Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Visit to Palace of Justice

11th July 2008 : My faculty had arranged a trip for us the Business and IT students for the Foundation year to PAY we have to pay RM10 for the stupid bus fare which is freaking near for a visit to Palace of Justice or so-called the "Istana Kehakiman" at Putrajaya..

There's nothing much besides pretty architecture where our money goes for such expensive design.. However, it worth a visit though as not everyone of us including you can enter the Palace of Justice anytime and any day you wanted..

Ok.. All about it are law law and law.. and bla bla bla.. bah.. let's just take a look of the picture..

Meeting Hall 
Big Meeting Hall

Library of the Palace of Justice where thick and boring books are..

Museum of Justice.. Some boring collections there but nothing much there..


Scary huh?! This is definitely something that can scares me in the middle of the night.. It's like HOUSE OF WAX in the Museum.. GOSH!

Okay.. Forget about the scary part.. Here's the only place where I wanted to see..

Court of Appeal

Something something.. Sorry.. too many names to remember..


And.. someone who are innocent until proven GUILTY! well.. Someone someone.. Can't remember what they are called!

Of course, not everything is so boring.. I really enjoyed the design there..


And yeapz.. with me along.. the art is complete!!


And I found this Stone.. In the middle of the hallway.. I guess it's something important..


After that, camwhore.. camwhore and camwhore again!

Purplish guy (me) and my girlfriend

From bottom: Yuni, Shirley, Boon San and Swee Ying

From Purple to Black: Harry, Yuni, Boon San, Shirley

And now.. Some important piece of information for everyone from the government..

Go and work lah! Always sit in front of computer heh?!


Your Humble Servant said...

I like this post... you have brought us to see where many Malaysians don't get to see...

Thank you very much

Tommy said...

Palace of Justice! ..sounds to me very respectful.However,only when whole nation of highest trust to the justice,only this palace be appreciated.Until that,it might be perceived a waste...Hope Malaysia can make it lah..

Harry said...

tommy: Exactly.. Very thoughtful mind of yours.. :)

your humble servant: I'm glad to do that.. sharing is caring.. furthermore, it's not everyplace that anyone can just go ain't it?? Will post more when I go somewhere else interesting..

galisin88 said...

wow you're lucky to step inside the Palace of Justice.....the pics you took was fantastic....except the group photo....Can i ask what are you doing there at the Palace of Justice?
what is your purpose of being there?

Harry said...

uhzm uhmz..which group photo? hehe..

i went there.. merely for a trip.. by force to get extra mark for my law exam lolz..

and it's just merely a visiting.. and also.. it's merely to hang out with my friends..

lolz.. actually.. go there just to see how palace of justice looks like.. since not everyone can enter and not everyone will go there anytime also de.. hehe