Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random Pictures from Genting Highlands

While going downhill from Genting Highlands, I took several pictures which I feel like sharing with everyone.. We often just see the beautiful mountain and cloudy scene from the road but we never really take any photos from it..

So this time, while my father was driving, I was busy taking pictures using my Nokia N82 to try how good the camera works..

And these are the pictures..

210720081574 210720081575 210720081576

Okay.. Ignore the sign.. It was bumpy ahead..

210720081577 210720081578

It got really cloudy and misty when we were heading downhill..


Tokong Chin Swee.. Passing by only.. Didn't go in..


I like this best.. Picture with water and green green GREEN!!


Anonymous said... do sure enjoy your holidays eh....kinda natural and peaceful looking place immortalised in your pic....

Harry said...

still ok la.. now i am still at Genting.. sigh.. backed to KL already then my parent come to Genting again..

Anonymous said...

ok.......enjoy yourself:):):)

your parents must've like it so much that they want to go to Genting again.....