Saturday, January 31, 2009

DiGi Music Telegram

It’s been a while since I see advertisement of DiGi Music Telegram all around the blogosphere and I did not really put it at good use.. And surprisingly, I got a surprised call last week early in the morning (just woke up) from a MyFM DJ, DJ Fei Bi telling me that there’s a song dedication from my girlfriend “Yuchelia” and wanted me hear the message dedicated from her..


Well, my girlfriend is not in Malaysia currently which made them unable to contact her and instead of calling her, they called me.. I was like “stunned” for a moment when a lady called me and said she’s from MyFM.. I thought what trouble I got into.. and there.. DJ Fei Bi passed the message to me.. Though I couldn’t really hear the message clearly but I felt the message is so sweet and I was so touching..

And soon after that, I found out that this Music Telegram is an awesome thingy.. Guess what?! I found the message dedicated from my girlfriend from the “Previous Dedication” log..


For those who cant view the picture, this is what she dedicated to me..

From: Yuchelia (My lovely..)

To: Krawx (Yours truly..)

Song: Ming – I Need Somebody

Message: Its almost 9mths now. All the ups and downs that we've been through, it has made our relationship stronger. Thanks for everything. If until the day comes, that I'm unable to be by urside anymore, just know that my love will always be there, no matter where I am. For the time being, I need someone to make me strong in going on through everything.. Hope you'll always be there. Love you loads baby.

Wah kaoz.. I flew into the air and felt the love is in the air.. EVERYWHERE!!

Well, I know.. part of the message do sound a bit depress.. but I guess.. those are part of the ups and downs of the relationship.. *winks*

Touching?! I guess it’s time to do the same thing for your love ones.. Be it your family or your friends.. Just send your dedication sincerely and you’ll be able to pass them on!

Another spectacular thing I found from this Digi Music Telegram is one of the clip I found in that site..

Oh my GOD!! Azizi is in the video.. and guess what?!

AZIZI ZAKARIA is now singing amongst big names like Suki, diddy and so on.. I met this little fella way back at the Digi Celebriteen ‘07 – 2nd season.. Check this post out about the interview with him..

He really did a good job by impressing me with his great vocal.. and WHAO!! I heard that his ALBUM is launching in March.. cant wait to get one soon!!!! (Hoping to get his own signature on it too..)

To know more about Azizi Zakaria, check out his blog at Who knows you might be able to get his album from him himself?! Well, just “who knows” what will happen..

One more thing to share with all of you.. You should check this video out! It’s one of the video I like..

I laughed till I rolled on the floor and jumped up and down.. *literally*.. I guess, you can just pass your cruel or lovely message via this DiGi Music Telegram.. AWESOME!!

Time for you to make a dedication for me.. Try not to be so CRUEL ya..


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese “Niu” Year

I know that you’d say “NOT AGAIN?!” I’m pretty sure that a lot of bloggers all around the world had written a post to greet everyone with their warmest wishes for this Chinese New Year..

If you are thinking that I might to something different.. then.. I might have disappoint you.. Oh well.. Guys!! I’m here to wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year Too..


Time actually passed kinda fast.. and like I always said.. we’re fighting with the time.. flowing in different direction.. but I guess, it aint all so bad.. Chinese New Year is like “TOMORROW!”.. I mean it really is TOMORROW!

I can’t wait to celebrate this Chinese New Year  in the year of 2009!! Well, basically, I’m going to celebrate this new year.. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.. celebrate from the 1st day of Chinese New Year till “Chap Goh Meh” (15th day of Chinese New Year) without being frustrated for the need of attending for class or anything likewise..

Oh man.. I’m sure I have to treasure this 15 days of Chinese New Year.. There are various of things happening around me lately.. and was not able to update it.. Not forget to mention that I even owe my readers for my December updates..


Well, Just to make this a short one.. I hereby wish everyone  新年快乐 (“Happy Chinese New Year”) and 恭喜发财 (“Gong Xi Fa Cai”).. I’m pretty sure the “Cow” will be kinda busy this year.. Everyone will just pop in and out with Happy “Niu (牛)” Year when they do house visiting..

Of course, if you are still at the legal age for “Ang Pao”, I wish you to have more and more “Ang Pao” as legal age pass kinda fast..
And if you are a married couple, wish you have a happily ever after life at all time..
And if you are involved in business, wish you have a smooth and fruitful success ahead.. (Don’t forget my Ang Pao, if you happened to be kinda fruitful this year..)
And if you are still studying, wish you get GOOD results and able to cope with it..
And if you are working, don’t complain too much but to wish you all good and able to get a “raise” from your boss..
And if you are still dreaming, time to wake up, life is short.. live life to the fulless..
And if you know Harry, I sincerely wish everyone a smooth sailing year ahead and not to look back on the things that kept us back.. Time to move on.. It’s time to change!!

Well, guys, if you wanna come my house for house visiting, make sure you buzz me on my phone ya.. You know the number so I won’t post it here anymore..

Last but not least, wish you all 888 HUAT HUAT HUAT FA FA FA this year..


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bambu Haur Restaurant – Jakarta

As I promised long long time ago in one of my previous post, I’ll post one by one about my trip in Jakarta.. Well, it’s been a month plus after that short post.. So, to not make you complain more about a blank promise, I’ll cut the crap and show you the nice environment of Bambu Haur Restaurant in Jakarta..

I’m not really sure about the location of this restaurant but we entered this restaurant while we were in our journey to Pangandaran Beach.. We took our lunch out of no where (typically, I am always not good with direction..) but I was surprised to see the environment.. I would say FABULOUS for such a place..

Imagine walking into a cozy restaurant in a “kampung” (village).. (well, that’s how I felt though..)


Yes, I can’t deny that the look from the outside looked pretty normal.. In fact, not as cozy as you thought..

But the moment we entered the restaurant.. We started to think differently about the place..


It’s undeniable that the place is a bit warm since it’s not air-conditioned, but who cares, cozy doesn’t has to be air-conditioned at all time.. As long as you’re comfortable with it, the you will be fine with it!

PC070360 PC070371

I know, I know.. You must have thought I was kidding with you telling you how cozy it was but in the end it’s only the beautiful landscape that amazed me.. but to tell you the truth, in Malaysia, we can’t actually find a restaurant that is well designed in the middle of nowhere.. Mostly, we’re able to see some normal restaurant with simple and typical design only..


One remarkable thing about this place is that there are few houses next to the restaurant and I was thinking that the restaurant, most probably, belongs to the landlord there..

I am kinda impress with Indonesians crafting works and their creativity.. They are really good in it.. Well, I guess that’s how you should be when you are struggling yourself to make living in such a big and populated country..

Since it’s a restaurant, time to see the Menu..


Don’t be surprised with the number of “0” zero behind all those figure.. I was shocked everytime I look at the menu in Indonesia, no matter how many time I’d look at it..

Well, even though, the restaurant is well-known for their “Ikan Bakar”, we didn’t really eat their “Ikan Bakar” (if.. I didn’t recall wrongly.. sigh.. can’t blame Harry’s lousy memory..)


Well, most people has their cold dishes as their appetizer.. As for us?! Our appetizers are those “Keropok” or better known as cracker in English.. Well, I don’t know much about those cracker as I personally didn’t eat much of it as it’ll thirst me very fast!


Well, we tried out some of their course meal.. It taste quite nice.. And the fried fish are super duper crispy..

About the candle?! Well, a lot of restaurant in Indonesia used candle to prevent flies from coming.. I don’t know how effective it is, but I am pretty sure it work because I don’t really see much flies coming to us even though “their” favourite dishes were there..



Well, that’s pretty much about how the restaurant is.. If you really need to know where the place is located, I would have to ask my girlfriend since she’s more familiar with the place.. Teehee~~



Monday, January 12, 2009

Reason African women should be scared of

There's a lot of reasons why we should be afraid of something.. People got some trauma after some serious incidents happened to them for some times and slowly it became a hidden memory, yet a horrifying memory..

For example, like me, since small, I'd always afraid of playing basketball or even football.. I got traumatized by them just simply because I always got hit by the ball by just standing or walking by the field.. I have no idea why, but the ball just came right at my face and "POOOP!" at my head and I went "!@$#@#@^@$" (cursing) after that.. and slowly.. trauma became phobia.. I guess I am now afraid of those balls not the human balls of course..

So, back to the topic.. why I said there's a reason that why African woman should be scared of?!

"Afraid of what?!", you asked..

I'd say afraid of the Dicks Cocks Cunts MEN there in Africa..

You'll get the bells ringing when you see picture below which I got from another forwarded e-mail from a crazy friend of mine.. Mail forwarding can be one way to spread things fast and with wide coverage.. Just like DIGI..

image image image

Ok.. I know.. I saw you had your jaw dropped after looking at these picture.. Argh.. Man.. A lot of guys wishes to have extra long dick cunt cock "little brother".. but I guess once they saw the picture above, they got traumatized.. I'm sure they don't wish to be like one of any above..

Seriously, it's scary to me.. Imagine when you go shopping.. looking for underwear or brief.. You just can't get the size right.. You got what I mean, don't cha?!

Ya.. first reaction might be impressive.. but when it comes to intercourse.. Uhmz.. I guess you know the rest.. While you may be enjoying it, you might be hurting yourself too.. You should be running for help as fast as you could if you see this on your bed!

I believe, now, you know the reason why African woman should be afraid of the guy there and that they can run freaking fast.. Either they enjoyed it a lot or they suffered a lot.. What say you?!!


Disclaimer: All of the pictures above are taken from a forwarded mail. The contents above in this post are not based on facts. It's written to create merely a Harry's humour.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Youth '09 - Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival

Oh my god.. The time has come again.. This time.. BIGGER THAN EVER!!

Youth '09 is definitely a sure go event.. You asked "Why So?!"..

This is why..

Animax Cosplay Competition

One of the eye-catchy event will be the Cosplay competition.. Malaysia's youth are now getting more animated!! I should say that they had brought animation to life!

I wish I will be there because the event is TOTALLY FREE (maybe not all but I guess most of it..) FREE ADMISSION and MANY MANY MORE ACTIVITIES.. (Terms and Condition applied, of course..)

There will be a lot of competitions, besides Cosplay competition, during the event which includes FUTSAL competition, Basketball Challenge, Extreme Street Dance Challenge, Expression Photography Challenge, Battle of the Bands 2 and many many more..


If you are in West Malaysia, make sure not to miss it and tell me more about it.. ARGH.. How I wish I will be there...



Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fashion or Body Art?!

NOTE: Click [X] on the upper right corner immediately if you are under 18 years old. The content below may not suit you.

First of, I have to repeat myself again.. I'm sorry for my disappearance.. I felt so heavy on my shoulder that I couldn't take it off.. I try not to think too much stuffs and try to do less.. but I think things started to get messed up now..

Anyway, back to main topic.. Fashion or Body Art?!

Have you seen Body Art before?! You think you know what's fashion?!

Not until you see the pictures below and you will have your jaw drop..


image image


Well, I give a thumb up for 4 of the pictures above.. Those are good body arts... Now, don't you come complain to me saying that I am posting up indecent pictures because these are all ARTS!!

Well, with those arts attached.. I do think it's quite a fashionable way to express yourself ain' it?!

You see people torturing themselves by poking needles to their nose, eye, tongue, everywhere on the body and face and even their penis vagina "private part".. If you say that's fashion too, I'll say "BULLSHIT".. Oh, by the way, they called it piercing.. I call it nonsense..

Piercing on ear is quite fine to me.. but piercing elsewhere?! I'm not too sure about that.. Some people suits with piercing but some people just don't get it.. The more they pierce, the more monster look they are.. They look just so inhuman..

Nevermind about the piercing part.. As for now, I'll show you what's the difference between body art and computer art..



image image

You say they are real art?! Well, define "art" to me now.. Haha.. I just think it's kinda fake, especially their face.. Doesn't look like human bone structure at all.. Okay okay.. Fine.. They either use mask or photoshop it then.. I don't really like those 4 pictures above.. They look too fake to me..

If you say they are epic, you should see this..


Crabby girl.. looks genuine..

image image image

.. or Bugs' life?!

I think these are cool.. though look a bit unreal.. but who cares.. they are cool and beautiful arts!

Now what's ART again?!