Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Digi Shuffle Showdown @ Tebrau City, Johor

I went to Johor last Sunday (29th June 2008) and witness the Shuffle battle organised by Digi. And guess what happened?!

Digi Shuffle

Below are the stars who performed on that day..

Digi stars

From left: Azizi, Clement, Asyraf, Saban, Zenny, Lynn Malik from Singapore, Aesar Mustafa (Gangstarz 1), Baki Zainal from 8TV

So what did they do?!

Group sing

Five of the young one, all from Digi Celebriteen '07, perform group song and few solo song as well.. They even sang "As Long As You Love Me" and RAP it with the word D-I-G-I.. It's awesome.. It really switched on the environment and attracted lotsa people..


Oh my god.. Look at the crowd!!

What am I doing.. It's Digi Shuffle Showdown event!! Of course, there's a lot of shufflers around.. 8 groups were chosen from 70groups to go to the final round..

Some of them performed a good show..


and some of them brought in Digi Yellow Coverage Fellow in their dance..


Not forgetting to mention.. Shufflers had even form their own group or society to accommodate capable shufflers..


Supreme Youngster.. They separated into few groups to participate this showdown.. and a lot of them got into the final round..


and, of course, we must have judges to judge which group will be the best.. According to Lynn Malik, she wanted to see group co-ordination in their dance.. Not much group can do that as I felt a mess when they dance together except few groups..


And thanx to Baki, the whole show was lively and atmosphere was BURNING!! I should learn from him on how to host such event.. Hm.. hmm..

Also, we had enjoyed great performances from Aesar (Gangstarz 1) and Lynn Malik (Singapore) with the beautiful sounds that continued to heat up the environment..


Guess what.. They even invited few kids to shuffle while they are performing.. What society is this.. Even KIDS below 10 also knows how to shuffle.. When I was even 10 years old, I didn't even know what the heck is Shuffle!


After the whole event, I guess all the singers are worn out and stress out.. and this was what happened to them after show..


Oh.. Almost forget to introduce the white shirt guy in front.. Naim.. He is the talent management guy who manage this whole bunch of young talent..

lynn with me

And I was lucky enough to be able to take picture with Lynn Malik.. She's really a good poser with her fake eyelashes.. 


bloodyhoney28 said...

omg. sabanjiven looks so fat now!!! i knew him when i was in form 3 and he looks thinner la back then! say hi to him yea if you meet him :D

Harry said...

hu hu.. haha.. sure thing..

i think he is trying his best to get in shape now.. hehe.. let's wait for his transformation then..