Monday, June 30, 2008

Artiste Close-up feat Azizi, Forever Young

During the past event at Penang, which is the "Meet Quan Nan Ban Jr." event, I'd short interviewed with few of the young and talented artiste..


Azizi, a young talent boy from Johor, came a long way from Digi Celebriteen '07 and became the youngest Digi Superstar.. Do check his Fans Profile out to know more about him..

Interview session with Azizi

Me: Mind introduce to us about you and tell us a little bit of your background?

Azizi: *smiled* Okay.. I'm Azizi Zakaria from Johor Bahru. I'm 17 years old and I'm currently a Form 5 student..
I started singing at the age of 8 and I LOVEEE to sing in front of the crowd!!

Me: Wow.. 17 years old.. a young talented artiste, that is. So, how's life after becoming a Digi Superstar?

Azizi: Well, I would say I have more opportunities to sing all over Malaysia and has wider media coverage..
Just like Digi *laughed humorously*

Me: I see.. I'm sure your fans will be interested to know about this question.. When will your album be ready in the market?

Azizi: My album will most probably be in the market around August or September.. It'll definitely be R&B pop album..
So for those who like R&B pop, you must not miss my album..

Didn't get to ask a lot of question.. Artistes are always busy ><"

After interviewed Azizi, I interviewed two other talented youngster from Forever Young..


Alvin, from Penang, had been participating a lot of singing competition. Recently he had made it to the Final Round and won the title . He is very friendly and a cute fella..

Check out his Friendster Profile and join his Fans Club Group if you support him..

Interview session with Alvin Chong

Me: How long have Forever Young been together?

Alvin: Hm.. Let me think.. I guess it's around one month already.. A lot had happened though it's just a short period of time..


Me: I see.. I heard you sang a solo song on the stage just now. What song was that again?

Alvin: That song is called 'I'll be your friend' in Mandarin version. Previously, the English version was made popular by the DigiCelebriteen champion, Clement Foo.

Me: You sang it very well.. I'm sure you have a lot of fans.. Any words for them?

Alvin: *speaking humbly* My fans?? I hope I do have one.. Emm.. those who like to hear me singing.. I hope they will support me continuously.. and I'll try my best!! *smiled gently*

Next, I interviewed Samuel from Forever Young..


Samuel, from Ipoh, also participated in Leo Idol 2008 and joined Forever Young together with Alvin, Jason and Nic. Each and everyone of them came from different background and formed Forever Young..

Check out Samuel's Friendster Profile, if you would like to know more about him..

Interview session with Samuel

Me: How do you feel after singing on the stage?

Samuel: Very hot. *laugh humorously* The spotlight is too striking, I guess.. and of course, I felt happy and exciting too.. After all, it's the first time for us, Forever Young, to perform together in the crowd..

Me: Okay.. How do you know other members of Forever Young?

Samuel: I knew Alvin and Jason from Leo Idol, except Nic.

Me: How do you think of your performance on the stage today?

Samuel: I think it is okay.. it's definitely better than our practice and rehearsal.. Well.. I guess practice makes perfect..


The interviews were short.. but great as they are all friendly dude..

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