Wednesday, January 31, 2007


A lot of "Frequently Asked Question" that I'd got recently was "What are you doing lately? You seemed busy.."

All I can answer was actually "I'm working!".. It's a bit busy and tired with my work actually.. It's bored when there's no customer.. And it's busy when there ARE customers..

The weird thing about it was when there's no customer, not even customer will be going into the shop.. However, when there is a customer, there will be tonnes of customers joining back to back..

That's what makes me tired and busy..

I am happy with the work.. Just that I guess I cant go for both (Studying & Working Full-Time)..

I'll be taking break after this coming Friday.. And no more busy Harry after that..

This is what I am working for..

Baby Crown.. As A Shop Assistant..

When I am bored.. This is what I do..

Play with a "Tiger Ear Hair Clip" (It's not a devil horn)..

Well.. the best thing of all.. You learned to communicate with differect types of customers..

Sunday, January 21, 2007


  • Do not smoke after a meal! Experiments from experts prove that smoking a cigarette after a meal is comparable to smoking TEN cigarettes (Chances of Cancer are higher).
  • Do not eat fruits immediately after meals. It will bloat your stomach. Therefore have your fruits one or two hours before or after your meal.
  • Do not drink tea after a meal as tea leaves contain a high content of acid. This substance will cause the protein content in the food we consume to be hardened; making it difficult to digest.
  • Do not loosen your belt after eating. Loosening the belt after a meal can cause intestinal problems.
  • Do not bathe after eating. Bathing will cause the increase of blood flow to the hands, legs and body thereby causing the amount of blood around the stomach to decrease. This will weaken the digestive system in our stomach
  • Do not walk after a meal even though you have heard people say that after a meal, walking a hundred steps will make you live till 99. Walking immediately after a meal will make it difficult for the digestive system to absorb the nutrition from the food we eat. Wait at least an hour after your meal and then walk if you want to.
  • Do not sleep immediately. The intake of food will not be able to digest properly thereby leading to gastro-intestinal problems.

Note: The infomations above will not be 100% accurate. The author will not be responsible with the inaccurate nor wrong information given.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Back in action

After playing so much at KL and Singapore.. It's time to be back in action.. I now work and study..

Work as a sales assistant and study part time at Informatics.. I was worried I couldnt arrange my time properly.. It turned out to be okay as the first day of working today.. I learned a lot of new things today.. Working is all about experiences for now.. I gain experiences from working and I know how to do this and that in the future.. That's the whole idea!

However, no more afternoon naps for me but I were still able to bear with it today.. After some times I believe I'll be able to cope with it..

Hm.. Working or Study?! Both! It's different when you work and you study.. If I can really choose.. I prefer both.. Studying makes u gaining knowledge while working makes u gaining experience..

Because of that, I'll try my very best to work and to study at the same time! Read more...

KL and Singapore

Yeapz.. That's right.. I had a great time in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.. I made myself comfortable by buying lots of clothes for the Chinese New Year celebration.. It's so great going shopping with friends and get yourself an outfit to wear.. I am really satisfied with all the thing I bought in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur..

My auntie and uncle gave me T-shirts too and sum up to have a lots of clothes for the Chinese New Year.. YAY!

That's not all.. There are clothes that you should see which I bought from KL.. I felt it's funny and it'll be cool if I wear it..

However, another great thing was playing at Sunway Lagoon.. It's not as extreme as playing those game at Genting but it's great to play water games in hot weather.. Too bad we didnt capture photos while we played as we were busy playing only.. Somehow, we managed to capture some photos as memories and as a token showing that we went to Sunway Lagoon.

Another great thing was receiving things from my uncle.. He did not only give me T-shirts.. He also gave me a model of Sport Car saying that I had finished my SPM..

Those days during the travelling was really terrific!! I will keep them as memories forever..


Days in Genting

Been wondering how come Harry did not update his blog? He had been travelling and shopping a lot in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

However things began from Genting Highland before the real shopping was done. What really got us exited in Genting Highland was the Theme Park which made us lunatic and out of control.

We bought ourselves 3 Parks ticket which enabled us to play Indoor, Outdoor and Water Park in a package. We didn't choose to go to the Water Park as it was damn cold at Genting.. We started our day at Genting with slow ride on the water as a warming up game.

After warming up, we got a little bit crazy with Corkscrew.. It's not really that fun to play that game but what made us repeating playing the same game was actually the photo taking. For the first photo, we didn't know that there was a camera there taking our photo.

Soon after realizing there was camera shooting our pictures, everyone got so not natural for the 2nd and 3rd ride. (Notice the difference of the guy in orange especially on his expression)

Another thing that makes us felt unique when we saw someone with haircut like this..

After playing few extreme game, we decided to take a rest on feris wheel. It's like I could see the whole Genting on top of the wheel..

We didn't play much game after that. Somehow, three of us managed to have the last ride on the pirate ship which wasn't really fun at all..

After playing outdoor games whole day long, we took a short break and continued our day with the indoor theme parks. Again, we were out of our mind playing bumper car for several times.. I felt like I am such a reckless driver when I played bumper car..

Ofcourse, that's not all at Genting.. I got myself few plushies from genting spending over RM150. The picture is not showing all of it, I actually caught more than that but I gave people as present already. Each of those Monkey and Tiger cost RM30 at Genting if you bought it as souvenir which I still think it's worthwhile for me to catch those.

And that's howI spent my day at Genting...


Monday, January 1, 2007

New year eve countdown party

There are just too much occasions for me these few days.. Not only my wallet is drying up but my stomach is getting bigger too.. I can't imagine to continue days like this for months.. I will sure get the throne as the fattest man in the Guiness World Record.. All I do is eat, eat and eat..

Preparing the new year eve countdown party was easy but tiring.. I had to call the restaurant to make an order for the food we ate to my house on the new year eve, cleaning up my house, making sure the P.A. system was good in shape for the karaoke session.. However the hardest part was to make the decoration for party.. It takes me 4hours to finish the wordings only..

Ofcourse, after counting down, it's not anymore a new year, that's why we burst off the wording"New Year" and left "HAPPY 2007"..

As usual, the fun part is to capture pictures as remembrances..

And ofcourse.. Not forgetting to have Harry happy throughtout the year 2007..


Costume Party (30th Dec 2006)

Well.. Malaysia is not that trendy in having costume party.. That was one of the reason explaining why I did not have the right costume to be worn for the costume party.

The costume party was organized by St John Ambulance and it was the first time for me to attend such a party (costume party). When I knew that it was a costume party, it got me really headache to think of what costume to be worn for the party.. At last I wore a costume featuring "Hawaiian Style"..

Ofcourse, there are different types of costume altogether.. And below are pictures showing winners that won the best, romantic and wild costume..

And below are the three ladies that can kill you for looking into their eyes..

And below is a picture showing how a costume can change one gender to another..

Pictures are just pictures.. That was a fantastic night where you can see how people dress themselves for a costume party.. It is quite different from other places and other countries I believe.. Some of the winner spent a lot of money just to get their costume readied..

It depends on how you wanna dress and how you want to make a place lively..