Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Short Post: Ka-ching or Kar-ching (butt) ?!

I came across this astonishing HILARIOUS stuff when I check this mail which was sent by AirAsia about the latest promotion..


And the funniest thing that I'd ever seen from AirAsia is the surprising informal funny shit opening to their introduction of the advertisement..


I admit it is, indeed, very eye-catchy looking at the butt word but it ended up to make me laugh when I read it repeatedly to get the word right..

If you still don't know what's "ka-ching!", it actually has no meaning to it.. It's more to like the sweet sound of cash registers (you know.. the machines that's at the cashier counter there.. neh! the one where your money jump out from your wallet and drop into there..)

By the way, "Kar-ching", or somewhat to be pronounced as, in Hokkien means Butt, Burit, Arse, Punggung, Ass, 屁股, or something like that..

Hope AirAsia Kar-ching Ka-ching! works in this advertisement though..

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singingcoconut said...

My family call butt as Kak Cheng XD