Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Save money. Thing that increased in value..

While I was flipping through a newspaper today, I came across with this interesting advertisement..

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I laugh my arse out like hell when I saw this advertisement.. How true it is..

Well, I really admire Digi in doing advertisement.. They are able to trigger their mind to do such creative advertisement..

Creative mindset + current issue = Creative advertisement.. what a good combination..

Yes.. yes.. now everything has increased in price.. and we need to SAVE our f*cking expensive petrol, water and electricity.. Luckily, we dont have to save so much on our phone credit nowadays..

Should really thanks to Digi for pulling all the price down.. If you still remember how much per SMS cost many years back before Digi appears, you'll know how much changes had our telco did..

We used to pay RM0.20 each per SMS 10++ years back.. When Digi started to compete with Maxis which monopolized the telco market other telco, Call rate and SMS rate are a lot cheaper nowadays..

What a relieve.. I can even SMS for 1cent to my close friend and just 7cents to other telco.. WAAAAaa.. So much cheaper liao..


Note: I am not here to advertise for Digi.. I am just telling what happened back in 10 years and how creative an advertisement can be nowadays..


bloodyhoney28 said...

haha...i admit their ads are good stuff but they still cant beat maxis :D

Harry said...

well.. digi's hitting the market at east m'sia.. and yeap.. it's true they cant beat maxis.. but thanx to Digi, maxis has low call/sms rate too.. hehe