Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Coffee Terrace @ Genting Highlands

Last month, 26th July 2008, my girlfriend's family brought my family and I to one wonderful restaurant at Genting Highlands..


and the name is Coffee Terrace.. from the name, it sounded more like a relaxing place with coffee and music just like Starbucks and Coffee Beans..

but when I stepped into the place, I was stunned by the design and ambience of the place..

they have great sculptures there..

 260720081632 260720081635
with nice antiques and traditional items displayed around the wall..

and with great lightings all around the ceiling..

The most important thing there is BUFFET!! You get to select variety of foods from variety of culture selections.. From Eastern cuisine to Western cuisine..



the weird thing that I saw is this..


ain't this suppose to be MAMAK instead of Western Asian cuisine?!


I got this from the so-called Western Asian cuisine.. it's Naan, Tandori Chicken, and Papad (if I didnt remember wrongly..)


Ofcourse, some mouth watering SUSHI are available there.. I took a lot and ate a lot.. GOSH!! They are great with the GREEN GREEN WASABI!!!!

There are a lot more food that I ate and I didn't take the picture 'cause I ate too much.. *pai seh to let people see I eat too much mah..*


Ready for some desert?!


Or some local fruits?!

Oh.. before I forget.. Let me introduce my girlfriend's parent.. They are very kind person.. Very nice to meet them.. and also thanking them for treating us the buffet there..


My mother, my nephew, and my girlfriend's mother..


My girlfriend's father and my father..

No one take pictures of me and my girlfriend 'cause all busy eating.. only me take picture here and there.. I guess it's just the regular routine of blogger to share what's happening around him..

Well, not forgetting to take a narcist photo before leaving..


A photo in front of the entrance/exit.. I haven't even get ready yet and my mother snapped the photo liao.. Sigh... Guess that's all from Coffee Terrace..

To feel it, see it, and taste it.. Go for it.. Only at Genting Highlands..


galisin88 said...

wow.....that is being kena belanja by your gf's family......hai....kalau dah berkenan,masuk meminanglah:P juz kidding wit u okay;)

you are a true blue narcisist on your photo......the place in the photos were nice....I can imagine the ambience,the atmosphere and dining experience to be quite interesting and enjoy eat-all-you-can buffet lol lol.....

tat's all from me......msg me when you r free:)hope we can chat anytime or meet someday:):)

kid said...

So nice! The place is terrific! Will be there in no time!

By the way, I seldom see your girlfriend picture already. Coming soon?

Who knOws latEr strAight aWay weDding pIc?

JusT kiDding dUde!

Harry said...

Galisin: nice that u can imagine.. hehe.. yeapz.. hope we can chat anytime or meet someday..

Kid: straight away wedding pic ah? lol.. we'll see.. Hope you enjoy looking those pictures..

kid said...

So is it true? bWakAkakA!!!

Just kidding mate..

Don't tAke iT toO sEriOus okAy?

tAke caRe...

Yuni Kurniawan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yuni Kurniawan said...

woopz.. forget to write something.. so here is the original comment:

ya hor... no one took picture for us.. huhuhuhu... nevermind.. there are still lots of chance.. kekekeke..
the sushi not really nice le.. preferred sushi king.. or the one at one u.. and it is cheaper than sushi king.. lets go there some other time.. kalau duidz mencukupi... X(

and i want to add:
apaan sih wedding pic.. masih jauhhh dehhh.. =p kekeke... soliiiii..