Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh my god!! I like to suit up!!

Whoa... felt like kinda long didn't post anything new.. well for my fans those who had been wondering where I didn't post anything recently, I sincerely apologize for that.. I was just too packed up with few final assignment to hand in..

At the moment, I had few restless nights to finish everything.. (I know lah.. I know lah.. University/College students tempt to do last minute work ma.. What to do? I am also one of them what??) I did hope my effort pays off..

The part that I really enjoyed (Yes.. I enjoyed watching Hancock.. will be in another post later..) is when I suited up and did my oral presentation for some advertisement..

Suit up 1

How do I look?! Good or not?!

Alrite.. Alrite.. I like posing.. so what?! Camwhoring is part of my life.. *giggles*.. and most importantly, mind you if you are thinking I am GAY!! Though I am taking picture with a guy only, it doesn't mean I am GAY ok?!

By the way, that guy has a name.. his is Boon San..

 Suit up 2

Not forgetting taking pictures with my dearest lovely girlfriend of course.. We do look a bit hard to smile.. Sigh.. What do you expect a walking panda to smile?!

We slept for only few hours just to finish all our assignment le..

Oh ya.. About this shirt?! I like it very much.. I bought it while I was doing my shopping @ Singapore last two month.. Looks familiar to you?! Yap.. it's from G2000.. Aiya.. I only like the colour.. That's why I bought it..

Doing presentation the yesterday wasn't that bad except my TEMPO when I talked.. I guess that's the effect of less sleeping.. My lecturer told me I talked in a flat Tempo and a bit draggy.. I laughed there as I knew I had not have enough sleep.. I slept at 3am that morning and woke up at 5am to do the slides and practice talking..

However, overall, she's still satisfy with my presentation.. What a day..

 Suit up 3

Finally, I get to finish all my assignments now.. Time to rest and blog more!!

Stay tune..


singingcoconut said...

Wow~ You looked mature over here. Thumb up :D

Harry said...

awww.. thanx a lot for ur compliment..

I guess I like to see working man.. gave me a feel they look very smart :)

that's why i like suit up..