Sunday, July 6, 2008

Born To Blog (B2B)

Are you blogging for real?! If you do, perhaps you should consider for applying this program.

The details that attracted me are as:


  1. You must update your blog at least twice a week.
  2. Your must build traffic, maintain at least 100 unique visitor/days at the 6th month and achieve 200 unique visitor/days after 11th month from this sponsorship program (Adjustable depend on performance)
  3. You must maintain a sponsor banner and link of sponsor on your blog

Blogger freedom:

  1. You can blog any thing, except illegal stuff
  2. You can make money with this blog, allow to put ads, write sponsor post. Make money online.
  3. You are giving the right control over your domain and hosting control panel.(private control panel) As long fulfill above requirement.

What you get from this sponsorship program:

  1. 1 Domain Name(.Com .Net .Org)
  2. 1 GB Hosting Space
  3. 10 GB Bandwidth
  4. 1 MySQL Database (applicant can request to add on)
  5. 1 FTP (applicant can request to add on)
  6. 1 Mail Account (applicant can request to add on)
  7. Cpanel Web Hosting Control Panel

The best part of this program is they HELP you to focus yourself to do blogging. It might be a good thing in some way.

Apart from that, I can see that it's a WIN-WIN situation. If you are a newbie blogger, you should consider even more about this as this might help you to boost up your energy to blog.

I believe a lot of bloggers who had a lot of traffic already might not be applying this as they are afraid of losing their traffic. I can understand about that. But consider about the future, having a good domain name secure your blog better and at least you have your own server and not to worry about using free stuff.

For more information, kindly visit this sponsorship program's post.

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