Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Genting Highlands Danced with Lions Roar!

Well, it's not much like what's in the title though. Well, for those who went to Genting Highlands for the past 3 days (18th-20th July 2008), I am sure you did not miss the 8th Genting World Lions Dance Championship 2008 or something like that which is held every year..


We usually see Lion Dance during Chinese New Year, some ceremony, and some memorable events.. but this time, I saw Lion Dance at Genting Highlands in the middle of the month of July.. Weird month for Lions Dance but perhaps, it's a World Championship, so I guess date or month does not take count anymore..

So, this is how lions are in Genting..


From Hong Kong, pull some stunt out there but not so impressive as to me it looks normal..


From Australia, it's something to me because I'm surprise to see "Ang-Moh" Lion doing the dancing in Asia.. However, they were danced by the chinese there.. I guess that's what they called them "ABC" , Australian Born Chinese..


From Brunei, they pulled out some stunts.. unfortunately, they didn't impress the judges and they did "super slow safe" landing while carrying the head up which shows that they didn't practice enough or didn't have the confidence there.. But to me, they did a good job for their performance already eventhough they did some "falling" move there..


Lion from San Francisco, USA.. Another surprising ABC (this time, American Born Chinese) team.. Not much comment on them.. Was busy baby-sitting.. But.. Ya.. No "Ang-Moh" doing the dance..

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Lion from Malaysia, they were like so Oh My God!! Look at their "Ka-sang", tools! (Neh, the fire sparkling stuff..) They kept their Lion in a big box and said "MADE IN MALAYSIA" which boot lick impressed the judges from the beginning of the show.. I thought they can only make some "interesting" scene only for their performance and not much during the dance.. To my surprise, the Malaysian teams were very very impressive!! Their whole performance is rated "A" by me.. Good storyline, good dance, and of course, good "scene"..

Overall, I did enjoyed this preliminary round performance.. I only went there for few hours and went somewhere else to have dinner after that.. and yeapz, I went for the performance for only one day..

Didn't get to go for the Finals event.. Because I have to PAY mah squeeze with the others and have to take care of the baby at the same time..

However, I heard the news saying that two teams from Malaysia got the FIRST place and FIRST RUNNER-UP in this championship.. The SECOND RUNNER-UP is somewhere nearby Malaysia too and it's non other than Singapore!


singingcoconut said...

I heard Malaysian team been winning for years. In times was represented by Sabah team but not sure about this year.

Anonymous said...

u mean American/ Australian Born Chinese? rather than American/Australian Borned Chinese?

hehehe.. just kidding dude

Harry said...

singingcoconut: well, they'd been wining for years indeed.. about the representers, I am not too sure about it..

anonymous: American/Australian both starts with "A" so yeapz.. both "ABC" haha..

Anonymous said...

You didnt get what i meant... I was referring to the "BORN" instead of "BORNED" because there is no such word as borned... hehehe... :p

Harry said...

Sorry.. misread your comment.. gotta edit immediately.. were typing this in a rush the other day..

Harry said...

oh btw.. there are such word as borned.. but perhaps.. not used in that case..