Saturday, June 21, 2008

Not Your Average Super Hero

Talking about not your average super hero.. There's always a question that pops up in my head about SPIDERMAN..

What happen to the Spiderman's web every time he shoot it everywhere around the city? Try to imagine this everywhere around the cities..

Wont the citizens get irritated by the web? Or do they have sexy cleaner to clean the webs for them?!

Gosh! Can't even imagine everywhere I go I see spider webs around me.. Wont it be disgusting especially web made by Spiderman are BIG, ROUGH, and STICKY?!

Get the picture of it now?! Well, if that really happen, I will need Spiderman to do the cleaning for me..

Seeing a familiar scene?! Well, have you even wonder what happen to all those building that are being destroyed during the fight among those superheroes and villain?! Do they have special department to repair those building back for the citizen?! OR the superheroes build back the building by their own hands again?!

After all, they have super abilities that normal human does not have.. They can build it within one day I believe..

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