Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm a Maths Tutor (Working overtime and unpaid)

Michael : Hey.. Can you teach us Maths tonight?
Harry : Uhm.. Ok.. Many to learn?
Michael : About 30minutes..
Harry : Alright then..

(The conversation might differ a little bit but it's similar.. XD )

Because of the SMS conversation as above, I promised the KIDS to teach them Maths as they were not so very worried about their probability to pass the Maths..

I, in fact, on that night (Wednesday night, 3th July 2008), was rushing my English assignment for my Oral presentation stuff.. But because of them, I won't mind spending some of my time teaching them.. It's the FINAL EXAM after all..


Thanx to Boon San for helping me to tutor them as well.. If I am the only one who handle them.. I think I'll be crazy..

Looking at them so hardworking.. I also happy la..

I guess that's how a TEACHER feel everytime see his/her students trying their best at their subject..


also.. special thanks to my girlfriend for helping us taking pictures (I know I know.. Teaching first.. but Posing only take few secs mah..)

The funniest part is.. they ended up with STRESS!



See how stress they are.. Don't know our tutor got problem or they are at their limit already.. haha..

We used more than 30minutes.. In fact, we used 2hours plus to teach them.. ><"

Anyway, after that night, it was a relief that they said they were able to do few question.. I am praying they won't fail their subject..

Felt like holding a responsibilities here for taking care these few KIDS..

So KIDS, don't ever give up when someone is willingly to lend a hand for you guys.. I did my part and I hope you guys do your part as well..


Anonymous said...

hi harry,
nice to see you working part time as a maths least you already teach them what they need to it's just for them to do well in their subject...

Harry said...

yeapz.. it's for their own good hehe..