it.. It’s in multi-language.. If you can understand Cantonese, Malay, and English.. Then you should have no problem at all at watching this movie..

Below is the film’s information and everything else that you would like to know.. Enjoy watching!!



Movie Info:
Duration: 70 mins
Director: Brenda Danker, Namron
Producer: Anna Har
Production Company: Big Pictures Productions
Supported by Pusat KOMAS
Starring: Namron, Nicholas Liew Davis, Zahiril Adzim, Amerul Affendi and Maya Tan Abdullah
Language: Bahasa Malaysia with English/BM subtitles
Poster design by: Alexdrina Chong, Lucid Design Collaborative Studio

Gadoh tells a story of a group of teenagers who fought each other along racial lines; a cycle of hatred and violence further escalated by their environment and school system.

What was to be a quick resolution to improve the school’s bad image, was taken as an opportunity for one teacher who believed that real change was possible. She ropes in the help of an old friend and reluctant maverick theater activist for this arduous task.

Is there hope amidst the cycle of discrimination that surrounds us? Watch Gadoh for their story, and what it may very well tell us about ourselves.

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