Friday, July 25, 2008

TOP 6 Divorce Cakes

I came across this funny forwarded mail regarding one surprise topic.. "DIVORCE CAKE".. and I was like "WTH?!" (which you probably got the same response when I posted this)..

Seriously, what are the society thinking actually.. -.-" Sigh..

We have to celebrate even when we divorce?! Perhaps it's a trend that people divorce and get married again (or perhaps divorce again..) due to the young immature marriage..

I guess those who celebrated with these cakes are seriously crazy.. Take a look at this TOP 6 Divorce Cakes..

Divorce Cake 3

Rated normal.. but the Finally carried "DEEEEP" Meaning for this..

Divorce Cake 5

Guess this is pretty normal too.. People who bought this cake might divorced due to some argument or stuff..

Divorce Cake 4

Deadly cake.. but not attractive.. things get pretty much interesting already..

Divorce Cake 2   

This must be another scene like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.. (Anyway they got married and they had baby and bla bla bla...)

Divorce Cake 1

As for this picture.. The girl behind raised up the ranking.. Nah.. Just kidding.. Look at the BLOODDD and how many layers of the cake there is.. This must be one of the cake which the wife hated the husband for having another girl outside..

Divorce Cake 6

Er.. This No. 1 is the deadliest cake ever.. Never try this at home.. If you are scare of this cake.. You better listen to your husband/wife.. No promise you won't receive this cake if you are not careful enough on "WHATEVER" you are doing outside...


munmun said...


galisin88 said...

sicko cakes......sends shiver down my spine.....but the no.3 looks cool for a divorce cake.....

zhengdhong said...

WTH! such cakes exists?!

Anonymous said...

The girl behind raised up the ranking? (For cake number 2) Hmm... //marah.. no la.. just kidding..

Harry said...

lol.. it exists i believe.. thats why got those pics..