Thursday, July 17, 2008

Short Post: STRESSFUL Busy Life with Some Exams

Normally, when it comes to exam, I'll like "GOSH! It's exam again!" and I'll start to lazy about..

I personally hate studying especially the part where I have to memorize lots-of-lots-of things.. Frankly speaking, my brain doesn't work with memorizing.. The capacity is reserved for practical work as a temporary dump file (sounded very robotic or PC-liked term..)

And guess what?! I'd been studying so hard because it's freaking fu*king law exam.. Many asked me why I took LAW since I HATE LAW!! Well, to tell you the truth, I also don't know the reason..

It's the University which arranged us who studying in IT to take "Principle of Law" (though it's freaking not related).. I'm going for BSc. (Hons) Software Engineering with Multimedia (NO! It's not the engineer that work on construction site.. But.. perhaps on WEB site..)

Luckily, I had my friend along with me to study together as a small study group..

Shirley and Boon San

160720081388_1 160720081389_1

Well, just making fun of the picture.. That's not what to be interpreted.. *giggles*

Gosh! It's suppose to be a short post.. ended up to be so long..


galisin88 said...

kesian have to learn the law in your course when your course is software engineering.......I used to study law in my first semester....since my course is something to do with the safety and health of workers in any industry.....

in Law,we(me and my course mates) have to remember the law at our fingertips at all times.....more or less become a half-lawyer remembering facts is a must for us as in our exams.....

we were given a case study and we have to put what we study about the law into the exam room is like a courtroom.....kinda....:/

Harry said...

oic.. dat must be tough.. hehe.. ugh.. I hate to memorize stuff