Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Moved House Successfully

Whoa... It's been few deadly tiring days or "WEEKS" I should say, that I'd been burden by this moving house thingy and they never stop haunting me as mentioned from the previous post..

Finally, I am now staying at my new house at this "not so" big and "not so" small condominium and closer to university.. I will go through more reasons later.. Meanwhile, I'll show you what I've got from moving house..



It's not a normal thing for us to move things.. So, it's, of course, to be predicted that Well, I am NOT as "HAIRY" as what smelly rotten tomato which thought tomato can talk Chris Thoo mentioned in one of his post.. (DON'T even try to ARGUE with me that the few strands of hair there are considered "HAIRY".. It's just a proof that my awesome mobile phone, N82 can take such detail picture..)


I know.. I know.. It's freaking packed and stuffy right?! Well, that's my place while I packed my things and prepared myself to move my freaking lots of things to my new place..

Well, can't help much.. We will never notice that we have this much stuffs until we started to do CLEANING SPREE and started to discover our long lost valuable hair from all over our body items scattered all over the hidden place..


Empty and spacious?! Hell yeah!! My new place looked empty and spacious, and most importantly it looked big enough to put all my things in it..


and I have a very nice and healthy view from my room's window.. I hope this will be a great place to live..

Halfway of this post and I still haven't tell my reason of moving to my new place.. Here it goes..

 REASONS of getting out from DESARIA to CYBERIA:

  • Bigger place for me to store my freaking many things
  • Better housemate (have bad experiences staying with unknown Malay housemate which mess up the house and brought friends along to overnight which was not allowed at the hostel..
  • Better management (I hope..)
  • Better INTERNET CONNECTION (I hope Streamyx is at least better than stupid super slow
  • Nearer to my university (which means save more PETROL.. $$..)
  • Closer to my girlfriend (Physically and heart to heart) as she is going to move to the same place same block in the end of this month
  • Better in-house environment
  • A feel like home-sweet-home
  • Not tied by the lousy rules of the management
  • More swimming pools (Imagine one swimming pool at each group of Block namely A, B and C)
  • Cheaper and nicer food served at the Mamak
  • Cheaper taxi and bus fare from here to anywhere else
  • Easy access transport as bus and taxi can be found all around the exit
  • and more.. Lazy to write so much la.. I bet you are tired reading all the reasons also..

We went to IKEA, bought few furnitures and had our lessons.. DON'T BUY FROM IKEA UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO ASSEMBLE ALL THE FURNITURE BY YOURSELF.. Of course, you can choose to ask the people from IKEA to assemble for you.. All you have to do is to pay EXTRA $$ only ma.. Then again.. what's the point of buying from IKEA when you want cheap stuffs there..


Whee.. Snapped this picture while assembling my wardrobe..


My housemate at my new place.. Boon San and Shirley..


and my LOVELY and simply ADORING girlfriend.. Should really thanks her for giving us a hand while we were busy moving our house and stuffs..

After assembling and place the furniture in the rooms..


Room seemed to be a bit congested already by just the furniture.. Haven't include all my things in it..


This is how it looks like when everything is inside.. Of course, I haven't pack finish yet la.. I know it's in a big mess.. Kinda tired putting everything in place.. Been not resting well for whole week liao..


Matress is our best pal when it comes to resting..WHOA!! SO NICE!!

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