Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye 2008. Hi 2009.

Whoa.. 2008 is one busy yet lazy year for me.. I think I am kinda useless this year.. I didn't do much.. Nothing outstanding.. Felt like I am a junk of rubbish for the whole year now..

However, few notable things happened this year are definitely meeting new friends virtually and in real-life, bought a lot of shirts to add in to my overflowing wardrobe, won as an iTalentStar country champion, visited Jakarta twice, went to Genting Highlands for more than 5 times, etc..

The most notable things that occurred is I have this wonderful girl by my side (literally) who always supports me and loves me even though I am not that adoring.. Signing 2nd May 2008, we started our relationship.. From "Single and available" turning into "Single yet unavailable" status is definitely one big difference to my life.. I'm not that lone wolf anymore and I have someone who I can lean on whenever I needed to.. I have to make an adjustment for myself as I'd always live like an "unwanted" guy and a lifeless guy who always hug the computer even until bedtime..


Not all relationships are as wonderful as we thought.. Of course, we have to endure all those sour, bitter, spicy or perhaps salty moment of our life together.. All arguments are made necessarily to make both parties to understand each other deeper.. To reach to the bottom line, one has to be passionate and be patient to each other.. Sometimes, arguing makes me feel like I'm in a relationship.. Arguing shows we are concerned with each others words and feelings.. In simple word, we care for each other..

OK.. I guess I should not dwell more about 2008.. It's going to be a new year after today.. and I'm looking forward for this new year.. 2009.. Here I come..

I made a new Wishlist for this new year..

New Wishlist:

1. DSLR Camera (The TuaKi Camera) for capturing precious moment.. for clearer resolution..


2.  Mixer for my iStream Radio, an online radio.. A simple one will do..


3. Erm.. Still don't know what else to ask.. There's 1 and 2, and so there's always 3.. I'll leave this 3rd one on halt until I know what to wish for again.. Teehee~~


After making the new wishlist.. Time to make some new hopes for this coming new year..

New Hopes:

1. Everything goes smoothly for my family and I..


Often, there's obstacle ahead us.. I just hope those obstacle ain't that big.. I just hope everything goes well for my family and I..

2. My girlfriend and friends will always be at my side when I needed them..


Sometimes, when we felt lost, we don't really know who to turn to.. I just hope I am not that lost for this coming year..

3. Hope I can make my online radio, iStream Radio, big..


iStream Radio has a long history already.. I just hope that this new year it'll has a brand new fresh start..

Ofcourse, humans are greedy.. There's endless wishes and hopes all around the year.. but trying to make it short.. I made the major 3..

Well, time for another wish and hope..

Hereby, I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you all does well in everything you all do..

HI HI 2009.. BYE BYE 2008..

New Year.. New Wish.. New Hope..


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Short Update: Busy Holiday-ing

Sorry guys, must had made you all waiting for my new post.. Unfortunately, I'm not updating anything new for today but to inform my whereabouts and what makes me so busy.. and of course, don't worry.. Harry is still alive and breathing well..

I have like 3months of semester break and 1month++ had already passed.. Talking about time, we just can't make it stop.. Sigh.. I need more time.. How I wish I have 48 hours per day.. I am sure I'll be able to update my things here by then..

Ok.. So, what had I been busy with?!

I'd been busy babysitting, lazy about, watching drama series, playing Kuwakchai web based game (kinda an addiction), hanging out with my family and friends (endless appointment), chatting, shopping for Chinese New Year clothes, and also managing iStream Radio (my online radio)..

Whoa.. Long list ain't it?! Soon, I gotta have a cleaning spree for my house.. Well, you know, Chinese New Year is just around the corner..

Just in case you guys missed me a lot.. Here's a picture of mine..

Me drinking some mixed juice (don't ask me what's that) during Christmas Eve


Monday, December 22, 2008

Legal Prostitution

Have you ever wonder if prostitution can be legal?!

Well, if you said "Yes!" then you are half right.. Not everywhere on earth had legalized prostitution.. If you asked whether Malaysia has any legal area for prostitution, the answer is a big "NO!"..

In some country they drew a boundary where prostitution and other businesses in sex industry are legalized.. They call this area or district as the red-light district.. In Malaysia, where the populations are kept in a box, may not know much about this red-light district unless they go search around in the Internet about it..


Wonder why some country had legalized prostitution in the red-light district?!

Simple as it may seemed, prostitution may decrease the crime rate for case such as sex abusing or raping.. Well, let me draw an example for you.. Imagine you are passionate to have sex and you have no idea where to have sex.. You would most probably ended up stalking some pretty ladies to have sex with them.. and when they rejected you, you rape them?! Anyway, that's just a joke..

image image

I mean, come on.. I think prostitution is like any other businesses where you earn money to fill up your tummy or to support your family.. Some people, specifically ladies, when they have no qualification for any job such as accountant or even clerk, they have no other choices but to sell they "property"..


I don't really think they sell themselves because they wanted to.. In most cases, they have bad family backgrounds.. Imagine you have to repay your father's debt for betting the whole family assets in the casino and the loan shark come chasing after you for the bloody money.. You may say "I'll have some other way to get the money!".. But some people are just not as fortunate as we are.. They got no choice but to sell them off..


Of course, if you are belonged to someone else already.. You should not think of going to such place.. It never ended up "Happily Ever After" when you do that.. and I am not asking you to go visit them cause you have the money and you are still a bachelor.. What I think we should do is to treat them like normal people like us.. Com' on.. They are human also right?! They didn't take knife and point it to you and say "GIVE ME MONEY!!".. They also "work" for money also..


P.S.: All the above pictures are taken from forwarded mail if you wonder how I got it..


Friday, December 19, 2008

Ward off "Special Visitors" in the Hotel

Often as we may heard, hotel usually reserves one or more rooms for those "special visitors" aka GHOST or SPIRITs or whatever you called it.. I don't know how to it is but I often hear that every single hotel should have at least a permanent room which should be left vacant at all times.. No matter how full the hotel is, they are not to sell that room(s) to any guest..

That's why never insist for a room when the receptionist told you that there's no more vacant room available.. Don't even think of bribing them to do so.. If you do that, you'll most probably get yourself in trouble for sharing the same room with the "special visitors".. Spooky?! Well, I believed it happened though..


I think this is just the right time to spread the words as most of the people out there are having their term or semester break and enjoying the family outings..

You may had received these tips before in your forwarded mail but this is to share for those who had not received this before.. Sometimes those "special visitors" might go to other rooms also, so here's some TIPS on how to protect yourself:

- Before entering your room, always knock on the door first, even you know the room is vacant.

- After you enter the room, if you felt very cold suddenly and have "chicken spore", leave the room quietly and immediately and go to the reception to request for a change of room. Most of the time the receptionist will understand what's happening.

- After you enter the room, immediately switch on all of the lights, and draw the curtains to let the sun light in.

- Before you go to bed, arrange your shoes so that one of them is upside down. Some say this is representing yin & yang to protect you while you're asleep.

- Always leave at least a lamp on while you're sleeping, preferably the toilet's lamp.

- If you're staying alone and they have give you a twin bed, do not sleep with the other bed vacant, try to put your things like luggage on the other bed before you sleep.

P/S: I hold no responsibility if these tips do not work on you.. and if you do not believe it, you may always use the tips another way round to see how true it is.. Do drop more tips if you have some more to share with others..


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Post: One Picture, Different modes

NOTE: I'm currently at Damai beach resort (Damai Puri) and this is a scheduled post.. Enjoy reading and looking and puking at my handsome gorgeous face and jealous with the shots..

This is what we called the "Magic of Arts".. Nah.. Actually, only use simple program like Photoshop will do..

Enjoy looking those pictures.. *winks*

The picture below was taken in Jakarta's M Studio together with my girlfriend..

DSCF3370_23 DSCF3370_23_1
Left: Original Picture
Right: Contrast and Brightness adjusted

DSCF3370_23_2 DSCF3370_23_3
Creating black and white images

 DSCF3370_23_4 DSCF3370_23_5
Left: Paper note effect
Right: Paradise effect

The mode that I like the most.. Not totally black and white or gray..
It was inverted with one of the black and white mode..

I'm still trying to do more adjustment on some other pictures.. So stay tune for more photos or pictures..


Monday, December 15, 2008

Short Update: Back from Indonesia

Previously, I mentioned that I was going to Jakarta and now I am back.. Well, actually I came back to Kuching last Saturday night at about 11pm and I'd so much things to check on the net.. my mail.. my blog.. and all sorts of stuffs.. I checked till so late that I didn't have a good rest yet..

I regret to announce my disappearance again for this coming 3 days as I'll be going to Damai (one of Kuching's tourist attractions) tomorrow.. There's a lot to share with you all about my Jakarta Trip and will have tonnes of picture to show you all.. However, many pictures had yet to filtered from whole loads of photo..

But ,I guess, I'll make a sneak peek about my upcoming post about Jakarta.. I don't know when I'll be updating it but I'll definitely update it when I'm free..

Bambu Haur Restaurant (Nice environment)

Pangandaran Beach

Cagar Alam Park

Green Canyon

Uni Beach Hotel (Resort hotel in Pangandaran)

Dunkin' Donuts in Jakarta 

Dunia Fantasy aka DuFan (read it as Do.Fun)

And yes.. it's a nice trip.. a wonderful one, I should say..

Special thanks to my girlfriend for bringing my family and I touring all around at Pangandaran Beach and Jakarta..

P/S: You guys should try spending your holiday at Pangandaran Beach if you happened to visit Jakarta..


Friday, December 12, 2008

Shanghai "REN" Building

NOTE: This is a scheduled post as I am not around currently.. Click here to find out why.. Therefore, the post may contain lots of photo and less words.. I'll be back soon..

Be amazed with the creative work of people from Shanghai.. I guess Malaysia should start to do some amazing building.. I guess BolehLand ain't that amazing yet..



The REN Building is a proposal for a hotel, sports and conference center for the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai . The building is conceived as two buildings merging into one. The first building, emerging from the water, is devoted to the activities of the body, and houses the sports and water culture center. The second building emerging from land, is devoted to the spirit and enlightment, and houses the conference center and meeting facilities. The two buildings meet in a 1000 room hotel, a building for living. The building becomes the Chinese sign for 'The People', and a recognizable landmark for the World Expo in China





Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things that we can do when we are bored

NOTE: This is a scheduled post as I am not around currently.. Click here to find out why.. Therefore, the post may contain lots of photo and less words.. I'll be back soon..

Often, we felt bored when we are having too much stress from the class.. And I received this funny mail from my friend which made my day while I was having the stress..

In fact, I admire what they can do.. CREATIVE is the word..

Enjoy the pictures..

A Live Fighting Arcade?!

A human slow motion head bang?!

Man on the wall?! Cool heh?!

Ok.. I challenge you to do this!! Hahaz..

There's so much "creative" things we can do.. Send me what you have for your creative things you did..


Monday, December 8, 2008

How to translate your NAME

Often as you might had seen before.. You get to see various type of shop names.. However, in a multi-racial country.. One problem is.. You may have to own three name for your shops or company.. English, Chinese, and Malay..

It sounded easy to translate heh?!

Let's say we have a shop named "Magic".. When we translate it to Malay Language, it'll become "Magik".. and we translate it to Chinese as "魔术" (Mo Shu which means Magic in Mandarin)..

But what if your shop name is your name?! How you going to translate it?!

Before knowing how, let us analyze this shop name..


I believe this shop owner started off with a chinese name called "森美" (Sen Mei in pinyin).. No particular meaning, therefore, we can't translate it to an English name or a Malay name.. So, judging from the name, perhaps, that fellow has an English name called "Sammy".. Well, Sammy is quite a normal name regardless how we look at it..

Now, the funny thing is when we starting to translate it to a Malay name.. From Sammy, we translate it to "Sami" in Malay language.. "Sami" in Malay language literally means "Monk" in English.. From a name became a monk.. How funny a name can be translated..

But couldn't blame the shop owner.. Perhaps, that's how they translate name long long time ago (judging from the shop la..)..

I can't imagine translating a name like "阿国" (Ah Guo in chinese pinyin) to an English name which became "Ah Cock".. and translate it again to a Malay name.. "Ah Ayam".. Fulamak!! If that happens, I will laugh till I pengsan la..

Anyway, sometimes, I think just straight away use back same name can liao la.. What's the point of translating when it became a fucking funny name..


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Short Post: Going to Jakarta again

Holiday will never be perfect if we didn't go traveling.. Aiya.. In fact no need go far far also can one.. Like in Kuching, we travel to "Damai Beach" which is just less than an hour drive is already considered as enjoying our "holiday" liao..

I'd been to Jakarta before last time and will be going to Jakarta again in few hours later.. Due to my disappearance, I'll schedule some post with some pictures for you to read while I am not around..

Feel free to comment if you have your "say" about those.. Well, how's the post going to be?! You would have to come here and keep checking.. Meanwhile, do drop me a message in my chatbox or comment if you have anything to let me know or just to leave me a message..

Well, the last time I went to Jakarta, I stayed in a Presidential Suite at Ciputra Hotel which was a prize from iTalentstar.. also, I went for ice skating.. This time, it's just a normal family trip.. So, to know how's my Jakarta trip, you would have to check it week after next..

Hereby, I would like to say "see you guys again" to all my readers as I won't be able to reply your message or comment immediately.. and of course, last but not least, thanks for dropping by my blog and read my lousy disgusting irritating annoying post..

Jakarta, HERE I COME again!!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blidget by Widgetbox

I came across an interesting widget while I was searching for some thing that can display my post feeds of my blog or even other blogs. Trying to embed a blog feed do take few technical task to do which I think it's quite fussy to do so..

And so.. presenting you "Blidget" which literally means "blog + widget"..


Like I said before, I was searching around for blog post feeds which I can feed on on other websites... Basically, it means allowing other website readers to be able to see a snippet of blog post.. 

It's very simple to use.. All you need to know is your blog feed URL location.. and a bit of knowledge of Mix and Match theme for your blog..


Yes, you can definitely customize your blidget content.. Options like showing it as a list or slideshow, and includes images or summaries and even customize your header.. It's all at your finger tips..

Wait no more.. Install it now and ask your friend to share it with their reader too..

For more information, check it out at


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things we learn from ants

All this while, ants appear to be very tiny in our world.. But what's in their world, we won't know.. We saw how animation had portray their lives like what we saw at "AntZ" and "The bug's life", and how discovery told us about their life..


Such a tiny life.. We often think that they are very irritating and disturbing.. Especially you saw your lovely foods being owned by them.. But what can we actually learn from them?!

They march in a troop.. They in a troop.. They are loyal to the queen.. and Most importantly, they are very co-operative.. Team work is what I should say.. Why human can't be as much co-operative as they do huh?! I wonder.. Hmm..


Picture above was taken by me few days back.. I almost stepped on them when they were busy doing their work.. Carrying the midget..

Ya.. I know.. Some of you may say they looked disgusting..

But why wouldn't I stop them?!

Simple reason is.. I hate the creature they were carrying..


The rubbish bin worm.. That's the midget that I'd mentioned.. I just let them to the work.. cleaning all those rubbish bin worm for us..

Don't even start how these worms were on the floor.. I wouldn't want to imagine it..

Oh.. One proud thing about this picture.. I am so glad my phone N82 can take such a nice macro mode of picture... Looks clear enough to see the ants and the worm..


Monday, December 1, 2008

Rynn Lim Promo Tour @ Kuching

Last Saturday (29/11/2008), I received a SMS from Jimmy telling him to meet him up to get the entrance ticket for Rynn Lim aka 林宇中 (Lin Yu Zhong)'s Promo Tour at Kuching which I had "acted quickly" to send the email as requested.. Ticket giveaway detail can be found here..

In the SMS, Jimmy told me to meet him up at "Kado Cafe" to redeem the ticket from 3.30pm to 5pm, but unfortunately, I couldn't make it within that time as I had personal thing to do with my cousins.. Luckily, Jimmy, the good person, allowed me to redeem my ticket after 5pm as I told him I will only be free from 5++PM onwards..


And so, after redeeming my ticket, I went off straight away to get myself prepare for a house warming at my relative's place.. I will get that update soon.. either tomorrow or day after..


There.. With this ticket, I went to Rynn Lim's Promo Tour which was located at "SUPP HQ" in Kuching yesterday.. Looking at the location, I thought it will be quite a small place to hold the Promo Tour there as I had always thought the Hall is kinda small.. Well, it wasn't.. it's not really small but it ain't really big as well.. Just nice for a Promo Tour, I think..


Whoa.. When I first reached there at about 6++pm, it was already packed with people.. Sea of people.. That path is quite small and HOT but Rynn Lim's fans still waited patiently in front of the main door to get the best seat to see Rynn Lim..


While the fans are busy squeezing pok mong-ing queuing, chatting, and sweating, the staffs also had to sweat themselves among the crowds to promote Rynn Lim and JJ Lin aka Lin Jun Jie albums.. The prices they sold there are cheaper compared to the normal prices and comes with promotional items..

One of the promoters/sales girls look at my direction as I kept trying to get a good shot of that place 'cause the lighting there ain't really good..

When it was almost 7pm, the crews opened the door to let Rynn Lim's fans to push each other rush in to get their best seats..


All of them quickly rushed in and passed their tickets to the ticket collector and got their best seats..

Box of collected tickets..

It wasn't really full in the hall at first when I went in there.. There were still quite a number of empty seats..


And since the "show" had yet to start so early (as expected), I went around to take some more pictures of the crowd.. and took a picture of the backdrop banner on the stage..


After standing for quite some times, I felt tired.. and I went to the front seats to test my luck whether I can still get a good view of the stage.. And so I did.. got a seat for myself and I at the second row..

I sat down.. and turned my head.. and I spotted this lady sat next to me.. (YES.. Just right to me..)

Evelyn Tan..

I was so surprised and shocked when I saw her.. even jumped up a while.. and she laughed the hell out of me.. she said, "You should see your expression when you saw me!"

and I went =.=" (swtz).. How embarrassing to portray my "shocking" face to a lady.. Hahaz.. Anyway, we talked a bit and I saw another empty seat at the first row and asked Evelyn whether that seat in front was empty or not and she told me that she saw no one sitting there since the beginning..

Before I moved to the front seat, I asked one of Rynn's fans who had purchased his "干物世界 (Gan Wu Shi Jie)" album to pose and let me take a picture of her with her beloved album..


Ya.. She rejected my offer and so, instead, she lend me her album to take a picture of it.. How nice that lady.. Didn't got to know her name.. After that I moved to the front seat and snapped few more pictures..

One of it, I snapped our Kuching bloggers who are in the VIP area.. Whoa.. Their's TUAKI camera.. and mine.. Seh Ki camera.. How to compare oo..

White (behind): Jimmy Chin and Irene Law
Dark shirt (front): Michael Kon, Anonymous Norman and Anonymous Allen

(Help me identify them..)

After snapped and snapped.. the real event started.. Started with a kick ass MC, our local MC, Mr. Liang Qiang (if I didn't spelled it wrongly..)


If I didn't recall wrongly, he was one of the Astro Talent Quest participant of don't know which year.. (Can't blame me for my lousy memory.. I am well known for it already.. Hahaz..)

As usual, before the artiste arrive, the MC will asked few audiences to answer few questions or play games to fill in the waiting time..


This first participant gave me a strong impression.. She was asked by the MC to sing one song in Lin Yu Zhong's latest album which is "Gan Wu Shi Jie".. She sang 远远 "Yuan Yuan (Far Far in English)" and she actually sang it pretty well.. I guess she must had prepared this for quite a while before Rynn Lim come to do his promo tour in Kuching..

Soon it got packed with people..

After calling 8 participants, Mr. Liang Qiang invited one of the My FM DJ to do the next host for Rynn Lim.. DJ Wen Kang (If I didn't spell it wrongly..)..

DJ Wen Kang from MY FM

I laughed my ass off when I saw his appearance and I had prepared for the worst for jokes coming from him judging by his face.. He is a lively dude despite his "nerdy" look and he entertained his audiences well.. including me, of course..

He then invited the main character of the night..

Rynn Lim aka Lin Yu Zhong

He sang very well despite his flu and cough.. Since this was his last stop of his promo tour, he was asked more questions than ever by DJ Wen Kang.. One of it was did Lin Yu Zhong dated Kuching girl before.. and Lin Yu Zhong replied "I never dated Kuching girl before and only started dating at the age of 20++ and I actually dated girl from West Malaysia"

Few of the audiences were also invited to the stage and they were asked to sing one song from Rynn's latest album.. They were all very lively and natural when they were on the stage.. I didn't see stage fright in them and in fact, they were all good..


Lin Yu Zhong sang 3 songs from his "Gan Wu Shi Jie" album namely "干物女 (Gan Wu Nu)", "远远 (Yuan Yuan)" and "改嫁 (Gai Jia)" and one song from his old album with the title "靠岸 (Kao An)"..

Two thumbs up for him.. He coughed a few times but it did not affect his vocal at all.. I guess that's what we call "home sick" as he was coming home and he caught a flu..

After singing, time to put his signature on his album for all his fans at the promo tour..


I was very honoured to be able to stand on the stage to take a close picture of him as a "Kuching Blogger" like any other reporter does..


with this "Blogger Pass" from Thanks to Irene for lending her pass to me or else I won't be able to snap the close up photo for the signature session..

Then, after finish putting his lovely signature on those albums, Rynn did a good job at posing.. DJ Wen Kang asked him to pose for his fans to take pictures..


And lastly, Rynn had a shot with the event related crews and staffs and all those VIPs..


Didn't get a good shot with a lousy camera..

PS: Some of the details might be a bit off.. I can't really remember properly those names and other stuffs.. Please correct me if I am wrong..

PPS: I don't have good camera.. Don't complain the picture quality..

PPPS: I still think the security there ain't really tight.. Too loose that people were free to do whatever they like near the stage..

UPDATE: Anonymous had been identified. Thanks to Irene..