Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Nanny's Diary 1

Whoaaa... (sounded like Simon So..) I'd been busy taking care of babies during my this semester break.. Though it's just a short break, but days with these kids seemed kinda LoOOOOooong..

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Alwyn and Alycia.. My Nephew and Niece (My eldest sister's children)..

Both of them looks as adorable as it may seemed in the picture.. and Of course, no babies are easy to take care of..

If you say that taking care of baby is an easy job.. how about taking care of babIES..  It's never easy taking care of babies.. You have to understand what they want and what they need..

If you always show your moody face in front of them, I am sure, when they grew up, they won't smile much.. So.. Try to S-M-I-L-E with babies.. It helps them grow healthier and happier..


Hard Smile.. *She's busy playing the drum*

200720081564 200720081566

Hu hu.. And there he is.. his own Jingle Bell Car!!


Erm.. His sister pinjam main also..


I like this picture the most.. SO CUTEE!! KAWAII-DESU!!


Anonymous said... cute..........feel like i want to picit them...emm...your niece and nephew kah?

oh yah.....i'm already back in KL since sunday last week.....this week....i've just started my second year....a year of less theories and more practicals.....I really don't know when i'm going out for practicals anyway.....

and I forgot to include my number in the previous is 016-8814383 - Tim G. can contact me anytime....i've already included your number in my phone since after the way to stay in touch...

If you wan to chat wit me....i'm only around at night time(except i'm busy wit church
activities)so i hope to see you around in YM:):)
Bah....I'll see you soon...

Tim G.
now in Cheras KL....

Harry said...

will take ur number down.. sorry that I am still at Genting.. I went back to KL the other day already but my parent stil wanna come to GEnting again..