Saturday, August 9, 2008

iTalentStar Prize : Jakarta Trip

A special thanks to iTalentStar and, I was able to visit Jakarta, my girlfriend's hometown, last July on the 29th.. Being the Malaysia Country Champion for iTalentStar was not something easy to achieve.. I'd to go for a lot of restless nights to win this prize.. Click here to read about my journey of iTalentStar..


A getaway voucher from Hotel Ciputra to stay in the Presidential Suite..

Before getting to the Hotel, let me tell you how's my first impression at Jakarta..

A random pathway on the way to immigration..

A random shot during the long walk to the immigration..

Whoa.. the airport.. the design was unique and a bit traditional.. I were expecting Jakarta airport to have a bit more hi-tech design than the one we have in KLIA.. I guess they wanted to remain their design to show their culture in Jakarta..

One shocking in the Jakarta Airport which really caught my attention is this!!

A monitor lizard looking after the luggage?!

I guess no one will try to purposely take someone else luggage after looking at this creature looking after the luggage.. Anyway, the monitor lizard really hit the spot there as it'll be bored by just waiting for your luggage and doing nothing.. With this creature, you at least spend some times taking pictures of it (just like what I did).

After luggage, met my girlfriend there and we were set to go..

While on the road, another SHOCKING thing was this..

No.. not about this toll.. Malaysia also has toll like this..

It's about this..

3000 CASH to pass one toll..


After counting, it was actually RM1++ only la.. Then I was laughing for making a fool out of myself.. Haha.. I guess we just could not get use to the currency there..

After driving on the jammie road, we then reached our hotel quite late already..

After checking in using the voucher, we went to our room.. Presidential Suite, that is..

Wow.. A dining table for six with welcoming "FRUITS"..

Wow.. A bunch of golden flower on top of a desk..

Wow.. Chairs, Sofa, and Table to relax and watch TV..
(Don't mind the one standing behind the curtain.. She's too shy to be in the whole scene.. Anyway, she's my girlfriend..)

Wow.. big place to sleep..

There was actually another "Wow!!".. I forgot to take the picture of the bathroom.. it's FREAKING BIG with Water SPA!!

View from the room..

Without the gift from iTalentStar, most probably, for the whole life, I won't be able to enjoy to stay in such a luxurious room.. I normally stay in an economical room.. Small and Sleep-able can liao..

I guess someone like me is just like "a frog which just jumped out from the well"..

There will be more about my past Jakarta trip.. Stay tune..


kid said...

A real big WOW there....... 3000........ *imagining things that I can buy here in Malaysia with 3000 RM.... Not Rp.... HahAhaZ.......

Why is your girlfriend too shy to be in the picture? And why didn't you ask her to be in the picture instead?

Waiting for the next post about your Jakarta Trip......

See ya around!!!

RealGunners said...

i was going to ask d: what about the girlfriend?? we wanna see girlfriend la~ do something about it will ya?