Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Harry's Vampire Transformation

From my previous silent Halloween post, I'd talked about the transformation of Harry to a Vampire..

Wonder how I did it?! Like my big eye and long teeth?!

I only used few tools in Photoshop to edit my face only.. It's as easy as 1-2-3..

Few things that you need to prepare with yourself is:
1. to be familiar with adobe Photoshop
2. master the liquefy skill
3. to know how to manipulate color with contrast, color depth, filter etc.

Let's see how Harry is going to transform in detail and in few steps..

First.. Using the most powerful that even XiaXue used it.. THE LIQUIFY TOOL..

I'd using various size of the liquefy tool to liquefy my nose and my teeth.. Do notice that my nose became a lot smaller and my canines became much more longer.. (ya.. ya.. my teeth a bit yellow.. just to add-on some effect on it what..)

101020082391 vampire transformation 1

After liquefied the nose and the canine.. The next thing to make it looks more creepy will be the EYES!! I like vampires with big eyes and thicker eyebrows.. (Handsome ain' it?! Hah..)

Notice the changes from the small eye and thin eyebrow to a bigger, thicker and scarier eye and eyebrow.. Need a bit of magic to pull the eye a bit..

After finished LIQUEFYing, next up, I did a bit of contrasting to the colour and also set the brightness of the red colour to make my lips looks more BLOODY (okay.. I know it's not that bloody, but it's red-er ok?!)

 vampire transformation 2 vampire transformation 3

After changing the colour, I am still not so satisfy with the effect.. So I pulled my ear longer.. and thinner.. Notice the difference yet?! Vampire has ears that looks like bat.. So, I had to make the ear sharper and longer..

After editing the ear and everything, time to do a bit of make up the to face.. Well, basic tool is you need foundation powder and some shiny lipstick.. Okay.. I'm just joking.. I'd try to paint some normal skin colour on those PIMPLES and some patches that doesn't seem to be normal enough.. and after clearing those pimples, I redo the brightness and contrast setting to make my face a bit pale..

vampire transformation 4 vampire transformation 5

And .. so.. Tada~~  that's my complete edit on my vampire face..

Also, special thanks to Caney for helping me to edit my eye colour using blending option (which I don't have on my outdated Photoshop) to make it a bit red and fiery.. and she did it..

vampire harry 

Handsome Vampire Harry


e s t a n c u s said...

err.. isnt vampires supposes to look cold, pale and bloodless? you still look too alive.. hehez...

good try! love the enthusiasm XD

Harry said...

estancus: ya.. this is a warm and blardy vampire mah.. just became a vampire.. amateur.. hahaz..

Jan Errol said...

better off without editing.. kidding

JunJun-Riko said...

haha.. nice..
the eyes if you can do more with it nicer.. create layers and use dodge n burn effect, make it look like very hollow, nice.. scary sia~ XD

Harry said...

jan errol: LOLzz.. u meant i look scarier without editing huh?! LOLzz

junjun-riko: yeah.. the eyes.. i was hoping to do more.. but just donno the rite way of doing it.. maybe cause i have outdated photoshop bah.. ><"