Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nuffnang - Hancock Screening (GOOD JOB!)

It all started by just blogging about Not Your Average Hero post to get Nuffnang Private Screening ticket for Hancock.. Writing that post wasn't easy at first.. Need a bit of brain juice for it.. so yeapz!

There.. I got my screening ticket confirm from ROBB CHEW ..


Whoa!! Some more TWO tickets from them.. and I can date my girlfriend to watch the movie together..

On that screening day, Monday (7th July 2008), my girlfriend and I headed to Cineleisure straight away after our class ended at 6pm. We rushed to avoid traffic jam from Cyberjaya.

WORSE PART!! We got LOST while trying to go to Cineleisure.. We missed the SIGNBOARD to BANDAR UTAMA.. Oh shoot!! And my girlfriend and I didn't know which way to take a U-Turn.. in the end.. we drove till SUNWAY and make another turn back again.. GOSH!! It took us an HOUR +++!!!

Sigh.. what to do?! First time driving there.. (Oh ya.. my car just arrived here a week ago..)

When we reached Cineleisure, it's already 8pm liao.. I intended to go KFC eat after suffering from the JAM!! Unluckily, Cineleisure NO KFC de.. only McDonald.. So boh bian lo.. Go Mc Donald eat..

While eating.. saw few bloggers went behind there and gathered and eat together.. I felt like tagging along but I am SHY le.. It's like a big CROWD there.. and I will be alien if I joined along..

After makan, we went to the Cineplex to redeem the ticket at 9pm.. We saw a bit crowd already when we reached there..


Yeapz.. TWO TICKETS from Nuffnang and Cathay Cineplex.. and I met Karena and Kenny Choo there.. and OMG!! Karena forgotten me?! also see Andrew.. but he's too busy taking pictures..

NICE MEETING YOU, KENNY CHOO!! (A very friendly guy)..

What happened next is.. Bloggers started CAM WHORING!!


Sigh.. Me?! No one to take picture with.. 'cause I'm sorta an alien there.. So I took with this instead..


There.. a SIGN that I was there..

After discussing with my girlfriend a while.. She insisted asking me taking one picture with the one who gave us the ticket..


Yeapz.. ROBB CHEW himself!! I actually get to know that he is Robb aka SotongZai after reading few people's blog.. Sorry ya, Robb..


Oh My God!! Some more he is the Blogger Relations Executive of Nuffnang..

Of course, looking at people CAM WHORING there.. I also CAM WHORE with my Girlfriend..

Alien + Alien's GF

After movie, I terus CHIONG balik to my hostel to rush some assignment for the next day presentation.. What a tiring day.. but nice to see a lot of blogger there..


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Alien aka Krawx


kid said...

(Good Job) == Goo-dde- Jo-ob-be.....!!!!!
quoted from the movie itself

How was the movie in your opinion? I think overall its good. Just that it's a bit ridiculous in the first few minutes.

I guess your "lostness" in the middle of the city is just a lesson! And at least now you know which way to go. Hope you wont be lost for the second time!

Good luck brother!!!

Harry said...

kid? mind intro who you are?! hehe.. *very eager to know*

Thank you.. and yeapz.. it's a lesson.. at least i know how to go one U now..

about the movie.. still ok la.. and like wat you say.. over exaggerate a bit lo.. and the front part.. when he is flying that time.. a bit too fake..

singingcoconut said...

after read your post, I just realize Robb's position in nuffnang. Erm... donno how to say but you're not the only blur about it XD

Harry said...

hu hu.. i got a company hehe..

yeapz.. lolz

RealGunners said...

u totally wasted the screening-gathering ~.~" shd hav camwhored with the bloggers ma..

Harry said...

would have camwhore with them if I knew majority of them.. haha..

will de.. next time bah.. cause they were all so busy camwhoring.. what to do?!

haha.. dats why i said i am alien there..

some more people cant even recognize me.. i was like @.@

kid said...

me? Naah. Just an ordinary kid from an ordinary place,,, the name's Stella. Nice to "meet" you harry,,, uhmz,,, yea,,, :)

Harry said...

hm.. ordinary kid from ordinary place?

everyone on earth is ordinary.. unless u are extra ordinary as shown in TV!!

nice to meet u too.

Baby said...

i didn't realise the guy who handed me the tickets was the guy who sent me the email. he looked familiar but i can't remember from which blog did i see him before..