Thursday, July 3, 2008

I hate FAKERS!!!!

Gosh!! When will people stop imitating me?! This ain't the first time and I hope this will be the last time..

I have no idea why people like to imitate me.. Some they disgrace me.. while some just merely imitate me..

Look at what he did..


He created a blogger account here and..


even created a Friendster account here..

I don't get what's wrong is it with this guy.. He used my name "Kho Yong Hua" in his profile and did some copy and paste of my detail.. and even COPY my BLOG POST into this profile (the one regarding the "10 Reasons to Make Love")

Using my picture is fine.. but using my picture to imitate me and also using my picture without letting people know who I am can really confuse my fans and my friends.. They might thought I am trying to make fun of them or whatever it is..

This is really bad and terrible.. Sigh.. I mean.. Get a life dude.. I don't think I am at any good to be imitated.. and he even gave me a sucky comment with sucky Engrrish..

What's worse about him is.. He seemed to know what song I like and so on.. It seemed like someone who really know me in real life..


Oh my god.. Arnold, if that's really the reason to idolize someone.. then that's very wrong Arnold.. I'm kinda upset with this doing..

I need everyone to lend me their hand to help me report this guy in Friendster (if you have any account) and let me know what should I do..


bloodyhoney28 said...

you can report him.
it's easy. look at the very bottom of his profile and find 'report offensive content'. click on it and you cans select reason why. then submit lor...

Harry said...

submit already.. many times.. not helping..

Anonymous said...

hi harry,
sometimes it takes time for them(blogger team and friendster) to find out about this faker....

i suggest you do this.....CONSTANT helps....when you are persistent and keep on doing will succeed in getting rid of this faker.....

Harry said...

hm.. i'll try..