Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tribute for China Earthquake Victims and Helpers

Earthquake in China had taken away many innocent lives in May 2008.. There were so much pain and sorrow on top of the burden of the victims family.. We did our part by donating some money to the victims to help and aid them..

Though there were sad times, but there were things that we learned from this earthquake.. "Nature is unpredictable".. They can take people's life and they can let us stay..

All the pictures below are pictures that I received from one of the forwarded mail which I think I should share with everyone.. The artist of this comics did a great job by drawing the eventful memories during the earthquake to not let us forget what happen in China..


The Song of Miracle

Songs that revive someone from death.. It's better than 7up Revive..

The Boy Who Lived 

The boy must remember all of these event when he grown up and knowing the story of his name.. He was named "Ai (Love)"

Just One More!!!

Never give up until there's really no hope..

Take My Wings

Wings of love.. Burden of a teacher but love towards the students.. *sob sob*

I Must Be Strong

He fought to the end as he could.. So, never say you can't when you were given a chance..

My Father Is A Hero

A Father who is a Hero could not save his own child.. He knew his responsibility and he knew how many life are equally tortured by the disaster.. He is not one to be blamed..

A Trip to Russia

Of course, there were some events that makes you laughed when you are unconscious of the surrounding..

Getting a Refund!

Gosh.. Car Disaster happened along the Natural Disaster..

Coke Boy

Says who Coke can't save someone.. This is proven by this inspiring story..

The Last Lesson

Mr Tan who will always be in the children's memories.. Knowing whose life are more precious is something that we should all know.. I didn't ask you to go suicide or what.. It's just that.. We should value the one (or more) around us too..

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