Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Short Post: Moving House

I know you guys must have been waiting for me to post something new and fantastic.. But due to my packed schedule, I was unable to write any nice and complete post for you.. Well, you know..  New semester, buying furniture for the new place, dating and so on..

*Pointing to the title above* Yes.. I am moving house.. from my current Hostel at Desaria Villa Condominium to new place at Cyberia Condominium.. Though the difference of the words is little from "Desa" to "Cyber", but the comparison of both places differs a lot.. Will go to that when I have time next time..

Well, since I busy with this and that.. I'll do the sneak peek for you to know what will you be expecting from me for the upcoming post..

Ice Skating @ Jakarta

Seaworld Indonesia @ Jakarta

Jakarta Airport

and more newer stuffs.. so keep checking..

P.S.: My sincere apologize to everyone who had been waiting for my update all the time. And to RealGunners and kid, I'll post more thing about me and my girlfriend soon.. so stay tune..


Anonymous said...

Wow.....moving house very soon??....good luck and have a nice time moving:)

Harry said...

yeapz.. moving soon.. tiring.. lolz..

Anonymous said...

How soon.....already packed your stuffs and start to move outkah....

tiring or not....don't forget to keep on check your list twice or many times so that you won't tiba2 you forgot something else....

and yeah,once you completely moved from your previously rented house to a new one,don't forget to invite everyone that you know for a house warming day to celebrate your new rented home:)

lastly,like any religious people like me and your friends.....plz get someone to bless your new rented place...because you wouldn't want any unseen occupiers to harass you for unintentionally trespassing their "place".

I always say a prayer for protection and sprinkle holy water on my property that i left behind while I(being superstitious) gently asked the unseen occupiers that i come in peace and will not offend them and gently asked them to leave in peace.

That's why my place is peaceful without any harassment by spirits.

take my 5 cents works for me though....