Thursday, July 10, 2008

Drobo - Powerful Hard Drives Keeper


Came across this website from and found this interesting product for Techy lovers (FYI, Techy = Hi Technology)..

You can skip this post if you have lots of data to store in your hard disk and don't mind losing the data..

Drobo provides an advanced level of technology which enables you to store more data with higher security function.. It is very flexible.. You can expand your storage size to increase your storage capacity by just adding extra hard disk on it.. Most importantly, it has a function to let you know when your hard disks gone bad and how much storage left in your cumulative hard disks..

It has four slots which enabled you to slot in 4 hard disks and all you have to do is to plug it in to your power source and in to your computer using FireWire/USB 2.0 ike how you normally connect your 3.5" external hard disks to your desktop.. It's as simple as eating rice isnt it? (Just a metaphor..)

Provided, it supports 3 major operating systems which are Linux, Windows and Mac.. Ofcourse, such powerful stuff ain't cheap.. It's USD499 (RM1620++) for just the square empty box.. But ok-lah.. consider it's quite an advanced technology and the design is simply gorgeous with black skin and blue-green light on it..

There are more functions apart from what I'd listed above.. For more information, kindly visit

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