Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nuffnang Gift for Robb

I'd been busy lately to do blogging and all sorts of stuffs.. I saw this Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest last month and read about all the details.. The first people who came to my mine is ROBB aka SotongZai..

Ok, I have to state this clearly that it's not because I fell in love with him as he is so cute  nor I'm trying to get a higher score for giving a gift to Nuffnang staff..

After reading Robb's post last month regarding the "Shaving Robb's Private", I was thinking why not buying an electronic shaver which save his hassle to shave his private or whichever part of his hair that he like..

This Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest enabled me to give a fellow nuffnanger a gift and gave me this very opportunity to give this Panasonic Men Travel Shaver for him..

He can now bring this everywhere he wants and don't have to worry that he will ended up like this hell cursed fellow..

and just like what Robb, him himself said that "All it takes is only 1 shave for the area you want to shave even if your facial hair is like half an inch long."

I went to make some research about this shaver (just like what we normally do before buying things..) and I found the features for this Panasonic Men Travel Shaver..


  • New compact model.
  • Easy to hold ergonomic design.
  • 60° inner blade.
  • Battery operated with 2-AA Batteries
    (not included).
  • Independent floating double heads.
  • Wet/Dry model.
  • Rinses clean.
  • Travel pouch included.

Whoa.. Really no more hassle.. Cleans easily.. And can bring everywhere he wants and also suits him a lot as it looks stylish enough for a male.. It also has the Wet/Dry feature which I don't really know how it function.. Perhaps it'll give Robb some excitement when he is in a wet mode..

Popular handsome and hot guy like him must own one electronic shaver to be as cool as the owner himself..

Hygienic enough.. Hope he will enjoy using it if I can win this contest.. Even though, it's not a gift which is very expensive which is only RM78.00 (which he can, ofcourse, get himself one..), it's still a gift for him..


JunJun-Riko said...

lol.... seriously, i think sotongzai quite cute one.. too bad he din drop by my blog.. XDXDXD

Robb said...

thanks dude! hahahha. really appreciate it!

Harry said...

junjun: haha.. he will drop by ur blog now i guess..

robb: u're welcome.. pray that I win hue hue hue..

JunJun-Riko said...

hairyman... the sotong stil din drop by my blog........ XD wanna cook seafood also cant edi....

KOKahKOK said...

cool..... shave privat parts...dun get shock ah sotongzai

Jeremy said...

That was hilarious dude. I sure hope Robb doesn't use it for other parts because that sort of shaver really pulls your hair if it is too long. Don't ask me how I know.

Looks like Robb has been getting a lot of gifts. He got one form Olivia as well:

Robb better not wear her gift while shaving or else he might shave off too much of something.

Harry said...

junjun: if it happens to have seafood to eat.. let me know yea.. haha..

kokahkok: hue hue .. hope he doesnt.

jeremy: hmz.. true.. long hair.. hope he knows what he is doing then.. haha..