Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mamma Mia, Here I Go Again

Judging from the title of this post.. Yes.. It's something related to Mamma Mia.. After having such a busy time moving the house, I guess, I should take a rest and relax.. and I saw this at Nuffnang's blog..

Nuffnang Premiere Screening - Mamma Mia! The Moviemamma-mia

MAMMA MIA! presented by Nuffnang for all their loyal Nuffnangers.. what's more interesting is they do the screening in two locations simultaneously..

Date : 22nd of September 2008 (Monday)
Time : 9pm
Venue : GSC One Utama (New Wing)
Hall : 9
Pax : 250

Date : 22nd of September 2008 (Monday)
Time : 9pm
Venue : GSC Gurney Plaza Penang
Hall : 8
Pax : 180

I guess this should be pretty interesting as this is the first time seeing Nuffnang doing screenings at two locations simultaneously.. one at KL/PJ and another at Penang..

What not to miss in this movie is.. You'll be expecting lots of music and dancing involved.. Ofcourse, from the poster itself, it seemed pretty much to be a lovely movie filled with romantic scenes and family themes..

That's not the real thing that you should not miss.. What you should not miss is this..

pierce brosnan

This hairy guy which is non-other than Pierce Brosnan which is widely known as James Bond few years back.. Despite how hairy he is, he is a sexy, hot and masculine guy for a middle age guy.. and Of course, this is not the scene you'll see in the Mamma Mia!.. He will act differently compared to what he acted in James Bond (womanizer) which will give you different perspective about him..

meryl streep

You should not miss this white hair lady too.. This is Meryl Streep in The Devils Wears Prada.. She had lots of experiences on the stage and in the movie too.. I'll be expecting a lot from her as she'll be the main actress in this movie..

There are more to be expected in this movie of course.. Some popular songs such as "I Have a Dream", "Dancing Queen" and "Mamma Mia" will be played in this movie.. IF you are one of the music lover, you should not miss this movie as this movie featured the old-time favorite songs by ABBA!!

Argh.. I can't wait to watch the choreography and all the act they pulled and the storyline and more..


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